Armored Warfare || Balance 2.0 Changes: MBT Mobility, Autocannons and T-14 w/ 152mm?!

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Very interesting, Very interesting…

News Article: https://./us/news/general/balance-20-upcoming-

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  1. AFV autocanon sounds great! No, make it instant. AFV attacking MBTs. MBTs have armor, AFVs none. So yeah, give the AFVs as much as possible. I like this change, a lot!!

  2. In the near future? How near?

  3. Bashing and bruising defensive role tanks in WoT Style.
    *Applause in Putin*
    Cuz Armor makes no fucking sense at all 😀 fuck protection lets just shoot each other like CS:GO.
    Cyka Blyn rush B!

  4. Hi devient ,

    I do not follow the 2.0 balance so much but i watch youtube time to time about it , btw thx for the info 🙂
    i do agree with you concerning the AFV changes with shoot till no more ammo , i think they should keep the reload , maby like you said more rounds per clip but certainly not keep shooting and diffrent ammo types on the fly nah i rather have a reload aswell for that , this makes afv players think before they head into combat wich ammo to load and when they change in the fight they know there is a delay , else i think afv players just suicide run or just crush mbt players and certainly lighter tanks , depends on the player ofcourse.But this said i hope they can find a good balance and make the game better.I am waiting especialy for new tanks to get 🙂 I personaly love mbt most so i wonder how the armata changes will feel ones they completly done sounds intresting , afv are also my thing i love there playstyle , rest i enjoy but less.Still i can manage aney tank i use , just arty that is ……well some pve games i enjoy to use it cause of its supportive role and do quite good damage in some games.One more thing i do think some better control of afv might be usefull sometimes with crab , vbr ,vbl and fox in the current patch i spin out of control when hitting a small rock or so , this is anoying to say the least and can be fatal.

    Have a nice day ,gl and hf 🙂

  5. so what about the MBT reload times?

  6. That’s good that MBT’s will be more mobile, BUT, what’s that mean for the Challenger series?

  7. Why is it that on the video shots seem to take so much time to land ?

  8. The XM1A3 already has the FASTDRAW in 0.18: see those two “bumps” on the back of the turret? Those are the raised blowout panels that house the FASTDRAW’s twin ammo cylinders. It just wasn’t outright specified in the module page.

    The quick two-shot system is once again a jaunt into fantasy world, because FASTDRAW doesn’t work like that – it’s just an normal autoloader where the rounds are stored in two independently revolving cylinders, period. Armata having a faster RoF might be a teeny weeny step towards realism (compared to old Soviet ALs, it does chamber rounds a tad faster).

    Anyway, there are so many changes and backtracks, I’ve little confidence left about 2.0. I’ve already uninstalled the game, though I remain open to the prospect of reinstalling it at a later date. However, considering the number of unpleasant changes for 2.0 and the recent switch in development leadership, I’m not keeping my finger crossed for a sudden revival. I had good memories of the game while it lasted, though, and I guess that’s what matters.

  9. I really like the u turn on Armata 🙂 Not so the endless cannon fire and instant switch AP to HE. Some of the cannons are crap (warrior springs to mind with it’s Rarden 6 round clip) which is currently real world being upgraded to a chain gun and 6 tow missiles, but endless cannon please NO. MBT mobilty increase also good, most modern MBT’s are fast.

  10. I really don’t like the autocannon changes… currently TDs and Lights are just dying to AFVs and can’t do anything to fight AFVs. If they now buff them again it’s just a waste to play TDs and Lights 🙁

  11. Would be nice to just go one step further with the “overheating” mechanic for auto canons. Maybe not just loss in accuracy but if you go too long you end up destroying your own gun in the process.

  12. just change whatever they want … just bring it asap so we can have some ppl to play…

  13. This sounds like everything I hoped the update to AW would bring. I was seriously worried MBT’s would become more like heavy tanks from the second world war in’s quest to cash in on the WoT market.
    Quite frankly, as long as MBT’s retain or even gain mobility, auto cannons can either eat front armour OR the building/rock I just reversed into.
    The only thing missing now is s proper HESH mechanic. I think this would be a good thing to implement as WoT has failed at it for many years now, but also because the British lack a HEAT round and so need the HESH to be a little more effective than a HE round with more module damage chance. After all, HESH is an anti-armour round which can be used as a high explosive multi-purpose round, but not quite as good as dedicated HE.

  14. What about pvp mode are they going to bring back all this players that they lost to pvp mode …..

  15. just do something give us an update plaese it has been 6 months since the last one

  16. thanks much for everything you do!!! no game is perfect. always make changes as needed..

  17. When it will be released?

  18. Is the account reset still gonna be a thing in balance 2.0?

  19. cealera alexandru

    man i cant wait for balance 2.0 ,when they rellease 🙁 ???

  20. cealera alexandru

    and 1 more question t-90ms and t14 armata will get a autoloader gunn whit 4 clip sheels ???

  21. except skirmish mode, 0.19 is pretty good for now

  22. Nothing here to revive pvp. They just need to suck up it and release this game as a second rate pve game.

  23. This honestly feels less like they are taking our feedback into consideration for the game design and more like they are just giving in on everything in a desperate attempt to please people and get them back to playing the game.

    All of this is very disheartening and I will probably just continue to sit out for another few months after .19 drops, because if they do manage to get this out by the end of march, like SS has been saying, its going to be a mess.

  24. Dúnadan SonoftheWest

    I don’t get your beef with the autocannon changes. This new system will function more like actual autocannons than the current one, which has always rubbed me the wrong way.

  25. I think the infinite firing autocannons could be decent if the accuracy bloom increases quickly and to be very, VERY inaccurate quickly. Also, as long as the autocannons are not as powerful per shot as they are in the current version. And finally, it would make sense to make it kind of limited in the sense that only vehicles that solely rely on their autocannons could have the infinite while vehicles with both rockets and autocannons should not have infinite autocannons

  26. Actually i am excited about these changes these decisions seem the right way to go to me instead of the way they were going to do 2.0 b4. Sounds like someone intelligent made some good changes.

  27. Bradley has the dual ammo loaded in the 25mm chain gun. flip of a switch between HE and AP

  28. Hey DK, Hopefully, the 0,19 build’s AV autoguns will overheat very quickly & not allow gunfire for a few seconds, as the gun cools down. They should lower alpha damage for autoguns, if they don’t do what i said previously (above) or maybe, slow the rate of fire of the autocannon, considerably.

  29. Let’s hope the balance 2.0 will bring more players back to the NA server. If not, I don’t think I will continue playing this game.

  30. Cris Racing and Gaming

    T10 Abrams is friggin awesome!! xD shotgun mode ftw! 😀

  31. Bloody hell, a Warrior without clip size will just F-u-UP! Let alone that Draco SPAAG…

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