Armored Warfare – 0.19 Almost Ready to Release?

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Source: CMDR_Strayn

Well it seems that patch 0.19 almost ready as a new client was up on the 0.19 RU PTS on Friday where the compensation package being tested! Hopefully soon we will all get a chance on the EU pts to check this out as well.

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  1. AusTankie Gaming

    interesting – tanks m8

  2. Cant see much difference from 0.18, cant see how they could have managed to do so little changes on that amount of time. even after 0.19 will arrive, they r going to step up their performance even more to keep a player base…. Sry for my bad english… And get the damn game on steam 🙂

  3. cealera alexandru

    looks so cool this new UI

  4. You are by far the best western youtuber for armored warfare commander, thanks, and keep up the good work!

  5. 666 Subscribers, nice!

  6. So you’re one of those players that drive right past secondary objectives. Hmm. It appears that the RU server is just as dead as the NA server. How will let everyone know that the 14 PTU testers are all set with it and ready to GO LIVE? Email? Better check the junk mail folder. You had Premium time left and got Standard rewards. That’s a hoot!

  7. Compensation package?  Compensation for what?

  8. Hey is it only me, but your voice is almost inaudible for me.

  9. I will reset. But I will grind the low tier up to tier 6 again and save the free exp for the top tiers. I still want my XM1A3 back even with the slow turret from PTS,.I got use to it.

  10. The not so Mighty FL_3

    As much as I complain on the forums, I still have so much hope for Armored Warfare. Don’t let me down MailRu!

  11. I think AW would need a very big event when the patch goes live to attract people back. I hope it can rise from the ashes! 🙂

  12. good job cant wait for the 0.19 !!!

  13. CMDR the video was not that helpful in showing whats on RUTS, TBH.

  14. GG CMDR! Come on patch 0.19!

  15. Any news about starting advertisement for this game? Release on Steam already!

  16. is that the pt-76? christ that thing is so slow… Hope this isn’t a theme with b2.0 except for a few beginner tanks.

  17. .19 build, April 20th launch u believe it?

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