Armored Warfare Academy | How to VFM in style Havoc War Log Gameplay Guide

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Today we are looking at a live game and commentary on Armored Warfare in a VFM 5 Tier 6 Light Tank, with me driving
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Armoured Warfare Academy
Havoc Pathfinders

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  1. great 2 hear that u may do some tutorials Pete. 🙂 If u have time an often
    overlooked, but fun part of AW is playing the bots in PvE mode and I for
    one would like to see more on that part of the game.

  2. Well, i would recommend a complete different set of retrofits and
    commander/crew skills
    You want; augmented breachlock and Intercom systems, and the other ones
    barely matter.
    You want Juan Carlos/Freja as commander, preferably set up for accuracy.
    You want marksman/aimtime on your gunner, you want smoothride on your
    driver and reloadspeed on your loader.

    This way you dont miss 50% of your shot and you are able to fight MBT’s
    because you have the accuracy to hit weakspots. Spec all your tanks like
    this (pretty much) and you will have a major advantage above the average

  3. awesome as always hon

  4. Why not using the speed boost?

  5. beautifully played

  6. FirestreakRodimusPr

    Nice video, 2 things you could cover for AW newbies are the UI,
    specifically all the alerts and information the game is telling you at any
    given moment and on the results screen, you can look at the more detailed
    breakdown of how you performed in battle.

  7. Hi mate! Nice video again!
    I want to tell you about another game: Crossout. Check it, is super

  8. Wow congrats on another great game!!

  9. btw, Pampalinii from HYPE was on the enemy team

  10. ive heard that if im early sir havoc will reply, is that true?

  11. Stephen st.clair

    Hey Pete, looks like you had fun with this one really like the new AW
    series, keep em comming

  12. agnius sankaitis


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