Armored Warfare: 0.27 Arabian Nights Update Overview!

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Source: Capt Canada

A look at some of the bigger core features of the Arabian Nights 0.27 Update in Armored

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  1. the t-84 oplot after the t-80u dont make sense because the t84 is a shit mbt basically a t-80u mod 84 with a better era but worst ammo. is better for t8 a t-80um and for t-9 t-80um1 bars and last at t10 the black eagle

  2. Had no idea people still played this game. Whenever I logged in I could never get a match because there were not enough people so I uninstalled.

  3. …like Arabian daaaays 😀

  4. The game is very laggy now loads of lag spikes. But overall a welcome change apart from the fact a lot of vehicles revived unnecessary DPM nerfs.

  5. With the update, go to the tank upgrade page for each tank.. some have new options, like the BMD, and the Sho’t.

  6. Good and complete review of the new update! ?

  7. 23 min of bullshit

  8. keep up the good work Capt Canada, glad someone is still releasing content for Armoured Warfare.

    • Yeah, if there is a chance for me to test WW3 again I’d like to see if I could get it running better on my machine and do videos about it as well.

  9. nice they make the suspension physics much softer then before making it much more realistic

  10. they increased the reload time on all MBT, so the M1, M1A1, and M1A2 are even more garbage now

  11. I stopped playing AW ever since they removed the NA Server. Playing with 400 ping just aint my thing.

  12. So many bugs. Engine sounds bad and cheap.

  13. for those starting out in Armored Warfare go into pve for the low tiers because queue is shorter 😀 hope everyone enjoys

  14. Hey Capt just reinstalled game. Have to say game looks and plays really good. Glad to see your still making vids.

  15. Is it still in Beta?

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