Armored Warfare – Captain America

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

So I’m playing the M1 Abrams ( I don’t much want to but I pretty much have to) when something happens that makes me choke on my cornflakes…

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System Specs: Core i7 4820-K 3.7Ghz i7 CPU, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 3GB nVidia GTX780 Ti GPU, running at 10×1080 resolution


  1. Am I the one?

  2. Damn, posted 28 seconds ago xD

  3. Hi mighty jingels nice video

  4. good morning jingles ?

  5. “I don’t much want to but I pretty much to” oh jingles, you’re old and
    you’re crap! XD

  6. good morning or night Jingles. was just watching one of your old mingles
    with jingles (#11) when I got the notification.

  7. But jingles I need sleep

  8. roses are red,
    violets are red
    dandelions are red

    ok who set my garden on fire >:(

  9. We need more world of tanks

  10. love your channel jingles! just waiting for the chally 2 now!

  11. Jingles doesn’t like the tank but he plays it,
    He must be a tsundere

  12. hey Jingles!


    Morning lads.Good video Jingles.

  14. Liam the dark angel.

    The m1 abrams, America’s attempt at a good tank… They did well but the
    challanger 1 ownes it every time, which is funny because we have the most
    powerful tank to date! The challanger 2!

  15. its 01:25 for me, but new jingles video is up. i can hold off sleeping
    another half hour more :)

  16. Hey look it’s that bloo- (dead)

  17. 6 minutes ago.. but im in class.. fuck it im watching this

  18. it’s that other bloody tank game again ^^

  19. “I don’t much want to but I pretty much to”

    Witness, children, the evolution of the Jingles Grammarsaurus Rex.

  20. Which Tank is next, Leopard 2?

  21. is there any possibility to change the graphic settings in this game?

  22. How do you get top comment

  23. Ah, we meet again, 4:30 in the morning. I see I’ll be awake a little

  24. Jingles, stop chatting about tanks, we want to know how your date went ( ͡°
    ͜ʖ ͡°)

  25. Still haven’t played this game, I’m afraid of the horrendous ping from
    being stuck in S.E. Asia…

  26. 200+ views in 6 minutes? What kind of deal did you make with the devil?
    Well done Jingles for your mastery of the gnome magic of attraction for

  27. I want to play this game but my anti virus goes crazy round it while trying
    to install…

  28. – Oh look the USA Gas Guzzler! I guess the T-80 (USSR Gas Guzzler) needed
    some company in your chann… Bang!…
    (Get’s hit by T-80 removing over half of your health)
    – WTF, you bunch of as… BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!
    (Get’s finished of by a M1 Abrams while drving my T-72A).

  29. I’d like ya do some vids about the Leo 1 and/or 2 tanks and their

  30. God damn 436 in america

  31. theodosis polytarxos

    leopard 2A6 is the best tier 9. for my opinion!

  32. Any War Thunder coming up soon? (I know, blasphemy!)

  33. for me, M1 Abrams is a good tank, the M1A1 Abrams is an AWESOME tank :D

  34. Quick question, do tank shells trigger explosive reactive armour when it

  35. That bloody modern tank game again…

  36. it was a pleasure to play a round with u greetz bull2911 aka BMD4

  37. Jingles, what do you think about Star Wars Episode 8?

  38. Unlock the challenger 2 because hey its a challenger 2

  39. Now you need to do a tank comparison between the T110e5 and the Abrams.
    There can be only one Captain America on your channel ;P

  40. I think the Challenger 1 doesn’t deserve to be tier 7, with that OP armor
    and a rifled 120 which works as well as the 120 smoothbore, and it entered
    service around the same time as the M1A1 Abrams. Hmm…

  41. Only one option for the tier 9…Challenger 2 ;)

  42. Jingels the unlock token only works with the same dealer you have unlocked
    the token with. keep that in mind. ariete cannot unlock a leo2a6

  43. Leo2 A6… always…best tank on the planet.

  44. Can I get a bunch of likes for no real reason?

  45. herpahowdyfolks

  46. I’d like to see you unlock the M1A2 because ‘murica, ’nuff said.

  47. davidvansnippenberg

    pleaseeee do the 2a6 because it is a leo. German steel on its best.

  48. You know, I keep wondering what a 100% fictional tank game in the same vein
    of AW or WoT would be like? 3-4 factions built around strengths and
    weaknesses that can be worked into virtually every vehicle in the factions
    lineup. The stats of each vehicle would be balanced with no regard to
    historical accuracy or classified/sensitive data that could be completely
    fiction anyways.

  49. Nice vid Jingles and goodmorning!!

  50. M1A2 Murica.

  51. I’m early, better make a joke

    Last time I came this early, my girlfriend left me

  52. KandRgaming Productionz

    Challanger 2 jingles because its beautiful

  53. M1A2

  54. damn it, oh well, sleep after this.

  55. Tier nine Abrams

  56. Jingles please get the Tier 9 Leopard, I want to see your thoughts on the
    leopard series of tanks~

  57. you love the T90 you will LOVE the T90MS even more, i have done ass tons of
    damage and it takes ass tons of hits and just laughs them off, its also a
    responsive tank. Although i have heard the Challenger 2 is pretty kick ass
    as well. we all know how much you love your British tanks. those would be
    my picks for you.

  58. Jingles, you should spend your first tier 9 unlock token on the M1A2
    Abrams. Its got lots of health and a good gun. Its the modern day TOG

  59. Challenger 2 because Britain

  60. to get it to top speed you must, throw the tank off a cliff best plan ever

  61. Jingles, have you had issues in the M1A1 yet where the first shot an enemy
    leutenant tank takes always seems to hit your driver’s viewport?

    Happens to me most of the time, T-90MS leutenant moving and turret
    traversing and snapshot hitting a driver’s viewport on the M1A1 or my other
    Leo 2A5 and poof… almost half the health gone (1000~damage) from a
    virtually impossible to hit shot, which seems to happen every time i’m the
    one taking the first hit from such a leutenant. Guess it happened more that
    10 times already to me :/

  62. @The Mighty Jingles please post armored warfare gameplay versus other
    players not bots, anyway good video

  63. Casper Bolding Kampp

    t-90ms or challenger 2


  65. Oh it’s that bloody modern tank game…

  66. Gotta love the M1A1!

    If it’s good enough for the RAAC, then it’s good enough for me!

  67. Nice video Jingles, but with that amount of gold in the bank you can unlock
    everything lol.

  68. “Jingles, you cheap bastard” hahaha kills me

  69. textbook rock

  70. I’m early, better make a joke…

    these fucking comments

  71. jingles the T90MS is by far the best MBT in AW right now. go for it! ill
    still watch you even if you dont. lol

  72. If u ask me you should unlock T-90ms or challenger 2

  73. Thanks to those events I’m also pretty close to my first T9. On my Ramka
    I’m about 70% in, so only 300k reputation left. Sadly I only have 5 million
    credits and not 65 million …

    Btw. I’m pretty sure unlock tokens only work for tier 9 vehicles from the
    same dealer. So the token from the Ariete will only be usable to get the
    T90MS, Challanger 2, Terminator 2, etc. Not the Leopard.

    See here:

    “By unlocking the Token, available for reputation just like other vehicle
    upgrades, the player will get to choose from all the Tier 9 vehicles from
    that respective Dealer.”

  74. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    Hey Jingles, sent you an email about something I’m doing for Charity,
    hopefully you and Rita got it ;)

  75. Beneteus der Gewaltige

    Lepard or Challanger 2, leo is fast and amored, Challanger 2 has stupid
    amounts of amor

  76. Get the CRAB. The most fun you can have with your pants after the TOG. Yes,
    it is better than the TOG.

  77. Don’t you love it how when world of tanks came out everyone wanted the
    tiger 1 and it ended up not being all that good (its gun is badass but
    that’s about it)
    and now in AW I bet a lot of people went right for the M1 Abrams and found
    out its not all that good also lol

  78. Beneteus der Gewaltige

    still no xcom 2, its this bloody tank game again.

  79. leopard tier 9 first unlock plz. Cuz i love the whole line and u havent
    posted and leopard MBT coop replays for us

  80. Challenger 2 ftw

  81. Two words: Challenger, Two.

  82. Goddamn, glad I know about this event. I won’t be able to take advantage of
    it until Thursday and Friday, but I’m definitely going to on those days.
    Glad to see the M1A1 is worth the grind. I’m on the Starship right now, and
    while it’s okay, its DPM is hideous and its armor is pretty soft. Can’t
    wait to get further up the line.

  83. yay, more AW………….

  84. You should spend the unlock token on the Challenger 2.

    Why you ask? Look at the Challenger 1 and replace the 1 with a 2.

  85. the m1a2

  86. Lapord2A6

  87. I would take the t90 ms.. because it looks good and makes the Most damage

  88. Get the leopard. I love the look of them and it is used by Canada and I
    know some guys that drive it IRL and they say it is like driving the best
    sports car.

  89. After the painful grind of the M60 and the ‘Starfish’ I gave up with the
    American line… and I forgot about the 4x rep, guess I need to put down
    ED:Horizons for a while.

  90. Jingles! Your British, where is your pride? Of course take the Challenger2,
    your not going to be proud of a silly German tank, are you? :p

  91. even if you geta tier 9 token, that token has to be used in the same dealer
    tree you got it from. so in my opinion, unlock the T-90MS. I hear the
    Challenger 2 is getting bad wrap lately

  92. Good Morning Jingles.

  93. Go for the Leopard Jingles

  94. João P. “John” Barata

    Only when my PC goes dead do they do these events… lovely timing ain’t
    it? -.-

  95. Get the M1A2, Jingles!

  96. The T90MS cause we need another reason to play the Russian National Anthem

  97. The Leopard, so the enemy can be scared of “Zee Germans”… ?

    If you buy camo on one tank, is it unlocked for all tanks?

  98. ive never plated armored warfare so just choose one you like jingles

  99. Leopard 2A6 because it’s German.

  100. This game doesn’t accurately portray the M1 the way it should be, first of
    all the M1 had depleted uranium armor, this armor could not a penetrated by
    any other round other than depleted uranium rounds, being that it shows
    this game does not take that into account being you see other tanks in the
    game hitting the tank and doing damage even though that would not really
    happen, you might be able to blow off a track or do some electronics damage
    but there would be little chance to actually penetrate the tank

  101. if i work twice as hard in the salt mines will i get a xcom 2 video

  102. Hmmm what T9 should you get first: Challenger 2

    Why: CHALLENGER 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. I’d say the Draco for Wolfi, or T-90MS for Shiskin.
    Both tanks have amazing damage output, in different ways. Also good

    – T-90MS is your typical Russian MBT, except it has good frontal armor,
    more so than most russian MBT. Sure it still has frontal weakspots, but all
    high tier MBT do and they are tiny as hell. This thing also hits like a
    truck, and reload at roughly same rate as other MBT same tier. It’s pretty
    similar to the T-90, in fact most other tier9 MBT are practically the same
    compare to their lower tier counterparts, there isn’t much difference in
    gameplay. You could say that about the BMPT-72 too.

    – B1 Draco may be big and looks ugly, but that thing is like a M41 Bulldog
    with high alpha. It has 12-shot clip each of them deals good damage at only
    16(!) sec clip reload. Penetration is around 300mm, not that high but
    enough to go through the sides of most MBT, and chew through any other
    tanks like butter. You can actually clip tier9 MBT from full health with
    this thing, 2 if you make all shots counts. It’s plain ridiculous, probably
    gonna get hit by nerfbat sometime in the future.

    – M8 LT is just crap, better wait for future buffs who knows when.

    – The CRAB though, is VBL on steroids. It has the most ridiculous
    autocannon (excluding Draco’s, but the gun on that thing isn’t really an
    autocannon). Probably the most annoying AFV for tier9 in PvP. In PvE I’m
    not sure.

    – Or you could just get Chally 2, because we all know you love it (not sure
    about the plain gameplay though).

  104. I would highly recommend the Leo 2A6, Ive had some really amazing games in
    that Panzer. The best thing about the Leo is that despite its lack of
    obvious strenghts (T-90MS firepower, Challanger IIs armor, etc) it doesnt
    have any obvious weaknesses either. A jack-of-all-traits, if you will. Its
    an overall well rounded tank.

  105. Seen really great things from the crab and would love to see a Draco in
    action but that god dam sexy challenge 2

  106. Get the challenger 2

    Because it’s a challenger ?? oh and the armour is amazing

  107. m1a1 has a slight slope to the upper hull. it’s only a couple degrees but
    it is still noticeable and i’m pretty sure the turret front is supposed to
    be slanted back just a couple hairs more. common aw

  108. Chally 2. Go for Chally 2.

    Nice video, sir.

  109. M1A2

  110. The XM-1 got nerfed hard and has a massive turret ring weakspot much like
    the m1 abrams, the t-72+t-72a have awful armor and the t-80 is even worse
    (You can pen the turret front). Leopard 2 AV seems mediocre and I am not
    going to grind through the leopard 1a5 as it’s identical to the OF-40
    except a tier higher. The only mbt I’m interested in playing is the
    challenger 1 because it has good armor and a reasonable gun but every idiot
    is playing one and it is for sure going to get nerfed hard just like the
    XM-1 come the next patch.

    Plus, tier 7 costs 6 million credits, which you’ll struggle to get if you
    only play PvE because credit gain has never been in line with Rep gain and
    it only got worse with the double exp booster they’ve had going for the
    past few days. It takes half as much rep to go from the chieftain at tier 5
    to the challenger at tier 7 as it does going from any other tier 6 to tier

    So in summation, I’m not actually having much fun with the grind in this
    game. At least in WoT tanks were measurable upgrades or entirely new
    vehicles rather than the same tank as the one you were driving previously
    with bigger numbers.

  111. So Jingles…. did you get your Nat King Cole the other night? :D

  112. Jingles go for M1A2 ABRAMS. It is a beast in pve

  113. British armour on that tank, that’s why it’s so strong. Helping our friends
    in America again.

  114. Challenger 2!

  115. Challenger 2!!! GET IT NOW!

  116. Unlock enterprise.

  117. Jingles can you make a video review of the leopard 2 and talk about the
    tier 8 and 9 leopard ?

  118. Too bad the Abrams isn’t based on real life. I wish the challenger was too
    because it would be complete rubbish. Other wise the Abrams would
    completely destroy the shitty brit tanks.

  119. Id say get the crab everyone that plays it loves it

  120. I would go for Chally 2 but hey I’m biased being British

  121. Jingles what do you think of the chieftain mk.5? I feel like it isn’t that
    great, I played the T-64 e.t.c before ofcourse and they seem soo much

  122. can you get a review of leopard line t7-8?

  123. your British jingles so therefore you are contractually bound to get the
    challenger 2 as your first teir 9. its the law

  124. Thought you were playing Xcom

  125. Jingles how did you get all the Credits in Armored Warfare? I am driving a
    T5 premium tank and I simply don’t get enough to buy a new T5 tank.

  126. Jingles, you want the Challenger 2. Trust me

  127. conner “Dat gamer”

    you should get the challenger 2. want a bunker with tracks you got one.

  128. T-90ms cos that thing is awesome

    and it looks totally badass

  129. Leopard 2a6 of course! just because Finland use them.

  130. Okay; that Spin To Win crew skill – is anyone else reminded of Hypno-Disc
    everytime they see that skill?

  131. if you didnt like the m1 abrams why did you battle harden it?

  132. I think Jingles is completely ass backwards in his opinion of the M1
    Abrams. In my experience it’s the most well balanced tank at tier 7. Its
    very fast off road, it has a perfectly decent gun, and it has perfectly
    adequate armor if you use it correctly. The only thing wrong with it is
    it’s terrible hull traverse. It will do anything you wan’t it to do. It
    just won’t do it as well as the other tier 7 MBTs that can’t do anything
    else as well.

  133. MURICA!!! M1A2

  134. A6 has weakspots its good against bad players but good players shouldnt
    have that much trouble. T90ms is bitchin, all the armour and you get super
    high alpha gun with HEAT, its good for pvp and amazing in pve since good
    armour and you can spam HEAT

  135. Give us more X-Com dammit!

  136. Get the challenger 2 jingles

  137. M1A2 or the Chalenger 2

  138. Leopard 2A6! Do it!

  139. Leopard or challenger and btw what’s the British teir x mbt

  140. t-90MS if you can deal with its weaknesses

  141. Get the Darude420 Sandstorm camo tank

  142. I’m early must make a joke

    America’s gun policy

  143. So my two friends who I play armored warfare with will always call the
    Begleitpanzer the Bagel Panzer and I didn’t think anyone else did so when
    Jingles called it that I was pretty surprised…although jingles never
    calls most of the German tanks by their real names so what did I expect.

  144. you’ve gotta go for the challenger 2. You love the challenger 1, just seems
    like the logical next step to me.

  145. t90ms cuz russia stronk ;D

  146. leopard plzzz


  148. Definitely get the Chally 2

  149. Challenger II! why? it’s a Challenger (your argument is invalid)

  150. is it leo-pard or lepard ?

  151. After this event ends, we can have enough gold for any premium tank. Which
    one is the best moneymaker?

  152. The Mighty Jingles i was curious if you were going to be playing
    Helliborne? i remember you mentioning it a few months back. i will be
    picking it up next payday and it seems like i will be having a blast in it.

  153. Every time i start in a new tank i forget to change the ammo and end up
    playing with half AP and half HE load out…

  154. Dragon Butt (ThatsNoMoon)

    Jingles managed to accidentally an M1A1 out of a single game.

    Oh jingles. You so silly.

  155. Jingles, I am actually surprised that you don’t immediately go for the
    Challenger 2 :D

  156. Health tip, don’t eat cornflakes while driving tanks.

  157. just pich challenger 2, because its british

  158. how about a joke…

    Honest politician

  159. well wishes from quantico jingles!!

  160. 15 Freedumbs lovers got butthurt :(

  161. Leo 2a6 is tones better; )

  162. when the descriptions are just as good as the video

  163. Two things, that camo on the A1 when it is first shown doesn’t look like
    anything I’ve ever seen.

    Aaaaaand secondly, this event it utter bullshit. Complete and utter
    bullshit. I have this wonderful opinion because, where I live the NA server
    gives me from 1 pm to 4 pm to do this mission. Unfortunately for me, I get
    home from school at 3:20, giving me 40 minutes to make the most of it… I
    am one of the lucky ones, who at least get a couple games… Anyone who
    lives further from school than I do, or is old enough to work for a living
    is FUCKED… It’d be nice if AW gave you the decision of when to have your
    three hours boost, instead of deciding to FUCK you with it!

  164. Roberto Villarey Jr.

    definitely Leopard 2A6 for me because German, that’s why

  165. the T-90MS is stupid OP right now, I say get that one Jingles.

    …lovely timing for this event btw, GG aussies/oceana if you’re on NA
    server. =_=

  166. when tier 10s come out do a video on the superior Pl-01 infantry support

  167. The CRAB or the T90ms

  168. how do i get the hit log to show up in battle

  169. Currently loving the Leo 2A5, I hear great things of the 2A6 too, go for it!
    Also, why do you almost shoot no HEAT? It does more damage, and many
    targets accept the SC shell readily :)

  170. Leopard, and a review about it Mr.Jingles QwQ

  171. Challenger2 mate. Its impressive..

  172. Alith Ahnar (gnomoiND)

    Dat Jingles go for dat Leopard 2a6.

    Cause it haz a sexy name purrs like a kitten and roars like a Tiger. 🙂
    Plus all the other NATO MBT are just Leopard clones anyway! ;p

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