Armored Warfare | 0.23 FIRST LOOK

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Source: iGhost

NIGHT BATTLES are here, do you like it?


  1. faszának tűnik az éjjeli
    jöhetne egy olyan mód ahol nincs spot

  2. that “WTF” scream in your intro is from that S/he who accused someone cheating on a live stream from like 1-2 years ago right? lol

  3. Lol that intro Man! Fiaura still kicking 😀

  4. remove nite vision and its all guud 😛

  5. Jesus, night battle.. how should I say it? Retarded?
    Same goes for stats removed. And that they – mycom idiots – don’t get it. No competitive gameplay = no players.

    • I have to agree, but stats are not completely removed, I just had to play one battle to unlock hidden elements of the UI. Still not that as detailed as it is now.

  6. Song i know it but i fotgot its name ,offspring??

  7. Armored Warfare RePlays

    “you cant see shit” 😀 fair enough 😀

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