Armored Warfare – Arabian Nights – Part II Trailer

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Source: Armored Warfare is happy to introduce the second part of the Arabian Nights season.

In this update, focus on adding and Italian vehicles to the as well as on the Battalion experience in the form of a competitive 10v10 ranked Battalion versus Battalion mode.

What is Armored Warfare?

are proud to present Armored Warfare. Armored Warfare free-to-play massively multiplayer online tactical military video that puts you in control of modern tanks, armored vehicles and more! Armored Warfare features stunning next-gen visuals, dynamic destructible environments, customizable vehicles and intense team-based gameplay where players work to crush each other with the power of modern combat vehicles in a free-to-compete experience!


  1. But this game is dead 😀

    • +laalki80 just check steam chart. less han 200 player count per day so pretty sure it is dead

    • +Blackwood Does that count only Steam-versions or the players as well? I think only a fraction of players have the Steam version. Anyhow, then I’d been playing a “dead” game, having fun. Seems to have enough players on weekends when I play.

    • Akmal Syafiq Azhar

      +Armored Warfare Alive with bots and 300++ping

    • +Armored Warfare Please! Can you reduce the difficulty of the latest task? is to hard!

  2. Cease and desist from Disney on it’s way.

  3. leave the war thunder, armored warfare it’s much better! Daaa 🙂

  4. Game’s getting better every month and looks awesome IMO. I never have to wait more than 1 min for a random PVP battle.And less for PVE (which is awesome for relaxing). And no bots. Still think this game is dead? You’re so wrong..

    LE: Thanx for 0.28 looking forward for the Chally 1 and UI visual changes

  5. If not for the pay2play missions and loot crates this game would be perfect.

  6. Pay2Play i have never payed on this game to play, i just play man… what are you talking about i am enjoying it every night. Who thinks this is Pay2Play he probably got robbed from World of tanks game LOL saving even the ammunition…going to battle field with 10 rounds only LOL…buying gold ammunition what a fake game so if the standard round doesnt pen then the gold round will pen for sure… but for gold reounds you must PAAAY LOL. WOT Loosers

  7. Uma pena que abandonaram os consoles. O servidor no PS4 está deserto…

  8. StronkComrade6800

    Damn, Altay is so cool.


    Vamos ver o que tem de novidades no Tier baixo

  10. Tomen su like me encanta su juego pero los tiempos de carga para entrar en pvp son muy largos y además cuando logras entrar no falta el jugador que empieza a disparar a sus compañeros o el que no juega, por favor de perdido quiten el fuego amigo, bueno todo esto pasa en PS4 no ce que tanto pase en pc, pero bueno de ante mano gracias por si leen el comentario y si pueden arreglar eso se los agradecería mucho ?

  11. I come back too AW after few months. Where is PVE ? I’ve find only special ops but no PVE classic missions. is it gone ?

    • Hello – PvE missions are normally available as usual. We have, however, overhauled the Garage UI. Please select co-op from the HQ menu.

  12. Отвали Нахрен

    Ну да. При этом декаль, на Т-72 “Победа”, перекрывает надпись. Разработчики как всегда, перманентно тупы. Дом не построили, за то мебель новую завезли. ДБ.
    Ну и ком(*2)енты в тему.

  13. This game is so good

  14. Finally! Love this game

  15. Raphael Lake / Dumi Maraire / J Fitz – Covering Ground (Urban Blues) songs name.

  16. Nice french tanks!

  17. When is the fucking ps4 update ?

  18. Now that War Thunder introduced 3rd generation tanks.. im gonna have To unsub.. i dont need to admire armored warfare anymore.. they cant keep up

    • War Thunder still (years later) does not have unlimited garage slots like Armored Warfare, which is a dead breaker for me. Additionally, WT punishes you a lot more for making mistakes compared to AW.

  19. Gj ✌

  20. Goodbye Clayburn Industries |:-)

  21. Hey dev I think you should do more ad for getting more player. this game is good but still not much people playing it.okay more than before but we more player is good right?

  22. server ????

  23. About time! keep awsome and with new ideas

  24. i m beta tester , and i can confirm that the game is dead ,the développers killed it …no fun to play it now

  25. wasted money and time on it

  26. Subscribe to PewDiePie

    I’m so sad that this game is so dead I had a lot of fun with friends but the battle wait time is too long


    Ein Geschenk 😉

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