Armored Warfare Academy – The Training Begins – For Everyone!!

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Source: Havoc’s Guides Tutorials Reviews and Moar!!

Havoc X Gaming In conjunction with and Very Kind and Talented players can now announce the launch of .
For Information on Training Times & how to become and AW Academy Instructor
Specops [DNGR]
(EU)Every Sunday  @ 6:00pm  Britsh Summer Time                             (NA) Every Tuesday 9pm Eastern Standard Time
(EU)Every Thursday@ 7:30pm   Summer Time
(SEA)Every Thursday@ 7:00pm  Australian Eastern Standard Time    
Minz [RSOP]      
(EU) To Be Confirmed

Please Click this link:
Not played AW yet? Download Here for Free:


  1. should wait until balance 2.0 cuz retrofits, skills, tanks stat, meta,
    mechanics etc all to change.

  2. I resently started playing AW again after long time when i saw new game
    mode. I am beta tester and realy enjoy this game. Need some break from WoT.
    Good luck with trainings :)

  3. great initiative mate :-)

  4. Really looking forward to showing up for the open sessions. This is great
    to hear about. Eager to see how it develops. Thanks Havoc.

  5. Well done SirHavoc… I really like your tutorials…

  6. Great job and Best wishes with AW training

  7. Havoc's Guides Tutorials Reviews and Moar!!

    Re post due to changes :)

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