(Armored Warfare) 0.19 Announcement / Future Of Content

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Source: H3dsh0t

is a free to play arcade game made by Obsidian that is currently in open beta. Feel free to sign up and try it out at https://mrs.my.com/r/353ba06

Special Thanks go to these amazing patrons!:
Shadow Dash the Bat
Thomas Dreadmaul
Luka Korosec

If you guys have any suggestions for further videos, or wish to see me review something that I have not done yet, then feel free to leave a comment below, and I shall get around to doing it as soon as possible.


  1. Hope it turns out as well as it can – there’s simply no other game right now to fulfill the same niche.

  2. Rewind Remix NCS

    great video

  3. About time, I can’t wait to start playing again… I hope this brings more players back.

  4. i thought “arnored warframe”..

  5. Armored Warfare’s War Within xD

  6. I did play for quite a while. But I am one of those dreaded PVE queue players who rarely went near the PVP queue. Hearing that My.com are only interested in making their own WoT clone and only doing the basics needed for that was very disheartening. (Yep I saw the updates by Jingles, can’t remember if anyone else really touched on the firing of Obsidian.)

    If that turns out to be in error and they do continue development of the PVE/Global Ops sides that Obsidian were pushing to differentiate from WoT then I will be interested again.

  7. Excellent video – that’s pretty much the same reason for me as well. There just wasn’t enough content to cover , i just felt bored after covering the same topic over and over. So here’s hoping for the best.

    Dat Dragun 125 is sexy.

  8. Have played the weekend on the Ru server and YES the Patch is realy good ….The Q in Russia have realy been nice 🙂
    Hop when 0.19 come on EU it will bring back old and add some new players to the Q 🙂

    Nice Work with the Video !

  9. Why play this when you can play WoT?

  10. Love your content H3dsh0t, but I have a small problem with this video. Seems that we’re getting out info from the Russian live server from two different sources. From what I’ve heard, yeah B2.0 is good, but it still has problems. Huge ones. Mainly high tier balance again. It’s still pixel hunting for the most part, with a unified LFP weakspot.

    Also, here’s some geniune piece of advice from the heart. General Jeno and the rest of the moderators prooved that telling people “I know something but can’t tell you” is really really bad, and it is what really struck a cord with me in this video. Please for the love of god, don’t do this because it harbours resentment from the listening to you. At least now, after nearly half a year after being continuosly told “Soon, it’s great guys!” and the like. Had this whole fiasco not happened it would have flown right above my head 😛

    Will give B2.0 a try, but from what I hear PvE got put aside, the earnings in it are supposed to be even lwoer than the yare now, and so on. So we’ll see, maybe I’ll have to hold out for patch 0.20 to see where the economy will go. But from what we’re seeing right now it’s clear that mail.ru is going the WoT clone route.

  11. Great video and subbed keep um coming .

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