Armored Warfare 1.9 reset!

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Source: Slims Picks

Hello all!
Here a little video on the new and improved with the newest patch 1.9 or 2.0.
From this point on I will be redoing all my old Armored warfare videos with the new patch. So I will be relacing old ones as we move along!

I did a reset of my account so I’m starting from tier one but I still have my premiums that I will be re -reviewing.




  1. Thx Slims 🙂 Goodluck with your channel in the near future.
    Downloading the patch now xd. Hopefully gone have a blast.

  2. great stuff, looking forward to the new style of reviews

  3. You sound like the Total Biscuit of tanks.

  4. I have missed this game a lot hopefully the servers have a decent population

  5. M41 has a 76mm gun, not a 105mmm cannon

  6. I was an arty player (OvE only), when I saw the changes and tested them in some battles It was worse than before.
    My testbed was the PzH 2000, it was sadly about 5 times less accurate, almost no splash on the HE, HERA removed, support rounds removed.
    Not so happy with how arty handles so I made the reset…..
    Turns out I did play a bit too much of this game, had enough credits and rep to get me the T-90, T-90A, T-90MS and Armata.
    So in the end its not a bad update, not buy a long shot.

  7. Hopefully You get more accurate than in this video. Good luck to Your future reviews, I will keep My eye on Your channel, Subbed!

  8. A really great presentation about this step. Pity that AW has not shown something like that in a video.
    That would have answered many questions. Thanks a lot for your support.
    Definitive I will reset.

  9. Glad I randomly clicked on your video. You have the right idea about starting from square one. Never scared me so we’re like minded in that respect.
    I played WoT when it first started up. Then left it for almost two years. I came back to see a lot of shit talkers who used cheesy hack mods and gold. So I left it again. I only mentioned that because you mentioned that game. WT planes is good. I know a computer can have weird things happen but I am pretty sure I saw a ME-109 climb as fast as it could dive when my friends and I were on a bombing run and got wiped out by it. But like I said, could’ve been anything and wasn’t really more strange things that I noticed. Just kept it in the back of my mind.
    That’s why I like AW. It gives me the impression there’s no fooling around and it’s based on skill. So looking forward to more of your videos.

  10. seems like you are not really loosing anything with the reset…if I wanted, I could rebuy all the tanks I got before the reset…It might even be better, if I wanted to sell the lower tiers anyway, since that way I get the full prize refunded instead of only half.

  11. First Order Stormtrooper

    decided to reset and now i proudly own every Abrams tank ingame 🙂

  12. I’m very happy that i randomly clicked on your video :D. I wish you good luck and I’m leaving subscribe.

  13. Scottishlandwarrior

    Nice video subbed!

  14. Cool video.

    However I would like to address one specific comment.

    “It doesn’t mater where you shoot this thing, it’s going to take damage, it’s a piece of shit.”

    This is simply not true, there are “Piece of Shit” players, but there is no such thing as a “Piece of shit” tank.

    So many times I have watched player’s in TD’s or AFV’s go rushing into battle as if they were driving an MBT, and then get destroyed within 30 seconds of contacting the enemy. They then say something stupid like “POS tank” or “POS game”, or the best comment I have ever heard, “Why didn’t you guys help me?”.

    However on the flip side I have also seen players in MBT’s sit back in a sniping position and then do hardly any damage, and take no damage, while their team mates are struggling. They then say stupid things like “You’ll a bunch of noobs, go back to WoT”.

    If a tank doesn’t suit your playing style then you need to adjust your playing style to suit the tank. I’m not a great player, but I have been able to Blue Star every tank in the game including every SPG, purely because I have learned both the strengths and weakness of every tank.

    Anyway other than that it was a good explanation of how the 0.19 update/2.0 re-balance works.

    Nice job Slim.

  15. Jeez I didn’t know there where that many premium tanks 😛
    Also Are you going to mainly upload AW vids? If so I´ll sub.
    Nvm saw the whole video, I´m subbed 😀

  16. I di the reset aswell. i like to play with low tier tanks anyway.

  17. hit-point based model sucks… the way to go is a damaged-based model like WT

  18. how to get lot of prem tank?

  19. yep gonna release a new release in a couple of days. been working on it pretty hard. so will also work on the correctness of my channel as well. thanks for your support!

  20. i can do progression reset i put my nickname in and it doesnt work

  21. i prefered to stay , i have m1a2 for free , t80u wich is awesome and some stuff

  22. R.I.P Armored Warfare …

  23. the fuhrer epicness

    I rather keep my tanks than lose them. I played hard for them

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