Armored Warfare – Caribbean Crisis

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It’s always good to get paid to play games that you were quite happy to play in the first place! So why am I playing again? Watch and find out.

Claim your free LAV-150 90 MERC, 3x Gold Loot Chests and 3 days of Premium Time with the code JINGLESJAN2018 here:

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. The Mighty Jingles have been in touch with the news that since the first 1000 codes went so quickly they’re going to be giving me more codes to giveaway, probably tomorrow. So watch this space and I’ll let you know here, on Facebook and on Twitter when you can grab yourself a premium vehicle in case you missed it the first time.

    • Lol, Gun Jesus blessing the masses with AW codes. Good one

    • Nice guy jingles being a bro

    • Actually the EU server is 5v5 now. I watched someone stop playing on Twitch because they got tired of those crappy 5v5 matches

    • they should just make the code unlimited-use 🙂

    • GeekBoy03
      EU server has had 3v3 and 5v5 since it started as well, they are not as common as on the NA server. NA I get mostly skirmish but on EU I get about 50/50 skirmish/full matches.

      It also depends what time of day you play as every game has prime times.

      Skirmish tend to be faster paced, less campy, over quicker, players can not hide away as easily as they can in a 15v15 full match. So they do not suit all players.

  2. Last time I tried PvE on AW, the game would just spam over powered tank destroyers that just overwhelmed the team because there were too damn many and being TDs, even if they have the same gun as your MBT, it does more damage. This problem was amplified since they had ditched the upgrade modules like the hull re-enforcement. Has this changed at all?

    • The Badass Bassist

      airplanenut89 yup. Instead of TDs, it’s now Ramkas, Terminator IIs, Swing fires and PL-01s spamming ATGMs. It’s still playable though. If you’ve got something with good effective armor. And Ive noticed less and less since the last patch

    • Well at least ATGMs have the decency to move slowly enough for me to try and dodge.

  3. It does look good and we on console player’s are going to get it AW and you jingles are very awesome and you inspire me to drive tanks

  4. Unless they put Arty BACK into PVP, they still lost a player in me.
    They already made the upgrade system dumbed down and stupid.
    Then they removed arty play pvp AND enemy arty from pve, so no more artyVarty mini game, no more arty spotting and smoke shells….no, fuck no. fucked up with that stuff.

  5. ExpendableGuard Entertainment

    I preferred the RP version of the game. Though I like the special missions that introduced.

  6. PvE is the reason Armored Warfare didn’t die. It was popular from the start. It offered something that WoT or War Thunder or even World of Warships did not, a fun little place to play your vehicles without all the toxicity common in PvP. And it was actually profitable. It’s not perfect. It has it’s flaws but it works.

  7. This is the first I heard of this, but given that I don’t much care to stay informed about stuff in the gaming world it isn’t that surprising.

    Above that , after reading up on some of this, I’ve decided not to play this, thanks.

    If I want to play World of tanks, Ill play world of tanks, not a clone, given that is what MailRU ( parent company) want this game to be. It is precisely because of the rpg elements that I was interested in this game.

    I mean really, the idiocy of some of these people, lets make a clone so we get some crumbs from the pie that world of tanks has, OR lets build on the formula they’e created and possibly create a new pie just for ourselves.

    Nah fuck it, innovation is too risky, lets stay mediocre shits instead.

  8. Jingles… I love ya brother Gnome… but you’re talking about Armored Warfare PVP while showing your playing a scenario. It’s ok… I know why… and still respect you for taking the cash. 🙂

  9. This guy pretty much sums up what went wrong with armored warfare…

  10. But does know de way?

  11. I like the change to team size (beyond it being used to reduce queue times). It makes each person have more potential impact on win/lose. The issue I had AW though was more about how weirdly I didn’t sense impact, whether it be me shooting a target of someone hitting me.
    I have wondered if WoT were to create a 5v5 or 7v7 mode, rather than the grand battles, if it would diminish frustrations from being among 14 happy strawberries.

  12. Jingles, I have mixed emotions about this vid. On one hand this is your source of (added?) income. So I can’t fault you for taking a gig that pays REAL MONEY (and doing it well). Certainly YouTube isn’t what it once was. So from that aspect I completely understand and I applaud you. However; I WISH it hadn’t been My.Com that reached into their wallet for your services…….. I seriously think My.Com doesn’t deserve the exposure you bring in the market. The terrible reputation My.Com has is in my opinion well founded. Maybe that will change in the future, who knows. I just wish it had been someone more worthy of your viewer base………..

  13. So I found out that Armored Warfare can be downloaded on Steam and decided to get rid of my My.Com games launcher to save space. I couldn’t find any way to uninstall it conventionally so I did a google search of “How to uninstall My.Com Game Center”. My first hit back was “How to uninstall the My.Com Game Center v̲i̲r̲u̲s”.


  14. Armored warfare sucks.

  15. *In nasal tone*
    Actually Jingles, the Tiger I tank in World of Tanks only has 100 mm of armor at the front. In fact, NONE of the Tiger tanks have 120 mm of armor at the front…


  16. Obsidian was going to make this game so different and unique from WoT, idk if it was actually going to be RPG. All I know is I wanted to see what direction it would take, but was a little stupid and turned the game into a WoT Chinese Clone that is losing popularity.

  17. I just started replaying this, and was on onyx with my Cheiftan 2
    5 seconds away from losing to a cap and I decide nough of this shit, park myself just in the cap and just say NO!

    They never penned me once after that, besides one sneaky BMP who got around me

  18. jingles what is the intro song? ive been wanting to know for a long time but u dont post anymore AW videos so I couldn’t ask. Also jingles can u do more AW videos please?

  19. Dis is de wey my bruddas to AW success

  20. [STL_T] Steel Templars World of Tanks Clan

    World of warships operation of the week is VERY similar to that of armored warfare PVE missions

  21. I’ll probably drop in again sometime, I do like co-op MP games and I like the future mercenary vibe. But those RPG elements and story and expansions on those ideas Obsidian was trying were why I had hope for the game long term. I’m glad the game has improved some, but the only area I cared about was the co-op, and there hasn’t been a whole lot of advancement there. These campaigns are the first, they were promised at launch, and in the meantime the co-op tank balance and grind keeps getting messed up by the rampant changes to PvP.

  22. Good sir Jingles, please only take pay for videos where you can say what you want (honest reviews).
    I love Jingles but because he is real. This is propaganda (I wanted this game to be good but its not).
    Please do the honest reviews where you get paid first and you give your opinion then I will watch and like.

  23. I actualy agreed with you. Its uiqueness was what made AW special. Since they turned into WoT 2.0 we dont even get effective armor readouts in garag anymore

  24. Jingles… you always sit in the queue for PvP… no one plays it. Jingles… how are you unable to complete the new game mode? I beat them all on the first try…

  25. I missed Armored Warfare, however I do not like the version of AW. To me its almost like a downgrade of what could of been. I wanted to see what hp/weight mechanics would of been like giving low tiers a fighting chance, but I guess we will never find out what Obsidian’s version would be like now.

  26. Ohhh damnit jangles, don’t get the hooks back into me! I just got my life back!

  27. The game showing you HOW MANY other players are waiting and in what tanks, used to be in WoT at the beginning too

  28. So basically Co-Op in Warthunder is just the Kobayashi Maru test for tanks?

  29. Armored Warfare. The preview of whats to come as War Thunder releases modern tanks.

  30. Glad you’re making some money

  31. I sure wish the US server wasn’t a wasteland.

  32. I tried this on the US sever a month ago. It was dead. 0 players in PvP que. 6 in PvE que. They’ll need more than 1000 keys to get that server usable again.

  33. Wait! The Caribbean Crisis missions are hard? Uhhhh. Ok. This is news to me.

    I’ve done all three exactly once, and won each one first try. And yes I was playing with randoms. So yeah. I dunno. They didn’t seem that difficult to me.

  34. MyFail.Com

  35. I miss the full sized pvp battles, they were fucking amazing, but waiting 10 minutes for a 5v5 is just boring. Every match you simply get rushed and outflanked and the match ends in a couple minutes. In response they’ve made the maps smaller which makes the maps even more boring. I miss closed beta armored warfare, i’ve tried and tried to enjoy it again but to no avail.

    • This dude’s Norwegian I think and he seems to be finding 15v15 games on EU. This one’s January 8th.
      I rarely play PvP but sometimes I do play GLOPs in a platoon, so I have very little experience on the PvP-queue.

    • NA server was 100% dead last i remember so everyone went to EU, but even then the best i ever got was 5v5. I’ll try it out during the day tomorrow and see if anything has changed (night time matchmaking is atrocious)

    • Days are of course more quiet since people are at work. Evening’s the best, about 18.00-23.00. Going to be challenging to play of course if you’re in America. Yeah, quiet hours it’s +/- 3 MM, still seems easier than WoT:s +2 MM.

  36. I have found that there is a big issue with those new missions. Say you finished the first mission and for whatever reason you had to leave or just had a bad team and can’t beat the next mission so you quit. You come back later and now you have to hope to get into a group that is on the same part as you because you can’t start over on the first mission. Mind you I’m playing on the NA server but starting from anything but the first mission you are looking at at least 10 min wait time or more if you are trying at tier 8 or below. If you are trying to start from the second or third mission at tier 9 or 10 you might as well forget about it, at peak hours I’ve waited over 45 minutes and still not found a match.

  37. I was suspicious at “this video is sponsored”….

    And then the way you spoke – you didn’t sound very enthusiastic about the game, and sounded very scripted.

    That cemented my view that I shouldn’t listen to you about this video.

    Jingles, just to point out, your *credibility* is one of your main differentiators over other youtubers – and this video threatens that.

    For _your_ sake, please don’t do this again…..

    Later, Matt

    • He’s been playing AW since the beginning. You think he just rolled over for some cash now?
      “For your sake”? What a thinly veiled and hollow threat.

  38. well jingles, i have read comments, i dont think you sound scripted,(youre being payed,fine, please follow up on progress for everyones sake) but what i can see is ,people dont play anymore,but are back to comment??, the main thing is like most games,note to all game developers,,, start a game listen to all ,dont just change for the first 50 complaints!!, like wgnet, oohh is that a swear word here ,my first time, and no i havent played a.w i want a game that is true p vs p, and 5 vs 5 is tempting me, playing bots ahh no, even as a team, i want to play a game with comms, but not with loud mouth,complaining people, jingles start a game up lol

  39. ATM spam is a joke on one game i played at tier 9 in the first 30 sec I was hit with 7 ATM and lost all but 200 or so hp

  40. Best thing about AW is… there is nooo gold ammo 🙂

  41. Where do I enter the code at? I looked the site over and didn’t see where to put the code in.

  42. oh yeah, just dont play this game at night. the matchmaking really rears its ugly head then. Just did a pve match where i was in a t5 t72A and was paired up with 3 t6 and 1 t8. guess what tier all the enemies were? you guessed it. tier 8. what’s worse our t8 mbt sat in the back and sniped. great stuff.

  43. AW, still useless. & 0 fun.

  44. For that first cap point, every battle I have done, me and my team have done a reverse slope defense. That way any tanks coming up we are able to engage whike if they engage us they are firing at our turrets.

  45. Singularity Raptor

    This had great potential…….sad….

  46. ‘Unlike WoT and WT there are modern vehicles in Armored Warfare…’ *shows T-62 an Chieftain mk 10, both of which are in War Thunder.

  47. Jingles will only accept money to promote a game he is enjoying. I remember he flat out refused to take money for another game he didn’t enjoy. So if he says he’s enjoying the game that’s good enough for me. To be honest I didn’t expect him to do another AW video. Nice to see him back.

  48. Ok Jingles. I will give Armored Warfare another go:)

  49. Do Steam players get the “log in every day to get some free shit every day”?

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