Armored Warfare ➤ Leopard 2A6, M1A2, & T-90MS [Tier 9 MBT ACTION!]

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Source: eNtaK




Gaming Hardware:
i7-3770K OC @ 4.2GHz
MSI Twin Frozr GTX 980
16GB GSkill RAM
Thermaltake 850w PSU

Intro Music: Jamie Berry – Peeping Tom
Outro Music: Jamie Berry – Twitch Ft. Rosie Harte


  1. first coment

  2. do more unturned

  3. Weird fact! I watch your videos at work to fall asleep! Don’t take it the
    wrong way keep up the good work

  4. lol

  5. too much FOV

  6. challenger not included?

  7. Entak it’s me Annie can you please please make a roleplay server or a pre
    server on unturned

  8. Pve server plz or role play

  9. I see you don’t use HE or missiles – that’s the problem, can’t pen, then
    use different round or a missile, they have only have limited protection
    against them.

    But yeah game is beta and is pretty shallow at the moment and hi tier feels
    not munch different than lower ones. Things get boring really fast.

  10. Not sure how you got to those tanks already, but Im assuming its a press
    account and it shows. Your game play shows a lack of maturity at the higher
    tiers with ammo usage and pennable weak spots on tanks. Yes, the high tier
    tanks are EXTREMELY hard to pen, frontally. Its by design. It requires
    knowledge of weakspots, teamwork, and coordination with your team mates to
    out maneuver the enemy. Really wish you and other popular youtubers would
    actually play the game on a regular basis and get to know who to play.

  11. what about challenger 2

  12. congrats on the kid man how old are you sorta new to you

  13. NOT T-90 but T-90ms.

  14. I find it really sad that Entak doesn’t get many likes. He produces quality

  15. Entak, this is why there is also PvE

  16. Make more unturned survival vids and also love u soooo much

  17. Nice Broo !!!!

  18. The Real Khcookies

    Wtf entak did I miss a video?! Baby?! Wtf??

  19. T 90ms can be pen by M1A2 if its use Supersabot
    every MBT that use the 120mm APFSDS+ (super sabot) why no one got this
    round i this game?

  20. need any help with AW vids? friend me with the nick “stormcatepic”

  21. unlimited garage slots got me, and it just takes forever to unlock any
    vehicles …

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