Armored Warfare || Balance 2.0 First Impressions (EU/NA PTS)

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Am absolutely loving it, However it will take a while to get used to all the changes!


  1. So after playing the first day I have to say that I am still hyped with B 2.0, It is still a lot of fun and the game feels fresh and somewhat different. However as time does go one I will find some bugs and problems but I don’t think that it will detract from my overall enjoyment of the update! 😀 GLHF!

  2. Pls pump up your volume. Very low.

  3. Devient, yesterday and today is tier 1-4, tomorrow and friday are going to be tiers 5-7 and the weekend will be tiers 8-10. I don’t believe on the last day u r going to be able to play tiers 1-7. Also, even though they are all available, i don’t believe u can purchase the tiers 5-10 until later.

  4. TheMacedonianTanker

    I can’t seem to get on the PTS :/

  5. Wait, where’s the T-80U? they got T-80 and T-80BV but no T-80U in that tree.

  6. Tier 1 and you can get Field Rebuild Kits? That’ll spell the end to the maintenance kits completly.

    Improved Telescopic Sites is a Mobility upgrade? That makes no sense. And how is that retrofit different from Augmented Optics? Double the range, but only when stopped. So… V2 of both might give +120 meter range spotting? Add on V2 Laser Rangefinder (+30%? spot time) and commander/crew abilities and AFVs are SERIOUS spotters! (pls correct any wrong numbers in this)

    Electro optical paint is also Mobility… so… 2 things in Mobility that can only be used… when stopped…
    Since when is sitting in one place called mobility?

    Update: It’s a total of +90M for the 2 upgrades, and yes, 30% for the laser designator.

  7. i hope the NA sever rise from the dead from this+

  8. The MBT’s feel even slower than the M41 does, the leo especially surprised me with how sluggish it was.

  9. Do I need some sort of code to connect to the PTS because everytime I log it says that it failed to connect

  10. Dúnadan SonoftheWest

    No PvE=fail.

  11. World of Armored Warfare?

  12. yes i remember it updated one of this days

  13. Is anyone else having problems loading into games? I’ve got a badass pc and I’m usually one of the first to load in reg server, but the game will sometimes get frozen on the loading screen or in game even

  14. Where the flipping hell is the T-80U?!

  15. Playing from Australia and haviing ~400ms ping isn’t that bad ! ^^

  16. how it will be possible to collect so much xp when we will have to play tier 5-7 and 8-10 in 2 days? and only a pvp which means you can have a bad game? how it will be possible to test everything?

  17. I downloaded and actually played on the PTS last night which is weird because I live on the East Coast of the United States and we weren’t supposed to be able to get on until 1am to 3am in the morning. I got on and played at 7pm my time. Had a blast.

  18. The commander attributes are all different and are worth checking out. Unfortunately, I am struck with the load screen freeze (HD game client installed twice and no change) and could only play 2 full games. BTW- I was downloading at my ISP’s download speed limit (12 MBPS), so that is a huge step in the right direction.

    I noticed the very slow turret traverse in the first T-series tank (T-62?). It is vastly different from the current game. Keep in mind that I haven’t played much T3 lately, so I may be used to my high-tier hopped up vehicles. Bloom is noticeably smaller in .19, as well.

    I like your vids- keep them coming. I still don’t know how you play with that ping, though!

  19. I cant download either version of pts, my anti virus won’t allow me, even though i put it in white list, dammit. Just post more pts videos dude.

  20. man whi we dont get more credits and where is free exp. ???

  21. I hate it. MBTs don’t have any armor at all any more. Accuracy sucks, MBT reload times are retardedly long. Basicly they turned MBTs into WoT heavy tanks

  22. Tried the PTS tonight. It won’t work. Every time I try to load any map, PvP or PvE, the game just freezes on the loading screen.
    Literally unplayable. Also, where IS the T-80U? Had a look in the dealer trees, and it’s still not there.

  23. its the price of the high tier retrofits 3 mil that i have probs with

  24. kept crashing

  25. Really like where they’re going with AW. Had really nice games on PTS and in msot the level of gameplay was much higher than waht you get on live servers on high tier. The true test will be when we get to drive t9-10 vehicles. The new retrofits are so good, you can’t stack stats or get ‘everything’ you need to make desisions on how you want to use your stuff.
    The whining abut MBTs is as real and as false as it was in EA1. These are LOW TIER MBTs they’re NOT fast and mobile they’re NOT supposed to be fast and mobile, they only have armor in the front upper plate and turret just like they’re supposed to have. If these thing upset you you’re driving a wrong class of vehicles. Trust me MBTs WILL get much more mobile and armored as tier go up. What is new and a massive improvement is that jsut like everyone else MBTs also have a ton of smokes so they can with ease cover their push and they’re fast enough in a straight line that they can get on at peoples faces raelly fast and wreck them just like they’re supposed to. Gone are the days of MBTs just sitting in the open and not dying, camping kills, not moving kills and passive MBTs tanking with their sides die. Just like it should be.

  26. No retrofits that can be stacked. Intercom system buffed all the crew skills.

  27. Artillery now is worthless bcs of the Russians. They screw every game.

  28. The fox used to be tier 5

  29. Well, first of all thanks for answering my question, is that my English is not very good and maybe I do not explain very well, the problem is that when I want to play a PVP game and despite having people connected, (about 20 to 50 People) does not let me join any game and has me on hold for 3 or 5 minutes, or it is very difficult to enter a game, to which is this ?????
    greetings from Mexico ????????

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