Armored Warfare – Announcement Trailer | PS4

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Announcing Armored Warfare – the future modern tank shooters is coming to ®4 at the beginning next year. The military free-to-play MMO lets players take control of cutting-edge war machines and join forces with friends to carry out the most difficult co-op missions, compete with rival teams in mode, or experience the real tank action in the revolutionary Global Operations – an explosive mix of competitive and cooperative play empowered by enlarged interactive maps with respawn zones, overhead surveillance drones, AI support, airstrikes, and much more.

Sign up today and get YOUR FREE REWARD – a special premium MERC edition LAV-150 armored vehicle at the official game’s web page:

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  1. I hope PlayerUnknown BattleGrounds comes to PS4 one day.

  2. cmert_bcev01 Wot Console

    О эта хуйня будет на консолях)

  3. Another tank game…

  4. whats up with these games jesus

  5. The Imperial Combine

    I’m still going play War thunder.

  6. Sorry,but no

  7. Can we get more free games added on the store

  8. world of tanks in bettter

  9. A modern war thunder

  10. I thought that this game died some time ago…

  11. They copying world of tanks

  12. Is it free?

  13. I bet war thunder has better and more realistic tank gameplay then this and war thunder is free not sure about this game

  14. they just couldnt drop the regular warface free to play

  15. Legendäres Item aus Pandora

    What differentiates this from World of Tanks?

  16. Obisidian need to fix NA servers (population) then think about another platform.

  17. Now that looks dope.

  18. I’ll give it a shot

  19. Jesus can we stop with the tank games. We have War thunder and World of Tanks, we don’t need another one

  20. We have world of tanks and war thunder so please stop PlayStation.

  21. basically world of tanks but with modern tanks

  22. TheCommentaification

    Great the third contender to tank gaming has come to ps4.

  23. These tank games is COMPLETE GARBAGE

  24. I think PlayStation really like tanks…

  25. This game failed, why did you decide to shove it for the best console in the world? Trash must remain only on the PC!!!!!

  26. Бля пс куда скатывается

  27. Discount World of Tanks/War Thunder!

  28. free game pls

  29. Buuuuuuuuuu. 2018? Buuuuuu

  30. Sebastian C.Guedes


  31. Angry Aussie Gaming

    I thought this game died in development

  32. xLoganx wolverine

    It would have been nice if it was fps but not just “tanks” only…. it would beat BF1.

  33. Battlefield 5?

  34. Looks Amazing, hope it plays as good as it looks

  35. isidro angel hernandez balandran

    Buen juego, pero WORLD OF TANKS es mejor

  36. isidro angel hernandez balandran

    Ten cuidado PS que XBOX te está dejando atrás y por mucho

  37. How does this garbage compare to WOT or WT?

  38. YES! I’ve been waiting for this! Based Obsidian!

  39. Sebastian Lopez Allende

    prefiero World of Warships

  40. Yes finally my most favorite tank game of all timr

  41. Aisa servers please.

  42. hopefully a decent amount of players play this. I stopped playing on PC because on NA nobody played PvP and repeating the same 5 missions gets old real quick in PvE

  43. Это говнище ещё и ПС4 посетит. Жесть.

  44. Yesss ! I love modern tank

  45. Can i subscribe for Beta or something ?

  46. The game is dead on pc nobody play it its a good game but its dead .

  47. I’ve been waiting for this game to come to console for so long. I can’t wait to play. Armored warfare you can count on seeing me play on release!

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