Armored Warfare – Altay Review | A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?

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Source: Primer7G

My full review of the newly-introduced Turkish Altay 10 premium MBT is finally here!
It’s the ultimate Battle Path prize, but is it the painful grind? Watch the video to find out!!!

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  1. nice video 😛
    i’m really glad that there are still people who will devote their time and effort to cover AW

  2. That camo is sick! Where do I get it?

  3. The devs seem not to know what a hybrid system is its a diesel engine powering a generator that then puts the power to create motion. It should still be able to be set on fire by hitting the engine. The biggest example of such systems is diesel locomotives the diesel engine does not move the train directly but it moves electric motors that then move the train, the Altay has the same principle. I still don’t get why the MBT/KPZ 70 doesn’t get the ability to squat the tank behind cover because that was one of the many experimental techs used in the creation of the tank.

    • The Altay initially was going to be an electric tank, they changed to hybrid couple weeks before its release. Plus, Armored Warfare is not a simulator. Some game elements exist for gameplay purposes only!

  4. Gave up on streams i see… too bad

  5. It looks like something I would use but the hurdles are astronomical from the point of view of a realistic player. Or maybe I am a tightwad. The purchase costs are equivalent to buying a few brand new entire games… in a free-to-play
    Enough has been said about playing time needed. Can’t do that, I waste too much playing time on work and sleep.
    Maybe, one day, they will just have a single player, skill-based competition and give me this when I win. That used to happen in this game and I miss it.

  6. Nikola Milutinovic

    Video worth the wait! Well done mate, I am glad you still devote time to AW since Gamestone gave up. Thank you for a great video and to letting me know that I didn’t waste time grinding this tank!
    Thank you again! Keep the videos coming!

  7. Good job Primer , keep up the good work

  8. It is more light tank then mbt imo. On the other hand, max low speed and accuracy… idk.

  9. I have an Altay. Thanks, Primer, for the demo. It convinced me.
    What I want to say is: (drum roll) No Buyers Remorse! I like this tank.
    The full-on loading time can be tedious and it’s deadly slow on long trips, but when the chips are down, Altay will stand up.
    I haven’t played it much but the experience so far is top drawer with very large paycheques.

  10. Арта Ненавистник

    ПИНГ – 0?????!!!!!!! ах ты АМСТЕРДАМСКИЙ……..ЙУХ!!!!!

  11. I bought a Battle path to get Altay. I wanna enjoy Altay.

  12. Major Muckup Gaming

    Nice video and full of information useful too players. Thanks for posting

  13. I bought the battle pass then they updated the game now the game freezes tanks get stuck in the game screens freezing they won’t fix the game they don’t they done robbed me of my money for this battle pass no way in hell I’ll ever be able to get all the way up to levels in the battle pass what’s the game all buggy

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