Armored Warfare available now on Xbox One

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Armored Warfare, the future of modern shooters, is available on ONE!


  1. Xbox hater just passing throught

  2. Oscar Eduardo Núñez Rodriguez

    What kind of “world of tanks” is this?

  3. Michael Bay likes this element!

  4. This game is kinda boring

  5. If it’s free than why is it $15 on the XBox store?

  6. 2nd Player Gaming

    Is this cross-play between Xbox and PC?

  7. Anyone remember BattleTanx on the 64? Good times 🙂

  8. Now_forl Патрик


  9. The Lunatic Games

    gta vc panzer

  10. I’m still torn on whether or not to get this game, been playing WT since early access on Xbox. After playing WOT for 4 years, which in will not be going back too hmmm…

    • +Shaun Mulville
      the game is free, only thing it will cost is your time to try it, thats it so you have nothing to lose

    • Xbox I was more meaning the ultamate addition….?

    • ultimate edition isn’t really worth getting unless you desperately want the MERC Bundle that badly and the extra premium time, as for the credits I got 1.2 mil already without premium time within 2.5 hours so that just shows you its easy and I was using tier 1-2 tanks on easy difficulty PvE

    • xboxgamer969 thanks for the info…?

    • Out of Wt wot and Aw I say Aw is by far the easiest to grind with I’m almost at teir 5 and this is the first day of me playing it

  11. I’m confused… Xbox said it’s free, but when I got to the store it’s 15$

  12. Wish it was still live on PC spent so much money on this game

  13. Is this an xbox 360 title?

  14. Put new games on xbox 360 to plz


  16. who directed this micheal bay?


    But why you forgot about the Xbox 360

  18. To all the people that are saying “Is it good?” “Is it better than wot?” “idk if I should get it”
    ITS FREE! THE ONLY THING YOU ARE SPENDING IS YOUR TIME! Just download it and try it out for yourself, if you end up not liking it then hey you didn’t spend any money so you have nothing to lose.

  19. Just hoped on my Xbox ?? and it’s free???

  20. Looks promising

  21. Discount world of tanks. Next!!

  22. Can play offline? with out Internet ??

  23. Gonna keep playing WT

  24. Can’t wait to deploy to the battlefield xbox

  25. Name of the song?

  26. Its literally a modern world of tanks

  27. DOOM 3 XBOX 360 XBOX ONE X ????

  28. should war thunder be afraid to this?

    • MrJhonvick depends I say this is more for people who want to play modern tanks and also want a easy grind as seeing that it’s easier to grind on here than Wot or Wt and I say that it’s more balanced then others

  29. Se parece al world of tanks

  30. A Michael Bay video game

  31. Bye world of tanks

  32. 700 likes on this video

  33. Benjamin Buddhist

    thats good n all but ive just downloaded it and its sayin authentication failed


  35. I’m 3-0 on this even though my tank got destroy on 3rd match

  36. Purplemonkey _302

    I was question if I should by it because of World of tanks, but after I saw it free I’m going to play it

  37. Stormtrooper Rhodes

    I tried it (with the free version) it’s a pretty fair and balanced game especially when you get rewarded after a game which I just received a good amount of cash in the game to work to higher tiers, plus the objective based scenarios in game are a breath of fresh air, I definitely recommend to pick this game up

  38. This is not world of tanks or warthunder. These are modern day tanks. I love game and I hope it succeeds

  39. Is this world of tanks?

  40. Can’t wait to play World of tanks 2012 simulator on xbox

  41. anotherrandomtexan25

    Is anyone playing yet? Because it just does not want to start up for me its downloaded just doesn’t run

  42. Is better War Thunder, another ARCADE game bored

  43. Discount War Thunder. That’s all this is

  44. #GOOD_GAME_PC #Soldner_Secret_WarS #เกมฟรีเล่นแล้วไม่จน

  45. Basically. World of tanks 2

  46. Do you have any info of when war thunder is going to be free?

  47. Sebastian Fuentes

    Bloody game keeps kicking me out of the server every time i finish a battle.

  48. Every time I get disconnected from server it crashes when I try to go back in. I have to redownload the game each time it happens. And it happens often…

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