Armored Warfare 0.19 Balance 2.0 Review – It Needs a Lot of Work

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Source: Fiaura Tank

I wanted this to be good so badly and well, after having played 50 matches in it, I can say. It’s not and there is a lot of work and additional re-balance needed.


  1. One may wonder how it is even possible to fc… this bad XD Im laughing now but deep inside I´m crying.

  2. i remember when the game first game out LOVED it lived it now NOW its dead it is dead for me

  3. Fiaura is speechless. Oh my stars and garters – this is not normal.

  4. how they curtail arty in PVE on players is that the game forgets where you have the gun pointed and does not correct itself consistently also you cannot sit at the back of some PVE maps and hit targets on the other end of the map because they do not render in for you, also since the devs insisted on giving those ai bastards rockets that by the way can go though any armor ERA and all at nearly any angle at any range and hit the smallest weak spot the turret ring on most vehicles which most vehicles turret rings irl some you cannot get a sheet of paper between the hull and the turret I am glad to use the OP arty to its destructive potential. Anything that has the ability to fire rockets will fire them at just about anything. No modifiers for armor composition means that firing a HE or a HEAT round at a m1 for example you are firing at the same thickness of armor regardless of the shell type. The devs have officially turned Armored Warfare into world of tanks 2.0 if you don’t think so right now just wait until 0.20 comes out the garage and its UI look 100% identical to WOT Ui in its garage. People think Mass Effect Andromeda sucks I think this is much much worse and I think they have spent more than 45 million dollars on this game at least Andromeda is not a clone of another game. Also the game has rubberbanding issues everywhere spit not changing settings or hardware and it only happens with Armored Warfare non of my other games have this framerate problems.

  5. So glad I uninstalled when it was taken over … I knew this was coming

  6. I love you, but I have to strongly disagree with you. This patch is awesome for me. The new ammo and armor physics show what really happens when you shoot at the frontal armor of a MBT. How can I say this? I served on the M1 family for 20 years. I trained side by side with Israelis, British, German, Polish, Swedish, Saudi, etc. I have been in actual combat against or along side some of these vehicles. This patch makes AW more “realistic” than any tank game I have played yet. I love it! I’ve been playing nonstop all weekend.

  7. scheisseaufpasswort

    This hits me hard i had so extrmly high hopes for this game. i loved it back them. Im so sad now im so so so so sad. 🙁 i loved this gaammee whyyyy.

  8. rip Ferrari F40 at the beginning

  9. yup the dragging files thing is a BIIIIIIIG issue
    although the game crashing never happened to me though

  10. Or to put it simply. The amazing game that Obsidian made is dead and it was replaced with THIS.

  11. Fiaura, wassup girl. After taking a long break from AW and playing World of warsgips for a little while i decided to come back because i heard about the new patch (and to wait for the 15 french cruiser per match thing to go away). Now I dont always agree with you on certain things when it comes to AW, because everybody has their own flavor, i agree with you on this….for now. I logged in, jumped in my Bradley (after doing ammo and skills again) and jumped in a hard pve match. Lemme just say…HE rounds are less useful than rat turds. No dmg, no splash dmg, no nothing. It was ridiculous. And I know how to play. Rear of mbt? nope. Lt side? negative. Sabot rounds were about 1% better also. Spent the whole game being spotted by every enemy mbt out there and spamming missles. Yeah, not fun. Hell less fun than a swingfire. Now I dont watch streams or anything but when i come across your vids i try to watch them and after watching this i am not so sure i want to play it anymore. I mean I quit world of tanks because of stuff like this, stupid patches and buffs and nerfs and not fixing the real problem. I lost over 20000 games in WOT and i dont regret it, because i had AW. Now? I dont know. I am almost afraid to jump in my Challenger and take her out. I will see. Any advice for me or just stick with Mbts and Lts for the new patch and abandon everything else? I want this game to work, I do. But jeez, it feels like WOT all over again and possibly a waste of my time. Anyway Fi be good, have fun, and remember, none of lifes problems cant be solved without 30 minutes and a yoyo.

  12. I had a good time with the game for over a year until Obsidian left, mostly in PvE. I even liked playing artillery, it was like a game inside the game! But now they messed up arty, they messed up AFVs very very badly (not to mention almost everything else, apparently), but the worst thing by far is having it mess up your PC. That’s a huge dealbreaker for me. I don’t believe this mess can be fixed properly, given the developer, at least not in a short enough amount of time for people to keep or return to playing it, so… uninstalling. Time to move on.

  13. Wow, I wasn’t aware of the fucked up light-tank / afv balance -_-
    Edit: yeah autocannons are as good as useless

  14. Jingles talked a little bit about 0.19 in his latest mingles with jingles episode but he didn’t show anything and was rather pessimistic about it.

  15. Fi, this is a really good video. 🙂

  16. Till a real balance happens, I am done with the game. Roll back to 0.18.

  17. on the bright side, hopefully failed so horribly that maybe they will give it back to obsidian. 🙂 I wouldn’t mind that at all

  18. oh dear they broke it

  19. when obsidian first announced balance 2.0, there were pages upon pages of happy post on the forums. once obsidian left, everything went down

  20. Hmm, great comprehensive list.

  21. Blue the American ignited a dumpster fire the second they fired OE.

  22. Stop crying and playing fucking americans i’m happy from changes. And you cry cuz of obsidian lol.European community for some reason is mostly happy

  23. mbt’s are the only class that will consistently get blue stars in pve now.
    I’ve been experiencing more rubber banding ai and ping issues since .19 and agree with most of what you stated here and hope that it will have some impact, but I fear there is not much hope since even russian test server feedback was ignored in large.

  24. they tray destroy aw and wait players go back in wot, but after aw, wot so slow so they destroy 2 games. gj ru.mail

  25. I agree with everything you said!

  26. I am the only one that still likes the game?I think that is because i play only MBT’s and in PVE they are extremely good even with the ATGM spam 🙂

  27. You summed up exactly what i thought about this patch…it’s disappointing that it went so wrong. I loved .18 even though it had bugs and balancing issues, it was workable and people adjusted to it. Look at the Cent 120 now, you can roll for under 450 with an average damage of 538 at Tier 9. MBTs regularly do more damage at that tier per shot than TDs, who are supposed to counter MBTs to an extent.

  28. Please make sure Mail RU sees this video ……….. everything you stated is SPOT ON, fact !!

  29. It is really sad, the game had so much potential and now it is screwed so bad it hurts. All the tanks I used to love niet suck and gameplay has been nerfed to death. It is a completely different game and I don’t like it anymore. How on earths name is this a balance?

  30. I am also a player that really loved this game until Mail.RU took it over. now the game is crap. AFV’s is useless and in pve the ai spams nothing but ATGM”s at the upper tiers, I was in a chally 2atdu and was killed within a matter of seconds from tanks I couldn’t see and when there within 50 meters from you will disappear reload times is ridiculously long and the retrofit cost is totally out of control and the retrofits themselves plus the commander skills which I must say WAS vehicle specific is pretty much useless now. I might still play maybe 1 game a day but no where near like i used to play. A Lot of my clan mates wont even play this game anymore because this game is screwed up…….. and A bit of a side note to you all has well as to you Fiaura MAIL.RU was also in control of another tank game that is now closed down because of so many problems.
    yea its sad that they took a patch that OE had worked and had it alot better and screwed it up so bad that players are quitting this game that a lot of people really liked. Yea I know it needed some tweaks but not this….

  31. most of what you said seemed to be based on either the skill of the player, or the capabilties of the gun/vehicle in real life. AC’s are in real life, pretty much useless, they dont use AP that often and its not good enough to even penetrate even some other IFVs so, that is debunked, of course ye its a LITTLE over nerfed. Ok ill agree, the camo and spotting if fucked up though.

  32. the speed thing is actually realistic…leopard 2 have a compareable acceleration to a porsche. tracks and high torque just do that.
    But I agree with basically everything you said.
    You should try out PVE…ATGMs from NPCs are insane at the moment.

  33. As has been said on the forum, Mail.RU need to license this game to a western developer, leave to carry on developing it for the Russian market and let a western development company adjust things to suit the western players.

  34. I hope they fix it, I loved watching you playing the game before .19 came out…but wombat is SO bad, unless fixes it SOON….the game is dead, in its current state the game is dead, and unless its fixed soon….which is starting to run out….the game is going to die. Wombat didn’t stand a chance….did someone just hear Tzeentch that works for WOT’s saying his classic line?

  35. Finally reloaded this game after quite a while, I may be wrong but have the graphics been “dumbed” down in this new version? Everything is maxed and it just doesn’t look as crisp and clean as I remember it.

  36. Well, the Zhalo and Emperor are actually playable for me if you don’t play too aggressively. Unfortunately, you have to camp in those vehicles and farm up bad MBT players to have good matches. I tried playing TDs in two ways recently and I noticed that I get 3500+dmg every time I played more passively and less than 3500dmg when I try to play TDs the way I used to in a more aggressive playstyle. I used to see TDs as an AFV with a real gun and high DPM and now it’s just like sitting there and sniping your enemies’ weak spots from 400m+ which sadly and surprisingly turned out to be a good idea if I position myself correctly. But this only turned out to be a good idea in my Zhalo and Emperor and not in my ERC which I don’t own anymore. At least, I can say that those a playable and sometimes pretty enjoyable to play.

  37. It’s a shame the engine runs nice and it does not suffer from the obvious match rigging like the other tank game. I quit other game when I payed $35.00 for a premium and it got nerfed to unholy hell. Bad bait and switch stuff. This game always seemed generous with premium etc. I hope they figure this out. 🙁

  38. That why im waiting 2 min fora a match.

  39. if you think this game are bad just look at world of tanks one of the worst games that ino of and war thunder as well

  40. 13:22 LOL I tought it was just me looks like its a problem with the game, but i managed to drag stuff after clicking a random key xd, didnt need to start the computer. Btw WoT followed the lead of AW and made Artis useless aswell!

  41. haha raging at arty thats only usable in pve

  42. i agree, mostly, apart from the windows problems and arty.

  43. You said that AFV and TD ATGMs are kind of useless yet in PvE my Armata gets lolpenned in the turret by Bradley missiles, Warrior missiles, Every Terminator, Ramka, T-15, PL-01, Merkava and Armata ATGM that hits me, penetrates.

  44. I stopped playing this game over a month ago. I had invested in premium vehicles to help support the game that I liked. I now consider everything I spend as wasted cash as I expected to be able to continue playing this game for years to come. After reading about what happened with OE I have lost faith in this game company. They made a Huge mistake by being impatient & ruining their relationship with OE. I actually went back to playing World of Tanks and have more fun. Now after watching yours and others videos on the changes I don’t see myself coming back. R.I.P. Armored Warfare…

  45. im sorry i dont agree with much u said and your right on the majority but it is a better game than it was just play it some more and i think u will change your mind. first u can use heat and more so than the earlier patch because of the dmg bonuses they put into the ammo. second the atgm’s are the main gun now and the autocannons are secondary which is how it should be for afv’s also the accuracy on the move is how it should be with modern tanks. afv’s were way overpowered b4 your right on the view range is wrong. dmg is based on barrel size now all 105mm do the mostly the same dmg no matter the tier, bottom line is the game is much more balanced and enjoyable to play. the rest

  46. it is fair because a warrior is like a cheetah hunting with a pride of lions about , if an mbt had a bead on ur afv u would turn to your mates and say time to kiss your ass goodbye boys

  47. sooooo glad to see you again Young Lady ? update I’m liking better and better. TD’s need love soon. blessings

  48. ooooh with Challenger two ATDU the PISH ammo is freaking awesome!!! 975 damage!!! but you do bounce off tanks. however when you connect right you really put out the hurt.

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