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Username and Settings:
Armored Warfare [HD Client – High]: WillfulTangent
World of Tanks [NA/EU HD Client – Ultra]: WillfulTangent
War Thunder [ Preset]: WillfulTangent
Live: WillfulTangent


  1. Note: Be sure to turn on “no friendly fire” in your in game settings to help prevent blue on blue.

  2. it would be cool to get “realistic PvE” mode as well

  3. I love that the english version of the launcher refers to the realistic battles, in text, as the:
    ‘limited fun mode that is now available’

    I guess they decided they were sick of people asking for the game to be more realistic, lol.

  4. Byron MaidPro-SLC

    I can’t see shit.

  5. How do you get actual players? A couple of weeks ago, I reinstalled it, but couldn’t get a single PvP match in days and uninstalled again.

    • Unfortunately you have to play during prime RU and EU gaming hours when they are on. After they go to bed you will barely be able to get a PvP match. For whatever reason the NA region just don’t respond to tank games like the others do. its the same with World of Tanks and Warships as well as War Thunder (If you select NA only).

    • @Zhammer58 And which hours would that be?

    • @Anthrax Basically afternoon to evening in CET

  6. I know most people won’t like this mode, but for me this is EXACTLY what I wanted this game to be in the first place! The only thing lacking to me is shooting mechanic similar to one seen in War Thunder. This mode is basically the best mix of good things from WoT and WT and it makes the game more original! It’s both dynamic and tactical and still casual in a good way!

    • I disagree…The popularity of this mode has surprised the devs…I think it may become a game feature

    • @Dave Burgess if that’s the case then that’s great!! Didn’t expect the mode to become popular, although as I said I like it cery much. It just feels different than other games.

  7. Would be a good addition to what we have now .

  8. Rajorsi Roy Chowdhury

    They should make this a permanent mode as the more realistic the game is the better it is.

    And regarding friendly fire, I disabled it from the settings menu.

  9. I Like Cute Girls

    you can turn off friendly fire in options and you wont be able to shoot at teammates

    • Multiple CC’s have had issues with this setting not working properly in this game mode.

    • I Like Cute Girls

      @WillfulTangent cant say for others but for me it works perfectly. its does not prevent friendly damage, it just prevents shooting at friendlies. might be that somebody hit them while trying to hit enemies or something.

  10. AusTankie Gaming

    But you can turn off friendly fire in the settings.
    Meh I hate the novelty gimic of the inside look on what happens from your shot in WT it’s a waste of time.

    • I was more so referring to the high chance of first round knock outs based on components/crew hit than the animation.

  11. We need RB in AW as it is presented to us now.

  12. this looks fun, should become a permanent game mode!

  13. Played it all day…no april fool….started with just15 mins per hour availability to permanent availability due to demand…an excellent mode fully subscribed at all times

    • They have been getting great feedback all day. I’m hoping this brings it into a permanent mode status after the event ends.

    • @WillfulTangent keep streaming m8…this game deserves a much bigger playerbase than it has

  14. Looks very nice, should be permanent in pvp.

  15. This just like Blitz :v

  16. I’m not gonna lie as an avid player of both games I like this combination by still keeping hit points but making you focus more on looking and confirmation

  17. make it permanent!!!! let them know. I love this. And I would really love both PVE mode and PVP with realistic battles.

  18. Lah-klerk

  19. Of all the times that I sold my potato rig, things are lively and fun on April Fools special event 😑

  20. this is the best they have done since balance 2.0


    Wow, this game mode is great! Maybe this is what AW needs to rival WoT and Warthunder?

  22. Another great informative video mate.
    Played 2 games of this mode tonight, really enjoyed them. Didn’t do much damage the first game, forgot i still had my tank set up for PvE, didn’t realise until i noticed i was only doing around 100 damage per shot. Still did just over 1k before i died. LOL.
    Did better in the second with over 7k damage before i died, good enough for 3th in the team. Won both games.
    I don’t know if you had this issue, but my team mates later in the game were just shooting anybody, even team mates. In the second game, one team mate was about to get the last kill, when another team mate killed him and then got the last kill.
    The team was like they didn’t even know that the mini map existed.
    Anyway mate, keep the great videos coming.

  23. 1)Friendly forces should be marked. This isn’t like a HUGE map with a known frontline. Everybody’s zooming around all over the place. There’s no reason NOT to have allies marked.
    2)Just like with WT…the maps are way too small for realism. The “unrealistic” detection mechanics of the original mode, effectively double or triple the size of the map. There’s a lot more room to move around and use tactics and stuff. When everybody’s always visible….it just doesn’t work.
    And if you like realistic mode in WT, then you’re a masochist. It’s GARBAGE. You spawn and immediately get shot from the enemy spawn point. Maps are way way too small.

  24. This mode really is fun. Really 😀
    I love this mode.

  25. Next BULTSHIT from AW, … is time to LEAVE 🙁

    • What? This mode is the best thing that happened to AW in a looong time! This mode actually makes the game completely different than WoT and thanks to that it will have a chance to find it’s own niche.

      PS: I get a feeling you are from Poland. If so, we can carry on this discussion with polish language.

  26. that 1 shot / second is really unrealistic . don’t like it. Love the game mode tho

  27. i like the gamemode but the rewards were decals…. fucking stickers again

    thank you mycom for being such greedy cunts
    its not enough that battlepaths already are LITTERED with them no, we aparently need more of them

    again, i’d rather get temporary vehicles/platinum crates than fucking stickers as rewards

  28. let us make this known to the devs, feedback for the mode is up, and send them and ask them to make this permanent and if needed add a bit of polishing.

  29. I have the No friendly fire ON so if i press to shot a wrong tank it blinking on screen and is not shooting thats a must in this mode to have it ON,generally i like alot this mode is going to be in my favorite list together with global ops and random pvp

  30. 👍 I’m downloading the game, but O’my it’s slow.
    I certainly hope North American gameplay is not slow.
    Anyways, I’m looking for Prom Codes to enter in my account setup. I’ve searched and searched to no avail. Do you happen to know where I can get any? TiA ✌

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