Armored Warfare – Age of Rage BP Overview | Did They Listen?

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Source: Primer7G

Here is my full overview of the new Battle Path, Age of Rage, alongside some tips to ease up your grind and an updated version of the…. “calculator”… which you can get from here:

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  1. Good Job Primer!!!

  2. Well, I might actually buy myself into this. Thanks for the info

  3. play with russian brainless players,meaningless /awf is to simpel kid game ,no adrenaline nothing,to easy kills,to simpel bots uninteligent

    • Plays GLOP’s or PvP if you find bots less adrenaline causing. Or maybe base jumping – personally since this is a game on a screen I don’t find anything adrenaline causing – just the same as any other pixel killing game, real life is for adrenaline heart pumping moments….

  4. Nikola Milutinovic

    As always, awsome job Primer!

  5. I see they finally added the Degman lol.

  6. Well, maybe you shouldn’t have made that joke?

  7. Primer, thanks for vid brilliant information as a guide. I tried your tracker and found it accurate. Thanks for uploading.

  8. Thanks for the information and video. I’ll give your calculator a try. Maybe I can reach level 50 this time around. 🙂

  9. Some of the missions are still a pain. But still better than the previous one since you can play whatever game mode you like. I’ve already hit rank 26 with a moderate amount of play time. So far I’m happy with it. Will definitely work to earn that Object 490.

  10. thx for the infos! i think the tier 8 terminator will be the best tank to grind battlecoins

  11. 2 hours EVERY day. EVERY single day. No weekends with family, no holidays, no sick days.

    • And you get an OP tier 4 premium tank, a tier 7 premium tank and an OP tier 10 premium tank…
      Beside other stuff…
      Oh and an OP commander…

    • @Primer7G it still sounds wery much like work. Which, i suppose, is fine for people who don’t work and have no other real life obligations.

    • Well, it’s 2 hours a day for 60 days. Or 4 hours a day every 3 days for 90 days… I don’t think that is too much for what you get, especially considering the buy in cost…

    • The event lasts 90 days so yes, days off etc.

    • @Origami Chik3n Casual gamers who play the odd game here or there are not the target for an event like this, there are plenty of freebies given away by AW to cater to those.

      This type of event is more to reward those who can or do put in more hours, the ones who are consistent money spenders, keep the servers populated for the casual odd game here and there players.

      The last BP people complained it was too difficult, impossible to get the Altay, that it was a rip off having to buy their way into the event.

      On the last BP I spent 3k gold to enter it, played about an hour a day and by the end of the first month I had the Enigma tier 3, Kastett tier 6, Storm tier 7 premiums. I just carried on playing and earning coins, not bothering to unlock anymore of the path, just collected coins to see how many I could get by the end then decide what to do.

      Two days before the end (original end as it was extended a month) I spent my coins on 2017 loot crates – which gave me the Terminator 2017 tier 8 premium and loads of spare parts for it in crates.

      So for 3000 gold that AW had given me for just logging on, previous events etc – I got 4 premiums and 12000 gold back in three months of playing an hour a day.

      I was never interested in the Altay as I was not going to be able to spend enough time in the game, but it had other things I was interested in that were more attainable – and all for just normal playing.

  12. Every funny thing is not funny to every person. Remember that almost all humor is based on embarrassment, humiliation or actual pain suffered by the subject of the joke. There is something, a natural talent or a learned skill, called empathy…

  13. I’m never going to get close to the Object 490 but the strategy of coin boosts and overlaps with other awards for maximum coin production can be an interesting project in itself.

    basically: when to use Battle coin boosts to maximize progress most effectively. It’s an opportunity for more linear progress.

  14. age of Rage missions not registering PVE achievements forced to use battle coins to unlock.

    • Did you select hardcore PVE mode? I thought the same but realised it is me who made the mistake and it works fine on the harder mode. Hardcore is definitely more challenging but not by much. Managed to get the Ontos after 2-3 hours of play

    • Yeah, missions can only be completed on the harder difficulty for normal PvE.

    • Hey prime nice job man was infect waiting for your video to check the feasibility of reaching lvl 50 with out using money and trust me its very difficult with 25 average coins per match and some skillful use of battle coin boosts too.

  15. Ioan - Emilian Stoian

    U should use booster coin when U do the 3rd mission (the 1 to collect 2.5k battlecoins) in order ho have a 2 hour completion time the w8 another week

  16. Thanks for this explanation! I’ve just come back to the game after years.. (I was in the beta, but liked WoT better at the time) this battlepath thing was confusing. You straightened it out nicely for me.

  17. thx

    at least 2,800 battles… xD it’s a joke!

  18. I cannot get the calculator to work in either chrome, firefox or microsoft edge. I click on the rank box, red one, it turns blue but will not accept my keyboard inputs. None of the red boxes will let me enter anything…Any suggestions?
    Also, what map did you get the crush an enemy? I have been stuck on that one forever, almost 3 weeks Id say. Everything else was fairly easy but that one. I almost got it once but buddy wiggled and got me off his roof.

    • You have to copy the spreadsheet to your own Google Drive. Make sure you are logged into your Google account, then follow the instructions in the bottom right corner of the spreadsheet.
      As for the crusher, it’s very easy in a platoon. You can do it on most maps. Your friends should force an AI (Bradley preferably) to underneath an elevated platform, then you can drive on top of it.
      If you fall on it and kill it, the game will it ramming damage, so make sure to drive on top of it gently.
      It also helps if you reduce the HP on that bot so you can crush it before you slide off.

    • @Primer7G Ahhh, that would make it easier for sure. I dont play in platoons very often so might have to send out a help in chat and see if anyone willing to help.

      I guess reading all the instructions on the spreadsheet are key 🙂

      Thanks man!

    • @superFlint Join my Discord. Plenty of people there are willing to help!

  19. Not one penny.

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