Armored Warfare || 2 Weeks Later…

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Overall neutral but I am willing to see what the future will holdæ

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  1. Alexandre angel

    yeah i feel the same…..not fun anymore playing this game….the ATGM really piss me off they can pen you all the time or almost but when you do it….no no no you bounce and the other thing that piss me off its the MM..always 2 tier up…ur a tier 5 ur in a tier 7 fame…ur tier 6..ur in a tier 8 game……..and the spoting omg so broken you cant spot a tank if ur not like 50 meters from him

  2. so that why my pc was acting wierd

  3. This is the result of imitating World of Tanks, no wonder Obsidian left the game.

  4. we allways end up moving away from a game!

  5. There are shit load of stuffs that need to be fix :

    – ATGM (both annoying for the user and the target) ,it is so damn slow, make it impossible for CQB
    It shouldnt do critical hit
    What worst is the AI with their aimbot can rekt your tank with ATGM
    – Spotting : How the f*ck could a LT 100m away from me,in the open,firing without getting spot, AI with crazy stupid camo .Also the view range on AFV is SHIT, a tier 5 LT (Sheridan)have more base view range than a damn tier 7 AFV (Warrior)
    – So a tiny flag pole can stop a moving MBT, WTF
    – the operation should base on you,not the tanks
    like you get the same damn map if you change the tank you use
    – Chieftain tanks should really need rebalance,they so damn weak,a tier 5 MBT with 287mm of armour??? (no i dont give a damn about historical accurate)

    Still,we will see
    Maybe they will fix it in the future

  6. Balance 2.0 should be finished with introduction of Update 0.21.

  7. Armored Warfare is not worth the time to download it. Game is dead.

  8. Sorry to disappoint anyone more… If that’s possible but, 0.20 Brings no new tanks at all while making the Garage look like WoT Blitz.

    RIP once a good game until Russia Ruined it like they ruined Tea.

  9. Its sad to see the AW failing like that. At least war thunder seems to be promising this year with the recent world war, italian tree and destroyer dev blogs.

  10. I am mostly annoyed by the modules/upgreads having wrong names/texts (At least in the german client). The german t10 MBT (Leo 2AX in the Garage, Leo 2A7-140 if you read the details) uses a 120mm /L55 with 130mm Ammunition and has a armor upgread called ‘140mm L/48 gezogene Kanone’ and a upgread called ‘Verbesserte Klimaanlage’ (Enhanced Air Conditioner) which gives you 3 additional smoke charges. It is confusing as hell.

  11. Headdie on Youtube

    I uninstalled the game again, hopefully with 0.20 hopefully something with the balance will click but like yourself I am not hopeful

  12. you just lost interested and burnt … that’s it.

  13. wait 0.20 is coming out next week already WHAAAAAAAAAT

  14. also yea the drag and drop thing is a very annoying thing, hopefully its fixed in 0.20

  15. Neutral is a good way to describe my opinion on the game as well. I don’t hate the 0.19, but it just feels off. After about a week of playing it a lot I just don’t feel like playing it anymore. This is partly due to the NA pvp leaving again after a few days, but I just don’t think the new gameplay is as enjoyable overall.
    Going to continue to watch it, 0.20 and beyond, but we will see if it can draw me back in for more than a week at a time.

  16. Completely agree on everything. Actually it seems like balance is not yet reached.

  17. Game is still extremely boring and the balance 2.0 didn’t improve the game very much.

  18. a lot of positive improvements, but also a lot of annoying shit. NPC’s ATGMs seem far too powerfull, just to mention one. Yet the garage part and such is awesome. Still sticking around for the PVE campaign, but if that flops, as an alternative to WoT, even the PVE community will vanish.

  19. Modern tanks is the thing which is unique to this game since no other tank games have done it before. That’s the reason why I am trying out this game in the first place and I am unwilling to see this game dies as it has potential to become something great. As of right now I really hope they take the matter seriously and try to make this game becomes what it was once promised to be.

  20. I found it kinda fun 😛
    just my opinion onion

  21. For the people who keep saying that I should just leave, I STILL think AW has a chance, I think AW is in a bit of a slump but it can recover. That is why I am neutral, I am just waiting for it to get better in my eyes. I will still do weekly videos on AW for the people who have subbed to my channel who want AW content. I hope you guys now fully know my opinion.

  22. Frédéric de Jager

    To solve the drag and drop bug w/o having to restart just start a command line prompt with admin rights and close it.
    It should do the trick

  23. That TD from Strayns video won’t come out soon and maybe even never will, At least that’s what SS says.

    Draging bug, yeah I have that too on all PCs in Home even my new one which is only 1 week old now. I still edit and prepare stuff for videos, once it gets too annoying just restart the PC ‘;)

    Anyway, It’s sad to see You feel that way, I absolutely love the update compare to what we had in past, main reason is Light tanks and how good they finally are, also TDs are really good, realized that only after 2 weeks of playing…

  24. They need to fix the massive backlog of bugs before they can even think of putting out new content they have never done patches that deal with just bugs, only when those bugs are major enough that they do so but they leave just a massive pile of bugs alone and the pile just keeps getting bigger. The PVE at high tiers is useless and hard difficulty more so because it takes about 3/4 of your credits that would be yours away at high tiers the boost to credits is only 50% more than medium but the stupid logistics fee the thing that really killed the NA server and I know that as a fact is more than double for a teir 10 between medium and hard. The atgm spam from ai makes the game unbearably bad because any tank able to fire atgms will fire them and with pin point accuracy at range and it always hits the turret ring and since they took out the modifiers for armor on vehicles they can even plow though thick composite armor and vehicles with add on armor packages like the a4 evo and the AX the atgms go straight though the front, a vehicle now and then firing atgms because they are a atgm focus vehicle such as a swingfire or a wiesel hot are different but its every single vehicle will fire them if capable to do so. Composite armor construction and add on armor panels are designed to limit or eliminate the effects of HEAT or ATGMS which worked well prior imbalance 2.0 worked well and made players think of what round to use against they targets too few  learned that and whined about it enough that the devs did this poorly named balance 2.0 which caused more imbalance than balance. APS is completely useless because with the surprise spawns in PVE that can be as much as a few feet from your to the small maps you never find a target that is 250m distance from you for the APS to do its job, it might work in some cases in PVP but in PVE it is as useless as tits on a duck.

  25. honestly the game isnt ever going to get anywhere..the core of the game is generally boring and doesn’t keep you hooked, bad game engine tbh

  26. Every time I go on NA or EU there is like 2 guys in queue.

  27. It’s not that bad (unless you only play LT and xm1)

  28. Yeah I agree .18 would have been a better version to have kept improving and modifying, I loved .18. Whereas .19 is pretty ‘meh’ and not that fun. The only reason I played the past couple days was in hopes of getting in the top 50 to get a T-72B3 Green. Then when I realized I literally don’t have time to grind forever due to college finals, I stopped.They even nerfed the amount of rep and credits earned in PvE by reducing the amount of HP bots have overall, which if it was meant to incentivize PvP that didn’t work at all.

  29. lool drag files m8 just hold down the right or left mouse key whilst on a file and then hitting “Esc” key and then on it works without restart

  30. As I have said before, I play the game for the pve. I don’t mind that the AI damage isn’t reduced any longer. I do mind that they now do more damage than the same vehicles in player hands. example – the heat shell of the M113 acav does max of 471 damage for me but am taking hits of over 500 consistantly from the AI. There are no damage increase retrofits for players, but maybe there are for the AI. Up to 3 player vehicles count when capping, but more count for the AI. And they rush the cap. They still have the numbers advantage. Second irritation is the cost of retrofits. This puts newer players at a big disadvantage as 1 retrofit can cost more than grinding the next tier vehicle. I have seen new players (almost always enough for easy tier 1 & 2) but will they stay? I have posted in forum. I am waiting to see what the next patch brings but usually get on just long enough to do daily challenges (which get mostly a lot easier to do). Most irritating is having AP shells shatter on lightly armored vehicles. A 130 mm from IS-7 shatters on a scorpion?

  31. I had the same “drag bug” problem, in my experience it came from WoWS tray, it got javascript error in it… when I remove it from startup, the “drag bug” gone forever.

  32. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    I’m still there too Kage but because people still wanna see it for some reason I cannot fathom though if you want another English speaker on the Russian server let me know.

  33. on which graphics settings do you play?

  34. i wrote some ideas in the forums to change gameplay. I like to invite you to check them out.

  35. i liked the gameplay of 0.16 and 17 more than any of this i liked it when it was less realistic

  36. The game feels dull and boring now with every aspect of every tank being nerfed into the ground and causing the vehicles to play like ass.

  37. Armored Warfare is a good game (for me it’s better then World of Tanks) and a friend of mine loves the graphics of the game and i like the way the game is made too

  38. Boring as ever. Let’s see if the next patch will help.

  39. I agree with all of you.
    I am currently playing on the Russian server and I can assure you that the most relevant of the different updates that come are a new garage and interface.
    The garage looks like the entrance to a bar ….. girls of bad reputation … including neon lights …. every time it looks more like WOT including the interface. My total respect for the girls of bad reputation …
    The game does not improve substantially, persist in mistakes and my perception is that they do not have enough capacity or experience to do anything better.
    I keep expecting something that I really do not know if it will ever come.

  40. That drag thing is a Windows 10 update problem. Since Windows last update I haven’t been able to drag and drop files either but it’s a windows thing not AW. Just so you know. My other computer at work drags and drops fine. Not every computer gets hit by Windows bug.

  41. I’m enjoying the latest patch to some degree. I like how you now have to think more as the AI seen a little more inteligent, But the ATGM spamming is annoying. My biggest gripe though, Is that I’m over having my turret put out in the M1 series tanks. I had a game last night where my turret was taken out 8 times in 1 battle! Frustrating to the least.
    I play on the NA server that is all but dead, But will continue playing with clan mates at this point in time until it dies.
    Forget about PvP or Glops on the NA server, it just doesn’t happen, Saying that, I did get into a Skirmish game the other day, It was me & some random against 2 clan mates in a tier 10 battle. To say we got stomped is an understatement! They killed us quick time with only myself getting 1 damaging shot in. I was in my M1A3 tier 10, Not a good tank when in 2×2 Skirmish, the reload will get you killed.
    It’ll be interesting what comes with 0.2, Hopefully a toning down of the ATGM spamming and a fix with this constant M1 series tank turret issue, Plus other bug fixes.


  42. yeah that dragging bug is really annoying, i hate to restart my pc every time

  43. the PVE got alittle harder because atgm pen right though my ERA

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