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Source: WillfulTangent

Today we take a look at the XM1A3. This re-review, of sorts, taking into consideration recent changes brought on by the implementation of Update 0.33.

Time Stamps:
0:18 – Introduction
01:41 – Mobility / Utility
03:20 – Defense
04:57 – Offense
12:25 – Retrofits
13:37 – Crew Training
15:06 – Conclusion

Mentioned Articles:
Part 1:
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Additional Changes:

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Username and Settings:
Armored Warfare [HD Client – High]: WillfulTangent
World of Tanks [NA/EU HD Client – Ultra]: WillfulTangent
War Thunder [High Preset]: WillfulTangent
Xbox Live: WillfulTangent


  1. Time Stamps:
    0:18 – Introduction
    01:41 – Mobility / Utility
    03:20 – Defense
    04:57 – Offense
    12:25 – Retrofits
    13:37 – Crew Training
    15:06 – Conclusion

  2. This tank did pretty well. the CATTB got shafted though.


  4. awesome job as always. You hear they reverted the M1 nerfs?

  5. Great to see you’re back. 🙂 Hopefully your work commute isn’t too bad.

  6. I think xm1a3 has the worst ready rack in the game LOL 15 sec reload with only 2 shots? this should be a magazine for the same reload t instead of a ready rack, and due to CATTB 140 xm1a3 needs to be further buffed or to be honest all T10 can use a little buff for Type 10 and CATTB.

  7. Also, she is the one I highly recommend for the first Tier 10 experience in the game for beginners!

    • bouteille d'eau 1

      More than the Merkava 4M in the line the game wants you to play first with the xp bonus? 🤔

    • @bouteille d’eau 1 in 3.0 the Merkava line became very strong with a significant armor buff on the lower frontal plate. However Merkava tanks are a bit sluggish, you have to get use their magazine-fed auto loader style and their penetration lack behind almost everything else. Abrams is more beginner-friendly because of a jack of all trade master of none line. So at the beginnings when you don’t know well your own MBT play style they can help you out. Plus the line ending in one of the strongest If not the strongest researchable MBT in Tier 10.

  8. Great video as always! I decided to come back to the game after watching your videos and roght now I’m not disappointed. However there is one thing that makes me mad and that thing is optimization of the game. According to recommended settings given on official website I should be able to play the game on max settings in high FPS, but I can’t and even on best antialiasing settings the game looks very “pixelated”. I own AERO 15X v8 laptop, but temps are not an issue and other more demanding games look beautiful and smooth. I dunno if it’s thanks to YT, but on your videos antialiasing looks perfect, same with fps. Also you don’t jave any micro-stutters. Could you tell wjat settings are you using? Maybe some tips how to make game more sharp or stable?

    • I simply select the high preset and select my resolution at 2560×1440. I don’t tweek anything past that. I do record from 1440p to 1080p and then via DaVinci Resolve step the render back to 1440p with specific settings which helps a little with image quality. The benefits of that are largely destroyed by YouTubes compression. Other than that I largely leave the settings alone.

    • @WillfulTangent I guess with your resolution using any form of antialiasing is just pointless. Well then, I guess I have to stay with my 1920×1080 and SMAA then. Thank you for answering!

  9. Hey, their nice video…LOVE FROM PAKISTAN….. I have something to discuss with your brother…
    I game freezes every time when I run this game it freezes right after the cutscenes/movie ended & then I have to restart my pc again…why this happen!!! can you fix this issue if you can then tell me what to do I have tried almost every available solution which is given in youtube or on the internet…


    I3-3rd Gen 3.3 GHz
    8 GB DDR-3 RAM
    Intel Internal Graphics Card 2 GB
    512 HDD.


    • Your VRAM on your GPU could be your limiting factor. I’m assuming based on you specs you don’t have a deserter GPU and are using integrated graphics from the CPU. My guess is that’s what hinders your performance as everything else meets the minimum system requirements. Keep in mind though the min requirements simply means it will run and makes no guarantee of visual fidelity or quality.

  10. bouteille d'eau 1

    Do you stream?

    • I try to stream on Wednesday nights if I can. I have an ever changing work schedule and getting home in time on some nights isn’t possible. I don’t use it often but my Twitter is a place where I notify of stream delays or cancellations.

  11. No offense to the American military but this tank does not look very good and/or modernized at all. As the old saying goes, “Looks are always secondary to performance.”

    • Phil. L. I think that’s precisely the approach taken here. Slap the necessary upgrades on to keep it relevant regardless of the aesthetics.

  12. Юрий Рублёв

    Мехводу всегда ускорение на бездорожье ставь +20%, наводчику на абрамсе точность +5 %.

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