Armored Warfare: Begleitpanzer Review / Guide, 5.3k Damage Gameplay [“The Art of Warfare” Epi 4]

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Source: Taugrim

We review the Begleitpanzer 57, a tier 5 LT in Armored Warfare (AW), with gameplay of tier 6 Cold Strike and tier 5 Roughneck .

The Begleitpanzer can deliver heavy burst with its ATGMs and autocannon. The missile launcher and autocannon are separate weapons, you can fire one weapon, then swap to and use the other weapon while the first weapon is reloading.

Stat line (Tier 6 Cold Strike ): 3k damage, 5 kills
Stat line (Tier 5 Roughneck): 5.3k damage, 6 kills

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ superb damage per autocannon clip (1672)
+ hard-hitting (597)
+ excellent frontal gun depression (-8)
+ good AP penetration for an autoloader (141)
+ good mobility
+ autocannon and missile launcher are separate weapons, which allows for fast weapon swaps to keep pumping out damage
– paper armor
– very poor gun depression on the sides and rear (-3)
– sluggish turret traverse for a LT (22 degrees / sec), so if you are flanking an opponent you need to start turning your turret before you flank them

Commander, Crew, and Retrofits
A. Commander: Maximillian Koenig (Founder's Pack) or Viktor Kirsanov. Their 10% crew skills bonus applies to *all* crew skills: reload, aim time, accuracy, hull traverse, turret traverse, etc
B. Crew: Spin to Win, Shoot From The Hip
C. Retrofits: Internal Hull Reinforcement, Experimental Propellant, Enhanced Drivetrain

I don't find it worthwhile to buff aim time or reload time given how autocannons work and the fact that you can swap weapons.

Similar to my “Road to Unicum” video for World of Tanks (WoT), the objective of these AW videos is to meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

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