(Armored Warfare) Balance 2.0 PTS – First Impressions!

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Source: H3dsh0t

So, we’ve been waiting for quite some time to be able to get our hands on the balance 2.0 test server, but what are my first impressions so far?

Armored Warfare is a free to play arcade tank game made by Obsidian Entertainment that is currently in open beta. Feel free to sign up and try it out at http://aw.my.com/us.

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If you guys have any suggestions for further videos, wish to see me review something that I have not done yet, then feel free to leave a comment below, and I shall get around to doing it as soon as possible.


  1. I agree that balance 2.0 seems really good, but I do have a few issues.
    The  mobility overall seems nerfed, from what I understood, MBTs should have gotten better acceleration, but worse traverse speeds, but everything seems to have worse acceleration and traverse speeds, I’m honestly not a fan of that. (Although some of it might be due to crew and retrofits, hard to say really, cause you got too little money to really spec out your vehicles)

    The AC nerf, I understand they were too powerfull burstwise, but I feel the scimitar is more dangerous than current ACs, they can pretty much have continuous fire, where current ACs have to reload for 10 secs on live. Same goes for penetration, I don’t feel it should be nerfed for most vehicles, most of them on live cant pen front, can pen the sides when they shoot below the skirts from a pretty flat angle and they can pen the rear. That’s kinda how it should be I feel, but then again I’m a PvE player mostly, so I have different requirements than PvP players.  (Also it wont be too bad if they give a vehicle like the fox a significant amount more ATGMs, cause in PvE you are out in no-time already and they are becoming more important…)

    And the armour nerf seems a bit too much to me, even the scorpion’s HEP can pen most lower plates, HEAT and AP sure, but HEP I dunno not too sure about that one, but as I play LTs/AFVs primarily don’t mind 😀

  2. Happy to see you like the new system, looking forward to this on Live!

    Are you still into Cloud Pirates, as well? I realize that between AW 2.0 and Warframe you’re already going to be busy as hell in the near future.

  3. Autocanons doesn’t have any problem penetrating MBT’s Hull frontally. Played a few games with LAV-150 and had 0 issues penetrating LFP and sometimes even UFP.

    Nice and informative video 😉

  4. keep on posting bro.

  5. So far the PTS is less than impressive

  6. I see they fix Match Making, 15:0 12:0 games where is fun in game where you win 15:0 or loose 15:0?

  7. this game is dead, I am from Croatia and I cant see 5+ peple playing PvP in 85% of time

  8. I didn’t have too much time to fiddle around on the PTS so I just stuck to the US MBTs since I love that line on the live server. I really really disliked the mobility change on them. I felt slower than WWII-era heavy tanks. I can understand them wanting to make the speed of the lighter classes stand out more, but this was more than a little too much. I hope that it’s either changed before the Balance 2.0 release or that the higher tier MBTs don’t have this problem because the M60 on the PTS was unbearably horrible to play when I remember it being okay/kinda fun on live.

    Aside from that, I really liked that all the tanks in the battle can feel useful. I saw an enemy T-55 tear into a Type 80 like nothin’ and I was perfectly capable of doing damage to the new Tier 4 Chieftan in the M48.

  9. Circling has always been a legit tactic, it’s just that so many idiots fail at it(such as by charging at enemy, while spotted, from the front).

    Nerf to MBT traverse is completely pointless and is retarded(in the correct definition).

  10. If they release it like it is on the PTS,game will obliterate itself.

    Challenger 2 pens T-90A on the upper frontal hull.
    Autocannos cant even pen at point blank distance the rear of a T-72A.
    T-14 Napmata penetrates the frontal turret of an XM1A3.
    Every tank pens every tank on every distance.
    Rockets pen every armor,since tanks have no chance against ATGMs.
    Angeling ias mentioned in the video,is also bullshit,because then you can shoot into the frontal
    side armor of the tank.
    Even the closes attempt to angle,will obliterade your vehicle by the enemy.
    Arty HEAT with 850pen nearly 3 hitting every vehicle.
    MBT´s vision range 400 meters scouts 410 meters=makes scouts 400 percent useless.

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