Armored Warfare (0.19) Leopard 2A4 Evo

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Source: CMDR_Strayn

At last we got some gold,credits and reputation on the RU PTS so I bring you a game in one of the best looking Tier Vehicles in .


  1. Skipped to the end to see the result (and was hoping for tank stats/armor
    values), and noticed that that thing is exceedingly accurate on the move.
    Seems a bit unbalanced, but I haven’t seen much of the other vehicles, so I
    can’t call it.

  2. thanks for posting videos of the PTS. been waiting to see what happens with
    balance 2.0 and honestly I can’t tell much of a difference. I am really
    worried that the gameplay really hasn’t changed that much so people will
    come back. I thought with the removal of the normalization that you would
    be able to angle your armor and I really haven’t seen this happening. are
    you seeing an improvement or more of the same thing everyone left the game

  3. Lookin forward to this 1 also 😀
    oops yeah nice job!

  4. Cool. its a nice Leo. I will give you a invite. maybe we can platoon up
    sometime. I’m online almost everyday. I’m clan leader of a small Dutch
    fun clan. ( NFNG No Fun No Glory ) but have members from all over the EU. I’m ZoneCopper btw

  5. The not so Mighty FL_3

    Interesting that you have to unlock the 2A4 Evo through the 2A5 and not the
    2A4, but in a way I can understand that as it’s something that is in very
    limited use (I believe at the moment only Indonesia actually purchased the
    Evo package for some of its tanks?) Still, it’s a good looking tank and I’m
    going to enjoy grinding for it. One thing I did notice from watching this
    though, Ramka 99 Tank Destroyer? Really?

  6. It looks so purty

  7. gr8 vid Stray ;-)

  8. My sound is still out on my PC. CMDR, is this tier 8 Leo 2A4 Evo, the
    replacement for the Leo2A5 , is it a marked improvement cause (the A5
    sucked) or is this a prem tank?

  9. Everyone starts to bounce shots with side armor with green indicator now, I
    should be very worried.

  10. This Evo is a joke………is it bugged or something? I saw on another
    video its armor is only 200/100? Lolwut…

  11. tha last shot penned your lower plate? and damaged your ammorack again? if
    this tank has lower plate weakspot idk :P

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