Armored Warfare – Black Sea Incursion Release Trailer

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Source: Armored Warfare is happy to introduce the first Season of Armored Warfare called “Black Sea Incursion”.

The first part of the Black Sea Incursion season includes the following features:

– Kornet-EM Tier 10 Armored Fighting Vehicle
– New Special Operation
– World Map (Headquarters)
– Contract Missions
– Commander Skill Changes
– Loot System Changes
– Camouflage System Changes
– PvE Mission “Albatross” Overhaul

What is Armored Warfare?

We are proud to present Armored Warfare. Armored Warfare is a free-to-play massively online tactical military that puts you in control of modern , armored vehicles and more! Armored Warfare features stunning next-gen visuals, dynamic destructible environments, customizable vehicles and intense team-based where players work to crush each other with the power of modern combat vehicles in a free-to-compete experience!

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  1. Great

    Jk wtf only season 1 is free what about the others?

  2. SgtSoap77HDvideos

    I have not played in a while, how is the NA server doing? I would to get back into the game I love my M3 Bradley.

  3. IS-7 is comming for ps4?

  4. Needless crap. Give us new vehicles and optimisation, not those “headquarters”

  5. Meinungs Freiheit

    Still no tank-inspector? I hate playing things that I cant understand!

  6. Can’t belive it took this long for Global OP for all tiers… finally.

  7. That’s one ugly plane flying in the start XD

  8. Not for the PS4?

  9. Come to console already!

  10. prema band for speaking my mind in chat weldone and uninstal

  11. If I could play GLOPS at tiers 5 & up at any time, I’d be playing this a lot more. Please get more players.

  12. Please as ukrainian and byelorussian mbt (epic russian bias levels of armor please 🙂 )

  13. Yeah, if you would enhance gameplay mechanics, that would be great

  14. Looking forward to trying out the Israeli MBTs when they’re released.

  15. is it worth trying this game again last time i tried it was last year and there werent enough players for 1 pvp game is it still the same or worst ?

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