Armored Warfare || Balance 2.0 Preview!!

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  1. Comon! We are ready for 0.19 patch.
    Release the Kraken!

  2. The new GLOPS is larger than Dessert Crossing.

  3. As for the new Skirmish mode, I can’t wait! Just the fact that the queue
    times will be shortened when less players are in there means that more
    people are willing to stay in the queues for long periods of time. Very
    great to see and a great solution in my opinion. As for Balance 2.0 as a
    whole, well, u already know what i think of it :D

  4. Thanks for the update, btw i dont recognize this map.. is it pvp only? I
    cant seem to get any pvp matches lately and ive just returned to the game.

  5. the longer they drag it on the more poeple are going to stop playing
    because for me there is nothing left to do we need more lower tier tanks
    to play because everytging at tier six is already played out

  6. Headdie on Youtube

    iirc Desert Crossing is also 1800×1800.
    as for 2.0 in general I am cautiously optimistic, some changes I am not
    sure about but overall it looks interesting and I want to give it a fair go
    before committing to any opinion on it

  7. Good news on hearing about another global ops map plus skirmish is a good
    idea to get the PvP queues more active

  8. Its too soon to talk about patch yet, update will be in march

  9. damn looking this make me so sad i miss so much PVP
    RIP NA :(

  10. Didn’t get an answer before so I’ll ask again, the Chinese line is being
    reduced to 7 tiers from 8 (type 59 being retired) so what does that mean to
    someone who has only reached tier 7 in this current patch, will they get a
    free type 98 seeing as that they have already invested 7 tiers worth to
    research to get to the type 90?

  11. thx for the update; and great news for the new Global Ops map

  12. I couldn’t be more ready.

  13. As I actively dislike the typical 15v15 pvp formula, skirmish sound great.
    Rationalizing the retrofits is great too, I don’t like the idea of killing
    off stacking skills and retrofits. How “custom” can we make our tanks now?

  14. Who knows, maybe if Skirmish goes as well as they hope, maybe at the
    community’s request they might make it a full fledged game mode, like the
    seasons in World of Warships, for example.

  15. isnt balance 2.0 supposed to… well… BALANCE all the vehicles ?

  16. Алексей Левыкин

    Молодец, хотя не понятно ты чего не на русском говоришь )))

  17. I haven’t heard about the crates??? hopefully we keep them ?!?!?!

  18. Low queue times >> balance.

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