Armored Warfare – Balance 2.0 Compensation Guide

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Source: Armored Warfare

Balance 2.0 introduces a large number of major to Armored Warfare, which why we have prepared a compensation plan in order to make the transfer comfortable for all commanders.

As for the rest, each player will be given a choice: to save the current progression to perform a full reset. All players will have one month to decide, starting from the Update 0.19 launch.

What is Armored Warfare?

We are proud to present Armored Warfare. Armored Warfare is a -to-play massively multiplayer online tactical military video game that puts you in control of modern tanks, armored vehicles and more! Armored Warfare stunning next-gen visuals, dynamic destructible environments, customizable vehicles and intense team-based gameplay where players work to crush each other with the power of vehicles in a free-to-compete experience.


  1. Will this update make grinding trough vehicles faster? if so I will come back.

  2. make pvp 7 vs7

  3. Против Глобал

    But I can not play it, because there are only 8 people playig this game.

  4. I miss this game. tried to play the other day, couldn’t even get a game going. Saad.

  5. 500,000 FOR RETROFITS!!! thats WoT prices!

  6. Reset or no reset?

  7. Please help me with this, but if it is not working out so well on PC, why don’t they give it a go on consoles. WOT is making a killing (especially on PS4 I understand) and they don’t give a shit about their customers. So I think this would do really well with console versions. Except I have already given sooo much money to the extortionists at Wargaming. But there are a whole hoard of disgruntled WOT players like me who would like to play this game.

  8. Strahinja Banović

    I don’t play yet but im redy to get in the comander seat ?.Also a wery cool ypdate keep going and military vhil yse this game fore training military personel ?

  9. I’m as eager as a kid for Christmas 😀

  10. so if i save i get more xp then i reset because i have a lot of tanks between 1% and 50%.But if i reset it do not get that ugghh.

  11. I’m no longer interested in Armored Warfare. They are trying to make it exactly like WoT, so instead of grinding all new tanks, I just went back to WoT where I already had an account full of tier 10’s.

  12. Patrik Ravolainen

    Wooo! finally!

  13. Patrik Ravolainen

    What if i cannot log in during this month? will my progression be automatically saved or erased :O

  14. I’ve grind but enjoyed it to reset it all over again.. also why take away tanks.. when you can put them on the side.

  15. FULL RESET for me… I didnt liked the tank tree i was in.

  16. Cris Racing and Gaming

    Good video 🙂

  17. I like this game and I will play it anyway! I am not so pretentious and I want to support the developers of this game! We are a small community that is content with PVP and PVE!

  18. Fenris Silverfang

    Hoping this is gonna revive AW and the updates and promotions after 0.19 hits. Gonna reset personally and see how the new early tiers go and hopefully see some new blood out there. Would recommend trying it again , can be quite fun.

  19. Can’t say that any of my fav tanks are that affected. But these changes won’t make much of a difference if the player base don’t go up. As it’s borderline impossible to get any games on my current grinds… PVE is only fun for a few games.

  20. sooo when is this patch going live?

  21. when comes the update

  22. Now started to promote your game m8
    Gather more players

  23. so, player will be recieved with replacement AND down-tierd one.

    then what will happen if vehicles seperates into several different vehicles in different tree and tiers like T-80?

    will the compensation plan applies to these as others?

  24. YES YES YES, im back in. wow

  25. RIP 20mm-VBL

  26. This is very fair compensation. Thank you.

  27. It’d be nice if theres just 1 extra option there: Reset Progression on SPGs only.

  28. im gonna do the reset

  29. Armored Warfare is already a great game. Can this game somehow get launched on Steam platform? The game will get more players that way!

  30. Are still bringing this game to ps4

  31. TheOneWhoShallNotBeNamed

    I stopped playing AW months ago due to the server pop on the American server, so I just uninstalled the game and went back to World of Tanks. There I don’t sit for almost an hour waiting for 1 battle

  32. das heist auf Deutsch
    in Germeny pls

  33. Can we do Progression Save and then if we want can we Reset?

  34. Lets give it a chance. I am only pissed by the arties transformed in TDs on PvP and the way the maps are done. For the rest I like my tanks.NB:  Actually Obsidian presented a 50-60 pages project that was never accepted by always wanted to have a WOT clone. meaning Obsidian never got the chance to make an Alpha of the original game. We all played the project from the beginning.

  35. So, this FULL RESET compensation for the XP on my vehicles is a bit confusing to me. Do I really get ALL of the XP I grinded on my vehicles back? Only those that are currently in my garage, or even the ones I already unlocked and sold?
    Can I spend the XP then on quickly blasting through the new trees and basically finishing where I left off?
    I mean, I already have a bunch of T9 vehicles…would a Reset be better than keeping the Progression for me, or would I be able to quickly obtain a T9 again, if I reset?

  36. do we get to see what it will look like before our final decision.

  37. freaking awesome!!! I’m not crying or complaining just digging it lol ??????

  38. Callsign-YukiMizuki

    Oh boy does that mean I don’t have to touch BMDs again so I can unlock the Bradley? :DD


    Czyli jak klikną bym przycisk reset to bym odzyskał doświadczenie za te czołgi ? Na przykład Jak mam wyexpioną linie do XM1 a teraz M1 Abramsa to dostał bym expa z tej piatki tyle ile było trzeba za zbadanie?

  41. I will go for reset.

  42. Turn off the coolish music. You don’t get to have cool things when you screwed over your player base

  43. What about crew experience? As the crew is tied to a tank, what happens with a full reset? Will it be refunded somehow? And if we choose to keep it, for the M1 example will the new tier 9 also have a trained crew? Or the M113 replacement?

  44. Aleksandar Bojandić

    I don’t know what to do, Nothing kept me for playing, I guess Ill just have to delete the game after all.

  45. Is that actually more than one person online I just saw, phew, huge step forward in my book

  46. Does anyone have a clue what happened to armour on MBTs? I get penetrated frontally by Spitfires, AMX 10s, PL-01s, BMDs, BMPs, M2s,…(basically everything with a missile) in my Challenger 1 and 2, as well as in other MBTs such as my T-90 and M1A2. It seems like the BOTs always shoot my turret-ring because my turret-ring gets knocked out 2-3 times per PVE battle. The armour on those MBTs is really broken. It’s honestly ridiculous to get penetrated by bots frontally in a Challenger 2 or any other high tier MBT. Is this a bug or did you just nerf the armour too much on those MBTs? The armour changes are really good in PVP and it’s much fairer now in PVP and Global Ops, but I don’t think it’s enjoyable to get penetrated by BOTs in the front if you’re driving any MBT. If it’s just a bug, please fix it and if it’s just badly developed, please fix it for PVE (it’s actually fine in PVP). This is just a good idea! I don’t want to criticise the development team ! I think they did a great job and I don’t know any other way to contact you !

  47. i am glad i got to play and get m1 abrams,now the tank feels and looks like shit,why did you even bother changing it-it was good

    guess i wont be playing this game anymore

  48. ASTRO BOY william

    thanks for the Free T-72B 🙂 i love it

  49. I was an alpha and beta tester and played the game for quite some time and then had several bad experiences with the marketing management of the game. Sadly, this game had huge potential, and incompetent marketing and development management screwed it and cost them their reputation. Now other games are out, and I doubt I’ll ever come back to this turd because of the way they treated the player base. The devs have a long way to go to repair the damage they did to the very players that helped establish their game in the first place.

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