Armored Warfare – American Dream Trailer

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Source: Armored

are excited to introduce the brand new American Dream season.

This American-themed update bringing several new high-Tier progression vehicles, four new Special Operation missions, new Contract Missions as well as a large number of improvements and rebalances.

What Armored Warfare?

are proud to present Armored Warfare. Armored Warfare a -to-play massively multiplayer tactical military game that puts you in control of tanks, armored vehicles and more! Armored Warfare features stunning next-gen visuals, dynamic destructible environments, customizable vehicles and intense team-based gameplay where players work to crush each other with the power of modern combat vehicles in a free-to-compete experience!


  1. Nice Update ?

  2. I am looking forward! ???


  4. Since when have infantry been a thing in this game?

    • it’ll be such a waste not to use the spaces inside APCs or IFVs, right?

    • @Akatsuki Wolf Hats true, but this brings a whole new element to the normal gameplay loop. if your an MBT and you come across some of these you have to judge how to kill them (because you don’t have access to your coaxial gun) Meaning that short of running them over or having an IFV go everywhere with you, a handful of anti-tank troops could control a section of the map and you wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. Though we don’t know how powerful they individually are, so you might just be able to tank the shots and ignore them (which seems like a waste of effort on the devs part then)

    • They’ve talked about adding infantry since the early days. It’s hard to believe it might actually happen.

  5. Deployable infantry from afvs? Sign my ass right up

  6. Dudes all like, let me load this air :v

  7. War Thunder infantry no
    Armored Warfare infantry yes

  8. PL-01 Mleczasz Aemored Warfare PVP

    Super Duper ❤

  9. This is starting to look like arma 3

  10. Отвали Нахрен

    Обновляторы сука.

  11. >”the American dream”
    > War and destruction

    Sounds about right…

  12. Join me.. during Live stream for platoons, PVE, missions, discussions, reviews, guides and game-play.

  13. Game is not bad but game stability is awful,i need to wait forerver when starting launcher fix it please,this new patch has lots of problems like authorization fail. It tells me there is too many players on the server,try again later.When you finish the battle tank still remains in combat you cant play the next match bacause of bugs.Fix it please!

    • For any bugs, go to Armored Warfare Discord and report them bugs. The devs usually patch things up within a day or two. They won’t do anything if you don’t give specifics to replicate.

  14. Player base please.

    • @xboxgamer969 Exactly. Player base please.

    • @Sagara Sousuke last time I checked devs can’t magically appear real human beings like me and you into the game lol.
      People have to want to play, advertising is 1 way to do that but it only gets you so far, also tank games are an extremely niche genre so not a lot of people are interested sadly.

    • Playerbase for this game died years ago when kicked Obsidian out and decided to turn AW into WoT 2.0 but worse. This game will never have a large playerbase again after the whole debacle that happened with and Obsidian.

    • @WatcherMovie008 tbh with you, since obsidian left there has been more shit added to the game, soooooooooooo. Don’t get me wrong I love obsidian and I hate what happened to them but the game is way better right now compared to before. Also I’m assuming you haven’t played the game since 0.18? they merged the servers for the game since around 0.25 and there’s ALWAYS people to play with on PvE. Although PvP it depends as I’ve said you gotta play on Russian hours. Also its still far from WoT as I’ve tried wot recently and I fucking hate it (limited garage slots, crew system complicated af, the grind is too long, stupid gold ammo just so that people can pen more which is stupid, also on top of that WoT doesn’t have PvE or full fledged spec ops story missions and also on top of that WoT doesn’t have modern tanks)

      So there’s a lot that AW does that’s better than WoT imo. But again the only reason not as many people play it is because WoT has been more established in the genre and advertises their game on everything they possibly can, doesn’t have the kinda cash WoT has for advertising so thats 1 problem. Literally only issue AW has is population which is kinda out of’s control.

    • Tbh, I don’t really find the whole loot crate system to be a “positive” to AW. If anything, it tells me that the game been heavily altered to be grindfest as fuck, forcing people to pay that doe to “progress” faster. Also, not really a huge fan of a company that ONLY listens to one core of the fanbase ( and favoring its Russian server) and ignoring the other servers as if they don’t exist at all. That was the whole reason why Obsidian was kicked out because Obsidian wanted to make the game into something that the US and EU playerbase wanted. and on the other hand wanted this game SOLELY for its RU playerbase. How I like to put it is simply this: Obsidian wanted to make a tank game that had NONE of the bs that made WoT shit; and however WANTED every damn bs thing that made WoT shit.

  15. Does every American town have that large doughnut 0:03? I saw one in the new WoT blitz map, in the new WarThunder map and now its here too.

  16. plus de petit kit de soins , bug de retour de char après bataille , et aucun renseignements sur les changements effectué par cette mise a jour , encore du bon travail .
    no more small healing kit, bug back from tank after battle, and no information about changes made by this update, still good work

  17. Is it me or dose the new commander look,like the lead singer from Sabaton ? Infantry!? well maybe it will give us something else to shoot since there don’t seem to be many players or any change up in A.I. tanks you face. Sadly new hanger is not very impressive.

  18. Should probably replace the infantry to have Carl Gustavs rather than AT-4s, those are one-shot only.

  19. 2025….Warface joined Armored Warfare Server ^^ = Better than CoD and BF together heh Who Know ;D

  20. PS4 servers are dead :/

  21. What is the player base like? Also have they made it so you can sign in old account from steam?

  22. 0:54 warface…?

  23. An Insane Shocktrooper

    ̶L̶i̶v̶e̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶A̶m̶e̶r̶i̶c̶a̶n̶ ̶D̶r̶e̶a̶m̶!̶

  24. The Bradley just got deadly.

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