Armored Warfare – 0.22 Update Overview!

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Source: Capt Canada

Taking a quick slow downed look at whats new in the up 0.22 update. New chinese stuff, afvs, tonks, graphics 4 tanks and commander system overhaul!

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  1. Dead game……

    • Capt Canada But their decision make more historical sense. If you use blood to treat the patient with different blood, the patient will die. You have to pay for tweaking the blood fof blood to work. I don’t understand why can’t people understand this medical facts.

    • Kerwin C …the decision by WG has nothing to do with historical accuracy, it is simply a business strategy to force players to spend gold on all aspects of the game.

    • xiaobaozha It is a historical game. Why don’t you understand it?

    • Kerwin C …it is an arcade game with a veneer of historical visuals and atmosphere, why don’t you understand that…?

    • Let me ask you this, so for the privilege of moving your crew at a price of real $, from tank to tank you’ve made the decision that you are not going to play AW but WoT? I’m asking this just so I’m clear on what you are trying to say here.

  2. Armored Warfare RePlays

    Thanx for video Capt! 07

  3. It’s going be the Type 99A2 maybe Type 99A (shown at 2:16) and possibly the VT-4 MBT 3000 at tier 10 (upgraded version of Type 90-II and uses technology from the Type 99A)

  4. 7:21 is Type 96 it’s upgraded version of Type 85, they use the type 96 in the tank biathlon

  5. Thank You………..

  6. the tank models still loks like shit…

  7. It's ya boy Skinny P

    It looks decent is it on Xbox?

  8. Its out now

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