Armored Warfare || Britannia Will Rule!!

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Source: Kage

Thanks to loadingslow for the amazing !

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  1. I approve the amount of Code Geass in that title.

  2. 2:16 “It allows for more tactical play” *an M1A2 suicides by driving into the whole enemy team in the background*

  3. As for how the VBR performs, you better not try it even if they pay you to. The VBL Igwe is a better tier 8 AFV, and it’s tier 7.

  4. YOu can see that 120 is not a very good shot, the challenger 2 has tinfoil for turret side armor, one or two shots there (even at that angle) would’ve penned and ammoracked the chally, a whole clip would’ve probably ended with the chally being set on fire twice, all the while not being able to fire.

  5. Hey Devi, how can I send you recorded video ?

  6. Nice game loadingslow!

  7. Armored Warfare Replays

    Great battle and great video! Thanx. Going straight in few our playlists as usual 😉

  8. Teatank is the best!!

  9. sorry but skirmish sucks…. you basically just can’t do anything with unbalanced team and roll stomp with you can’t manage any tactical play properly vs platoon play. 8+ would be fine… but not 3v3 5v5

  10. I should have uploaded my 5 kill, 6K xp (without premium) game.

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