Armored Warfare – Battle Path, Is It Worth It?

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Source: Primer7G

Battle Path Overview my two cents about it! Feel free to leave your questions and opinions in the comment section for me to read and answer!
Battle Path tanks reviews are coming soon as well! 😉


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  1. It is P2P ??

    • Yes, you have to pay to access it (mentioned in the video). Not much tbh and you can use in-game gold too.
      It’s really grindy tho!

  2. I think it is apsolutley stupid how expesive it is to unlock levels. Missions are also too demanding and the reward you almost nothing. I didn’t notice that some require you to have lvl 9 or higher tanks to complete it. And 2500 gold for 5000 coins is stupid. They need to lower thoes numbers down because you need to play 18 hours per day to reach lvl 100 and not lose a single match because you would get less coins.

    • the 20 Battle Coins avg takes losses into account, but even then, the required playtime is really high…

    • Diamoniak Maniaktoo & kangourou MTG

      18h is insane. this bearly give you enouhg time to eat and sleep. you becacly have no live . if you want to reach level 100

    • Diamoniak Maniaktoo & kangourou MTG

      By The way it dosent make sense to force players to spend 18h daily. Like is imposible. because if you try that. you would becacly need to play armored warfare from 8am to like 3-4am which you probably will be able to keep up for 2-3 . but after that you gonna be so tired that you wont be able to keep it up. . now i know is possible to sleep only 4h but still . is not recomanded to play that much time on a computer.

  3. Wow, the spreadsheet is really sobering. Guess doesn’t want people getting the rewards without spending gold or real money to make the grind even possible.

  4. Imho they should have sold the entry ticket for more than 8 bucks and make it a permanent thing. Everyone who knows how shitty ppl play during events knows what I’m talking about. Also the time gate they force upon ppl already forced me out. I would have liked to take part but low tiers are shit and the storm is just a skinned Abrams. Knowing how bad abrams are ingame it’s prolly not worth the time.

    • It does have a 100% more ramming damage though… with the right setup, you can ram challengers for half of their orignal HP 😛

  5. Thumbs up for the vid awesome quality as always . But the event has just proved we are just cash cows to mycom, PVE players get the big middle finger yet again. They just dont get or care that quite a few of us just play PVE. Our money is good enough to keep them going in harder times but we do not deserve 2 hoots when it comes to events, apart from a way to suck more cash from us. This event left such a salty taste I cant bring myself to log in at all.

    • I agree about PvE but at a much less emotional level. I am sure they deeply regret introducing it. I dropped PvP like a hot rock! I’ve been here for close to 4 years and I watched changes through the development and PvE was an epiphany. It is vastly better now but some updates left a bad taste. The continuous re-balancing is getting very old now. I don’t know why I still play but I do, and frequently, so I guess I like it.
      This game is very attractive to certain players but there is a strong bias against PvE. The return of old PvE missions is the best thing in a year or two. Otherwise, PvE is runt of the litter in My.Com eyes.
      The bottom line is really the Bottom Line! This game is starving for cash and players. My.Com hopes to address both issues with these types of events. They don’t have many options for raising funds after so long in development (still in beta testing).
      If we all log off in a fit of pique, Game Over!
      I keep playing and I spend money now and then because it is a case of move or die and I prefer move. I hope it survives.

    • +Fraser Henderson yeh its been my go to game for a few years now, I only ever play PVE and have a lot of fun. This one just left a real salty taste. Like they say were not forced into any mode we have the option not to play. GL on your battle coin grind hope you reach the desired lvl your chasing there are some sweet prizes.

  6. The very question on my mind. Thank you for focusing on this issue.

  7. So i wasted £6.07. And this may very well be the last straw that breaks it with me. To think I thought this might’ve been reasonable.

  8. Imho, the Battle path is set up to do 2 things. 1st, a lot of players have a lot of gold saved up from past events, various loot crates and the server merge! So by design if a player wants to shorten the grind he can use the gold he has saved up there by reducing the gold being hoarded by players! 2nd, those players that don’t have a lot of gold saved up or new players that havent had the chance too, will have to buy gold from the shop ( gets to make money off the players desire to get the Altay) to help shorten their grind!

    • I agree, first and foremost is the goal to melt people’s gold stashes that some have been accumulating since B2.0 thanks to generous refunds + server merger…
      At least, after this event, gold will gain in actual value, i suppose…

  9. Diamoniak Maniaktoo & kangourou MTG

    i would rather skip the 10 iron stars and the 15 golden stars as is really redeculous. event by playing wery welll. is only popssible if you deal at least 8k dmg.. and sometimes is not enouhg. thing players can complete those insane requirement this. well no way ! is possible on tier 2 but not on tier 9.

  10. jimjamjoeyjoejoe McJammyjoeson

    Getting the premium tanks (the enigma, scorpion and M1) is very doable, so no issue, but selling the battle pass as a way to bypass the grind for the Altay (which let’s be honest, is what we all want the most apart from maybe the commander) significantly, was a really dirty trick. SS even advertises it as having enough battle coins to unlock level 15, yeah that’s great until you realise the oddly sharp increase in coins needed for every level after.

    • The missions are totally doable in 90 days, so is the grind for the Level 50, 6 hours a day (assuming you only spend $8 and do all missions) is okay for a tier 10 premium that is actually a good one!
      but if I’m being honest, that 6 hours grind per day should have been for the level 100 because it’s a lot of time to spend on a game for everyday!

    • jimjamjoeyjoejoe McJammyjoeson

      +Primer7G I’m not so sure. You basically need to be unlocking a new rank once every 2-3 days for just rank 50… that’s going to get a lot harder once the coins for the missions dry up, and getting coins for a couple of those missions is also going to be impossible anyway, at least for most players so you can’t count on getting everything from them at least in the time limit. After the mission’s coins are gone, getting them from just playing the game is going to be a nightmare… one average (assuming each match is giving you 20 coins) you will need a sobering 85 games per rank finishing at rank 29, and from then on a staggering 127.5 games for each rank from rank 30-50 (caveat; the mission coins should carry you to roughly level 30 including coins gotten from just playing). That is not practical for the majority of players if you have a 9-5 job. I get maybe 4-6 hours at most during a weekday to play this, assuming I do absolutely nothing else once I get from from work. I would need to be playing around 45-50 matches each workday. Now, that’s not including weekends – not sure how much on average I could do each Saturday and Sunday, but it’s a good indicator of how lifeless you have to become to have a shot at just getting to level 50.

  11. Hope that players wont ever have connection issues with their net or mycom servers going down in 3 months period, that youll have no job or no social life and have IV drip

  12. Goddamn, this will take a lot of patience to grind and finish the missions (some are just pure insanity). Hope the devs would organize some giveaways or increase the income, to lessen the grind a bit.
    Btw, it’s me, Xstrike 😉

  13. All the people saying it is worth it are the high level players who can play 4-8 hours a day. For the average everyday Player it will be a nightmare.

    • It depends on what you want from the event. If you want the T-55 Enigma, Scorpion Kastet, and M1A1 Storm, then these are pretty easy to get even for below average players. I would consider it “worth it” for $8 if you want bunch of unique premium tanks. While the Altay is really good, it’s still not a Type 99A2-140 or a T-14 152. If you can live without those, then you can live without the Altay…
      Personally I’m more interested in M1A1 Storm than the Altay…

    • +Primer7G I see your point. If you just focus on what you really want and don’t think you are just going to get it all I can see where it would be worth it.
      What is annoying me most now is how much it affects game play. I mean instead of trying to win the pvp match I am more concerned with tracking vehicles with HE or whatever other silly mission I have to complete. I think they could have done a much better job of coming up with missions relevant to each game mode.

  14. Good video – good summary! On a side note: the amount of BC that you earn per game appears to be a bit fishy… Been playing with people in platoons where the amount of BC earned didn’t translate to the order (xp wise) on the result screen – Best player almost never got the highest amount of BC…

    • “Each minute you spend alive in battle (with the exclusion of downtime such as waiting for a respawn), you will receive 1 to 3 Battle Coins. Furthermore, winning increases this income by 25 percent in PvE (including Special Operations) and by 50 percent in PvP and GLOPS.
      Additionally, the best players on the team by Experience obtained will receive an additional bonus: extra 4 Battle Coins for being first in PvE or Spec Ops, extra 5 Battle Coins for ending up in Top 3 in PvP and, last but not least, extra 10 Battle Coins for ending up in Top 3 in GLOPS match.”
      Hopefully that clarifies how BC are being calculated.

  15. many people test drived the prem altay. the vehicle is not worth it. when ever you get hit, does not matter, from what angel or direction, there is high change that your vehicle catches fire and burns out, even if you have retros or skill sets in it, which should reduce the chance. the altay is like prior version of the leopard tank, low armor, low penetration etc. it is ok, that a premium vehicle is not OP, but been the last and lowest class on the map is also not fine. they may change it, but it is a simple cash grab, when you look onto the numbers in the video.

  16. I have spent over $200 dollars U.S. and I’m just now half way thru unlocking the levels yeah I got some gold a couple of tanks but simply isn’t worth it I wont be spending anymore on it totally unrealistic how much this cost$$$ I stopped at the Altay I will go no further

    • Grinding to Rank 50 for the Altay is doable, and if you are the type of person that don’t mind paying for convenience, then the grind will become much easier. However, if you wanted it “now” then yeah, skipping through an event that is designed to last 90 days will be expensive indeed!
      Had you purchased Gold during the Gold bonus, it would have costed you $150…. Still pretty expensive for a tier 10 premium that has a face value of 19k Gold ($70)…

  17. So not only PvE and casual gamer were f***ed, now you have to spend a lot of time playing as well??? Even the average 4hrs playing video game per day is an absurd number considering it does not put food in your mouths let alone 18hrs a day. You have to ask yourself what population these f**ers are targeting. It’s the population with lots of time to play videos game and love colorful costumes in their video games aka spoiled kids. This is how a game developer tell the world playing video game is bad for you f***ing everything.

  18. Just one more reason why this game has fallen man this game had so much potential and they squandered it away for what so sad man I had so many Hope’s for this game to beat world of tanks but it fell flat on its face

  19. Not worth it at all. You’ll need to grind your ass of if you really want the tank. It’s stupid you have to pay for it be there are many who won’t complete it. Well didn’t buy the pass cause you can tell from the start it ain’t worth it.

    • $8 for a premium tier 3, a good tier 6 and a tier 7 MBT that can ram tanks for over 1500 damage? I think that is a good deal. Missions are totally doable within the 90-day limit even if you play AW for 1 hour a day…
      The other stuff, on the other hand, are more difficult to get. Myself as a Community Contributor, I voiced my opinion on the grind. Hopefully things will change a bit with all the feedback they are getting.

  20. Looking at how well-received this video is (really thankful for your feedback), I will be doing a second more in-depth Battle Path video soon! In which I will take an even closer look at the grind. I will compare official server stats about the event to my own results, and provide tips on grinding and doing missions!
    So keep an eye out for that 😉

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