Armored Warfare – Armata 152 Trailer

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This week on offer: Armata 152 Tier 10 Premium Main Battle !

In Armored Warfare, 152 Tier 10 Premium Main Battle Tank. While not firing as fast as its 125mm counterpart, the 152mm rounds do enormous damage, often eliminating weaker opponents with a single shot. And then there’s the platform itself – the Armata, the most Main Battle Tank in the world. Earn it and use it to dominate!

More about supercharged hard-kill APS:

What is Armored Warfare?

We proud to present Armored Warfare. Armored Warfare is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online tactical military video game that puts you in control of modern tanks, armored vehicles and more! Armored Warfare features stunning visuals, dynamic destructible environments, customizable vehicles and intense team-based gameplay where players work to crush each other with the power of modern combat vehicles in a free-to-compete experience!


  1. Wtf so make a op tank even more op….

    Stop makin t10 Premium tank…

  2. Who played in 2020 AW ??

    • @Matuš Seman Okay and what a now online players now ?

    • @Shini Kumi According to one community contributor, it is played by about 8-10k players. It is now a global server, so it is much better than 2-3 years ago. Otherwise, there are 5 modes in the game and in all matchmaking he can assemble teams. If you want to play PvP, you will wait 1 minute and if you want to play PvE for a maximum of 10 seconds 🙂

    • @Matuš Seman not bad today ;P

    • @Shini Kumi Try AW again 😉

    • I play this game daily to relax my mind from office work. Missions take 10 to 15 minutes on average. Russian MBTs have the best frontal armor of turret and hull. If you like combat vehicle with high DPS and good ERA protection, get the Russian BMPTs. You won’t find toxic players here. Even if the mission lead to defeat, no one will blame. The mentality of veteran players in this game is that they can win the mission even with just a single MBT. Your first tech tree to complete should not be artillery as it can be frustrating without a good team composition.

      As for premium tanks, the American CATTB and Turkish Altay can be considered the most protected in term of armor. The Armata 152 featured in this video is a good buy if you are patient for the 152mm cannon reload.

  3. It looks like You doesnt listen to the players feedback just onyl when the player’s nation is russian. The EU playerbase is dead , only a few of your players playing this game which become a premium paradise. Open your eyes please and see what the players loved in this game. The game could beat WoT but you ruined it and it failed. The CATTB, Object 490 , and the other premiums what you called balanced ruined everything in every tier. And btw the game still cant hold the fix 60 fps. What the hell My.Com ? You excecuted order 66.! Nice Job.

    • Agree, 3900x oc and rtx 2080. cant hold 60 fps steady, but in bf 5 no problem, and the ping spikes are the worst in any tank game i have played.

    • It seems like they are purposely trying to destroy what remains of their player base with this horrible loot box system that is killing WoT.

    • I get 45 to 50 fps on an old laptop with a 960m graphics card – it will drop when my card gets hot (one cooling fan in my lappie is dead), sometimes it’s not the game its your system or part of it, overheating, insufficient power, too high resolutions, etc etc.

    • EU player base is not dead, RU players make up much of the players so you see them more but in chat there are plenty of people from the EU, a few from the US and Asia areas. Many matches over half my team are not Russian.

  4. finally, time to unzip my wallet, is going to be a good purchase

  5. just FYI to people, i got this last year and it was about 150€ to get it.

  6. Aaaa russian game fck, now it is op

  7. another wargaming company

    • It’s so sad since Obsidian Entertainment did want to make vastly different tank game from World of Tanks. Too bad was too greedy and wanted exact copy of WoT, only with modern tanks. Luckily that kinda backfired and they did make some things that would differ from WoT but sadly the damage was too big.

    • @Herra Jukka OE were paid to make a WoT clone, they decided to do what they wanted with the money they were paid, some of OE decisions and things they did were disasters, some good. End of the day no one knows what would have happened if OE stayed as the devs and could do as they wished (when they had no experience of this type of game, players were leaving after the initial hype) after all it was not their money financing it, they were being paid no matter what happened

  8. its ONLY available with loot boxes. Not a straight 1 buy from shop for a price= missleading information 100%

  9. Wow this game used to look a lot better..

  10. Mustafa KIROĞLU

    TR Sub Please!

  11. Oh look, its that tank i had from the research tree back when i played this game

  12. Stonn Arnulff Taglucop

    is there asia server? thanks

  13. AW please add HEAT ammo on this tank for more damage & fun 🙂

  14. That gonna be way too close to be the perfect version of t14 armanta
    Compare t90ss
    With a ATGM

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