Armored Warfare: Begleitpanzer Review / Guide, 5.3k Damage Gameplay [“The Art of Warfare” Epi 4]

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Source: Taugrim

We review the 57, a tier 5 LT in Armored Warfare (AW), with gameplay of tier 6 and tier 5 Roughneck battles.

The can deliver heavy burst with its ATGMs and autocannon. The missile launcher and autocannon are separate weapons, you can fire one weapon, then swap to and use the other weapon while the first weapon is reloading.

Stat line ( Cold Strike ): 3k damage, 5 kills
Stat line (Tier 5 Roughneck): 5.3k damage, 6 kills

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ superb damage per autocannon clip (1672)
+ hard-hitting ATGM (597)
+ excellent frontal gun depression (-8)
+ good AP penetration for an autoloader (141)
+ good mobility
+ autocannon and missile launcher are separate weapons, which allows for fast weapon swaps to keep pumping out damage
– paper armor
– very poor gun depression on the sides and rear (-3)
– sluggish traverse for a LT (22 degrees / sec), so if you are flanking an opponent you need to start turning your turret before you flank them

Commander, Crew, and Retrofits
A. Commander: Maximillian Koenig (Founder’s Pack) or Viktor Kirsanov. Their 10% crew bonus applies to *all* crew skills: reload, aim time, accuracy, hull traverse, traverse, etc
B. Crew: Spin to Win, Shoot From The Hip
C. Retrofits: Internal Hull Reinforcement, Experimental Propellant, Enhanced Drivetrain

I don’t find it worthwhile to buff aim time or reload time given how autocannons work and the fact that you can swap weapons.

Similar to my “Road to Unicum” video for World of Tanks (WoT), the objective of these AW videos is to meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

“The Art of Warfare” full guide and FAQs:

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  1. I find it very difficult to influence the early game with low pen/acc
    non-scout support tanks like the 57, and due to the high momentum of AW
    matches it feels consequently very difficult to actually influence the
    outcome of the match. 57 certainly is great at mopping up a defeated team,
    or at least a team being properly engaged and distracted, but the often
    degenerate gameplay of your own team means you need to be contributing all
    of the time. I imagine this isn’t quite so bad with the more accurate
    higher pen tanks after the 57, but it really is frustrating. Might just
    grind out the 57 in PvE where it’s OP.

  2. Thank you for this video. It really was a good help to improve myself with
    this vehicle 😀 Thank you Taugrim :)

  3. nice, gz

  4. Hi Taugrim! I just wanted to say that I really love your videos and I
    always try to watch them when they come out. One of the things that I like
    you so much for is the fact that you answer a lot of comments. I have a lot
    of questions, but I will not barrage you with them. My only question for
    now is, what is your opinion of the PvE game mode? I see you playing mostly
    PvP (I’m not a huge fan because in my opinion, WoT does it better) and not
    much PvE. Do you not find entertainment in the PvE the same way you do in
    PvP? Thanks in advance!

  5. Was not aware that you could swap to the main gun after firing missile and
    keep guiding it. The damage burst if it all connects is just horrifyingly
    effective. Really impressed with this tank after unlocking it. Looking
    forward to some afv videos and how you help your team help themselves.

  6. why you stop making WoT videos? is it because you lost faith in wargaming?

  7. Any possibility of Chieftan? I’m struggling with its low speed so I don’t
    brawl and pretty much use it as a sniper

  8. More AW, Wot is for retards

  9. Can you do a tank review on the OF-40? I’m doing great in it, but not
    “carry-the-team-level” great. And maybe the Leopard 1A5 too since I’m 64%
    of the way to said tank? Thanks.

  10. can u make a video on the japanzer 4. t6 German td?

  11. I love your videos, but the editing in this one was really choppy. Kind of
    jarring to watch. Keep up the good information though!

  12. Taugrim doesn’t “maximum accuracy” mean the fully aimed state of reticle
    and “minimum accuracy” mean how big your reticle can get? That’s how I
    understand it.

    Also, I was wondering about a good way to test which one of either “min
    accuracy”, “moving accuracy” or “aim time” perks would more effectively
    reduce the actual AIM TIME after stopping to shoot. I would think equipping
    the “min accuracy” perk would reduce the targetting time stat in garage but
    it doesnt. Would love some actual data on how exactly some of the crew
    perks or retrofits work, perhaps you could elaborate on that in one of your
    vids 🙂

    In any case, great vid as always, keep it up ;)

  13. Missiles first ask questions later seems like a fun idea. Ill definitely
    will be trying it out.

    GG btw 😀

    Personally i use the retrofits: internal hull, chrome lining, enhanced
    drivetrain. What do you prefer on it?

    Also on a side note next patch the Bagel might get higher pen AP
    “Begleitpanzer 57 now can fire AP rounds with 2nd and 3rd gun upgrade” But
    might be just hopeful thinking on my part.

  14. bmp line please

  15. new wot video pls

  16. The Bagel Bunny! One of my favorite tanks in the game.

  17. Will you make more guides about tanks that have similar armament
    (gun/missile) setup?
    Such as BMP/D or Fox.

  18. I just unlocked the BMP-2 and it seems very promising, with a similar
    autocannon/ATGM tandem setup. I’ve only had time to play one game in it so
    far but it’s a refreshing change after the BMP-1P, which is another
    excellent vehicle when handled with care. I’d love to hear your opinion on
    those two, by the way; that said, I think I’ll try to adapt your bagelpz
    tactics to the BMP-2 and see how that works.

  19. “Baglepenser” :D

  20. Fox. Do it.

  21. Excellent review. Thank you.
    My tank review suggestion is for the ERC-90.

  22. Really nice video! I was going to buy it today, I’ll keep your tips in

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