Armored Warfare 2.0 is coming HOLD ONTO YOUR BUTTS

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Source: Fiaura The Tank Girl

They announced all the changes, prepare yourself for a completely different GAME!


  1. The fox is moving up to tier 6! The little ankle biter is growing up :3

  2. Headdie on Youtube

    Time to get my T:1 game face on and relearn this shit once 0.19 hits lol

  3. o7 Thank you for the update, Fiaura.

    I very sad, that my gaming PC broke a long time along, but I really like
    armored warfare and these changes are amazing.

  4. I saw they are also removing the T54s turret………the single reason I
    liked it, as the biggest problem I had with the soviet line was……..oh u
    get a new tank……that looks 100% like the one you just got. It was
    unique, I liked it.
    Im unsure how a T64(letters) is an upgrade from a T72, wouldnt that be like
    the M60A3 being an upgrade from the xm1?
    Though Im starting to feel as though armor is going to be pointless, as
    from what Ive seen it will turn into the vast majority of shooter type
    games, hide behind things pop out, hide , pop hide pop, treating things
    like the Chall 1 as if it were a scout car.
    I liked the idea of things like the chall being super well armored in the
    front, being balanced by no heat just ap. and slower speeds.
    So it seems with 2.0 i wont be able to run mbts like “breakthrough” tanks
    to push up the line, and close distances like i currently can. Seems not
    much is changed with the leo line…….of course, keep the tinfoil on the
    AV it seems. not sure how changes to cmd / crew / retros will go into
    reloads n all that, kinda worried now bout my tanks just getting into….as
    ive heard it described “Loading at the pace of building a new tank around
    the gun” ie just longer than should be load times.
    Def rather nervous about this update, really liked AW so far.

  5. Me likes what I am hearing here :3

  6. Ultramarine For the Emperor

    Ouch i think that BMP-3M Dragun has 125mm gun

  7. Ultramarine For the Emperor

    I think that BMP-3M Dragun has 125mm gun…ouch

  8. Good times coming, the last shadows copied from WoT getting culled.

  9. You forgot to mention that the HESH and HEP ignores armor angle. Really
    which obsidian gives us a new tutorial for balance 2.0. I am really not
    good relearning the basics in a trial by fire.

  10. damm got rid of my arty and im very apprehensive about the changes to my
    Russian tanks and afv’s

  11. I’m personally excited for the redone Russian tank line, since Russian
    tanks (especially the Cold War Era ones) will always have a special place
    in my heart. I love the iconic T-55 being included, and seeing the
    T-64/T-80 line fleshed out, especially with Dat T-80U.

  12. well looks like I need to relearn the game agian.

  13. is the entirety of balance 2.0 going to come out all in one patch?

  14. I’m willing to wait and see how this Balance 2.0 works out. I like this
    game and this game is just about the only game I play right now. If this
    makes it better then they’ll have a lifetime player in me. Some will like
    it and some won’t. Give them a chance. 🙂 Love the review Fiaura!

  15. Was not happy to see the Bradley or swingfire go up in tier. But it is hard
    to say till I see how the whole patch go. With tier one MBT now. it might
    be such a big deal. Oh BTW the 106mm is not a cannon. It is a Recoilless
    rifle. Which is some thing in between a cannon and a rocket launcher. the
    big difference is a Recoilless rifle has no propulsion of its own. Where a
    missile dose.

    LOWER TIER LIKE ABRAMS M1a2??? Sorry for cap lock , lazy, not screaming at
    anyone. LOL

  17. Wasteland Wanderer 1216

    I’m getting a free M1A1?! Yes!

  18. This change will be good and bad. It will not be pretty. Lots of new bugs
    to be worked out on our dime.At any rate, i said in your last Armored Talk
    Video, “the AW game will change from a desert to a water planet”…meaning
    2.0 build would be a monumental change earth shattering for some & welcomed
    by elect of this AW community. I predict that many current players will
    freak-out want a complete game refund & quit (they will not get it though).
    Others will enjoy playing a basicly new AW game. I love the fact we will
    have true side-scraping ability for most MBTs. It is still a scary concept.
    Lots of new tanks, yeah! “Something, this way, is coming” LOL

  19. I wanted to buy today either the T90ms or M1A2 but now? Or I thought of
    buying the Warrior and T80, now what would you do Fiaura with this 2.0

  20. Aside from crazy changes, hope they won’t have annoying bugs/glitches
    Besides, I am super excited for T-80B and U models yay!

  21. Always wondered how they were going to handle the reality that we’re
    entering a new iron age of tank development…at least until we’re reduced
    to being dust in the ionosphere. Good times…at least until cosmic
    dustiness ensues.

  22. I for one can’t wait for this. Thanks for the info and explanation, Fi! :)

  23. Terminator will not be any faster then an MBT that its based on, so it wont
    outrun a t-90 for example..

  24. i like this, i have to say, i am quite excited for 2.0 now :)

  25. Can´t wait for this to be launched!

  26. I still want skins to be able to be gotten through the bronze, silver, gold
    and platinum crates.

  27. BRING IT ON :)

  28. This sounds amazing!!! I can’t wait!

  29. If they do this right, this game will have the best balance between reality
    and gameplay.

  30. Armored warfare 20?! holy shit! What happened to 2.0 thru 19??

  31. This update is making me hard

  32. Татьяна Корпенко

    это что за пидорас?

  33. I am looking forward to it.

  34. I disliked Arty in AW because of the Paladin alone, it does so much more
    damage per round than the other SPGs. It’s bs to be honest. Any time a
    Paladin appears in PvE, I just stay in cover until I’m 100% sure that it’s

  35. Yeah, It’s definitely some good stuff.

    Can’t wait for the patch, I’ve been gone from AW for several months (mostly
    PC related issues) but now I’m incredibly excited to play again. AW made me
    take entire months off from WT, now I can’t wait to get going in my T-72’s

  36. Balance 2.0 is the closest thing to Corporate Suicide I have ever seen.

    The player base will hate it…

    * Too many radical vehicle changes; blowback will be huge
    * Nearly unlimited fire ranges will really encourage camping
    * Longer tracked/immobilized status will seriously frustrate players
    * Removal of artillery will usually result in set-piece defenses
    * Overhaul of retrofits will dumb down game and piss off many
    * They will screw up all necessary gold, rep, and other compensations
    * It appears that MBTs will dominate and other classes be sub-standard
    * Maps won’t be modified in accordance with all the balance changes

    If you don’t agree (and I am sure there are many who wont), consider that already sees this as a very real possibility.

    * They have not fixed much of anything over the past few patches
    * Only one new map in a year, special PvP events have dried up and gone away
    * They keep rolling out reskin after reskin (even more so than usual)
    * More and more special gold buy-back type events keep being introduced
    * They have pretty much shut down all forum posts criticizing anything
    about the game
    * NA Player base is non existent for PvP, anemic for GLOPS, and wanting for
    * Paid Mod staff has been cut down to the bone, replaced with unpaid
    * No progress about Lords of War at all (entire LOW forum channel has been
    * No advertising happened – or likely to (entire Newcomers forum channel
    has been removed)
    * Players being banned for mentioning competing games (eg. Frozen Space,
    Crossout, etc.)

    I loved this game; poured hundreds and hundreds of hours into it; sunk
    hundreds of dollars on it; and will hate to see it go. But mark my words,
    AW will be sold, junked, or die on the vine before Summer. I can’t see any
    way (short of them changing their policy and offering the game on venues
    such as Steam) they can hope to survive: PvP died, GLOPs is a flop, and PvE
    is stagnant.

    Well, perhaps they will offer one last reskin package… the “Nice Knowing
    You” Pack. It could sport a completely black paint scheme, and be 3 tanks
    that had been removed in Balance 2.0. The crowning enticement will be that
    anyone buying the pack (likely for $129.00), will get half of their gold
    back in July. Of course, there will no longer be a game in July… but fear
    not – you can always go to Russia and sue for your money back.


  38. Double your VBL, double your fun. 😀 ATGM’s no longer pointless when you’ve
    got a bunch of APS-equipped vehicles in a deathball? So much YES to Balance
    2.0 so far.

  39. AWWWW…. i will miss my missile accuracy ):

  40. to anyone that may read this i know this wall of text goes on for a bit and
    it may not all seem clear or that im bitching but im just worried about the
    game and the money that i have put into the game so please be kind.

    i know they say that will pay You back for anything they remove but what
    about the tanks You got from collector’s editions that you can’t buy
    anymore like the RDF/LT? i spent a lot of money on the Emperor collector’s
    edition (as im very sure lots of other people did too) but if they remove
    the tanks from the game and give us some gold in return then where are we
    left? well i would want my tanks back will i be able to buy them back with
    the gold? nope, the tanks are not in the game anymore, well i payed for the
    collector’s edition because i wanted to own the tanks but because they have
    been removed from the game so will i be able to get the money i spent on
    the collector’s edition? most likely No. so you take my money and give me
    tanks then you remove the tanks and give me some gold that i didn’t want
    and i can’t get my money back….. i i don’t know how to feel about this
    yes 2.0 is well needed but if they remove tanks that you pay money for and
    giving You some gold and saying “sorry about that” just doesn’t feel right
    to me…. i Love the RDF/TL its one of my most played tanks and i play it
    to relax and i just Hope they they don’t remove it and all the other tanks
    that people have payed money for.

  41. They should have just removed arty from PVP….. Period. That is really the
    ONLY complaints about arty.
    So, this decision was the worst of them all….. The massive frontal MBT
    nerfs was the next. Yes, we understood we needed the weakspots to be
    slightly larger, but not massive, like lower glacier, etc.
    And as to PVE, yes, if you had no arty teammate, then there should have
    been no Bot arty, or at most just one.
    But if you have a teammate arty, then there should be just one AI arty,
    your teammate can take care of it, and it doesn’t really ever bother you.
    These were the WISE decisions….. yet clearly AW is now full of idiots! It
    just utterly astounds me that they thought “removal” was the best solution.
    Just astounding…. Such shear stupidity.
    And as to map development as a complaint for removing arty….. Well, once
    they made Leviathan, they now know how to make an arty compliant map, it’s
    EASY now, and it’s even more easy because they are wanting to make more
    open and bigger maps.
    As to resources…. They didn’t have to do crap, they have an arty line
    now, so they just make it one line (like they are doing anyway) and then
    forget about it. No “resources” required for arty.
    So, this all is utter stupidity!!! I’m SO angry!!!

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