ARMORED WARFARE | Big Changes Incoming!

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  1. He’s back!! I was just thinking about AW earlier today funnily enough, glad to see the return and I personally strongly agree with your thoughts around content creation and what should be discussed around the game. Nevertheless, don’t feel pressured to make certain videos or play certain games. Glad you’re back bud.

  2. These days? AW has nothing going for it, I played since beta and having 90 % of vechicles, I do not see any point in favor of this game when compared to War Thunder. The devs need put version 3.0 of this game with something a lot different than the modern World of tanks. This game is, unbalanced, poorly optimized, over grindy, plastic feel to graphics. I loved this game till my first abrams in WT 😛 @Tangent, why would anyone play this game in 2022?

    • @MefistO Gamer or you know for some people enjoyable pve?

    • beccause I don’t want to play against pvp tryhards and i can play against bots (and don’t say you can in WT, not really)

    • its got pve. Which is only boring if you play it all the time.

    • I play wt for god know how long it is, wt is a good game with bad dev. They make money around player frustration, and majority of player base is sooo highly toxic they barely have humanity left. Really.
      Sealclubb, stats pad, kill stealing, abuse game mechanics, etc you name it..

      Not saying AW is the best game, ofc aw is just so broken for so long but you can work around it, and it’s much more healthy, less chance to get cancer.

    • @feroks _ I can see that, and this is just my view 🙂 I enjoy competitive, skill based games where I do not have to overcome balance issues in PvP. I have around 6k PvE battles in AW, i really liked it but game is stuck without any improvement to playstyle or game modes. Hard to play a game where you do not see any improvement in your skill. That why WT realistic mode is a lot enjoyable for me. I remember that the first thing that threw me off in AW was the changes to spotting and overwhelming unbalance of ATGMS.

  3. I started this game last year completely free to play and I must say grinding really takes a long time for an arcade style game with some lines being painfully bad to grind. I love this game but it’s missing a bigger playerbase and more updates. I would love to see the devs pick the pen and paper back up and start pushing out new content for this game. It has a lot of potential.

    • Anything’s better than War Thunder in terms of grind at this point lmao

    • @BugBuster I play aw, wt, and wot. Can confirm

    • @Kenshi2900 agree as well, I also played Wot, WT even Wows and AW has the “easiest” grind of all of them. Its still grind, dont get me wrong but its comparably much better than the others.

      Although, I have to say this has been a long time ago now. I havent played Wot for many years and I heard from friends who still play it that the grind got much faster since the times I was playing it. So take it with a pinch of salt I guess 🙂

    • @Kenshi2900 really?
      If I would start a second account n will play with the same guys n stuff I learned the last 5 years for sure but definetly not as a pure beginnner.
      Be fair n true to urself n stopp talking such, yeah u know…

    • @Tinky-Winky hey buddy, I uhhh started playing armored warfare around late 2020

      Or was it mid 2021 I don’t remember, when did the Swedish Battle path start again? That’s when I started playing armored warfare.

  4. Good ideas! As a returning player I’m looking forward to the grind-tanks reviews 😀

  5. Glad to see you back in force and looking forward to the future of AW 🙂

    Sadly I haven’t played AW since like early June due to PC issues but I’ve been itching to get back in. Shouldn’t be too long now until I’m finally back and nice to see it coincides so well with your return too 😀

  6. this is a very ambitious plan
    this would have definetely help new players. i started playing aw after i rage quit wot about a year ago, and this kind of stuff definetely would have helped me at the time of starting aw
    currently, i am doing well in terms of how much tanks i have. i have every progression vehicle except five up until tier six. my highest tier tank is the type 99a, which is also my only tier 9. so far
    i havent spent much on the game, only on a few cosmetics and a battle path, where i got the tr-85 and the t-72m4cz
    and i love how the game offers you free premiums every once in a while. the recent obj 225 with full heat is ridiculous, and the arjun is also a fun tank to play. i wish other games did things like this too

    • I second this, If you know what you are doing you can get a lot of stuff for free. For example, the contract mission tanks are amazing. The burlak is great because of a ready rack that does not reset from firing, the TAM with the funny laser and the Arjun being an ATDU at tier 7. The Battle path gave me the most amount of benefits. Aside from the main 4 rewards I managed to get 10 other premium tanks for pretty much free from the Battle path shop. You can get gold for free if you are part of a battalion. You can also participate in Heroic difficulty PVE games where once a week, you can pretty much grind your tier 9s and 10s very quickly.

  7. Its true that this game has potential more than any Action game until now but i can’t understand that why developers have not optimized this game like World of thanks…i have i3-3rd Gen,16 GB Ram, 512 SSD & Internal 2 GB Vga Card…now i downlaod this game & check whether its run on my pc or not but in last 3 to 4 years its not every time i installed this game i have to uninstall this bcz when main screen is come after cinematic its stucks & my pc is hang…Recently i have added 16 GB Ram & Ssd…let us see Result what happen … BUT GUYS I AM DEMOTIVATED 🤷🤷

  8. I just started last week. Been a casual WOTB player and im loving AW for its PVE content. 🙂

  9. Julean Grasmeijer

    I’m glad to see you hopping back into informative content for all players (Progression Vehicles). 🙂 Although I also enjoyed your premium tank reviews (bc I play i.e. the Type10 a lot myself), progression vehicle content would be more accessible to most players, as it also includes the f2p players 🙂

  10. I wanted to ask, what happened to the Ghpc guide series? Part 1 was 9 months ago

  11. I’m really happy to see you back, I’ve been getting better at the game and enjoying it very much with my friends, it has basically replaced both WoT and WT simply because how much more enjoyable and balanced the game feels, I never feel like I’m powerless in a low tier tank against higher tier ones and there’s always vehicles with new and interesting mechanics to try and learn and the grind for each of them is never really too much, but new content and especially map or strategy guides would be great!

    Welcome back Tangent

  12. I mainly focuse on pve content, i can’t play pvp cuz i had 250-500ms of ping, the latency always kill me lol

  13. Definitely a great approach to reintroducing AW to new players and to seasoned players as well. Godspeed! 😁😊

  14. What “Big” changes?

  15. This game is literally just 98% PVE players, the games felt dead for years and idk why anyone even keeps up with it. I drop in and play like here and there but it literally just feels there is no PVP modes that take less that 20 minutes to find a match

  16. Soranay Sakurayna

    Does this game give free premiums?

  17. Are they going to bring back console support?

  18. is this alive still?

  19. Thank you so much for covering AW, the upcoming series sounds like something that could make more pick up the game

  20. AW= PvE boring game

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