Armored Warfare – Challenge Accepted

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

In which RitaGamer I play some Armored Warfare Co-, and I suffer a Jingles Derp Moment and end up fail platooning, except I’m in the Challenger so it doesn’t matter.

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System Specs: Core i7 4820-K 3.7Ghz i7 CPU, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 3GB nVidia GTX780 Ti GPU, running at 10×1080 resolution

If you have a War Thunder or of Warships replay just send the file to the same address.

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. Crazy Gaming King!

    First view :DJIngles yay!@

  2. second :₩

  3. 9th x3

  4. I’m trying to go to sleep here man…

  5. ohhhh herrrroooo

  6. Thomas Tung - Yep

    Jingles! yay!

  7. welcome back jingles

  8. I swear to god its the third time this happened

  9. 2:30, School tomorrow so i think Jingles is more important than sleep

  10. BelgarathDaSorcerer

    dayum 1 min ago

  11. drums beat and announce the sound of

  12. That moan at 0:28 0_0

  13. welcome back jingles hope you had a great break ?

  14. jingles, why you post so early lol

  15. 2 minutes

  16. Jingles what is the funneyas plane in war thunder to you and can not be one
    with a troll conon

  17. jingles is that a women’s moan I hear in the first 30 sec of the video?:)

  18. Thank God. A Jingles video. I was losing my mind about what to watch.

  19. Friendly Darkwraith

    Who needs sleep when you’ve got Jingles?

  20. I didn’t want to sleep anyways.

  21. wait what was that sound at the start( like 0.24-0.28 :O

  22. just woke up lol

  23. Adryan Pleniceanu

    Very nice to wake up and see Jingles. Oh, and btw, Happy New Year master
    Jingles :D

  24. title should have been; ChallengeR accepted!

  25. lol jingles and his European time Videos.

  26. What was the orgasm at 0:28 ?

  27. love you Jingles. even though i have school in the morn xD

  28. jingles is back!!!

  29. what was that ahh… sound?

  30. yeeeesssssss jingles video

  31. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    But of course you have to shoot Challengers and feel dirty about it! It’s
    why you dance for us Jingles ;)

  32. Wait a sec is that Rita?

  33. right as im going to bed

  34. play some more WoTs

  35. love u

  36. How “young“ is Jingles again?

  37. ya jingles

  38. Happy New Year! Thank the Lord Jingles is back – I was going cold turkey
    with withdrawal symptoms over Xmas. Did you see what I did there? Cold
    turkey? … OK I’ll get my coat☺

  39. Food….water…Oh my god! Thank the heavens! A Jingles video! I’ve waited
    until 2016 for this!

  40. That orgasm in the beginning XD

  41. Jingles I’m your 39th view to this vid awesome

  42. I really don’t like AW. It’s too clinical, the sounds are all terrible,
    it’s even more arcady. It just doesn’t look to be fun.

  43. Huge fan. I am a enormous history nutt and I wanted to say thanks for all
    of the hard work you do for us :)

  44. Wow I’m early ,not that I give a poo about tanks.

  45. It Been a year

  46. 0:25 Good job Rita you made all of the Jingles viewers 100% more horny and
    about 1800 Boners come up to the sky, good job indeed.

  47. Have a safe trip Jingles

  48. Not like I got school tomorrow.

  49. not so tough now are ya. says jingles in a co op battle

  50. Mikael Renzo H. Sebastian


  51. Crazy Gaming King!

    Jingles when you laugh it sounds like your a old truck trying to start up
    just saying.

  52. whats with the porn jingles….

  53. Oh come on Jingles!!!! You have got to do a MWJ this week!

  54. That scroll wheel is ear cancer.

  55. was that rita?????

  56. wtf was that at the beginning.. I thought I left a webpage open.

  57. how do you get those damage trackers on the screen is that in the game or
    an mod jingles?

  58. jingles can you please upload more war thunder it’s my most favourite
    videos on your channel

  59. Rita in her head: “Oh god he is doing the videos again” *Siiiiigh* :D

  60. jingles, good luck with the kongou and myoko unlocks in World of War Ships.
    =) only this month to get it done. =P

  61. Amazing that in 18 minutes almost a thousand people have viewed this!!! I
    can’t wait until Magz and Squire share this much aclaim!!! Thank you for
    being a great host Jingles.
    Sprog1 in AZ.

  62. So everyone heard that moan

  63. well……jingles watches porn……good, he’s normal!

  64. Jingles and Rita….
    How long do we have to wait?!
    Just make it official already!

  65. FINALLY Jingles made Rita’s toes curl ! What will the first gnome be named?

  66. Man, does Rita play these games with a Typewriter?

  67. If Rita is in an Italian tank, she’s delivering pizza, not freedom

  68. There shall be a new ruler in the Salt Mines Jingles!!! You have been
    warned… it’s not me though… no… not me

  69. 0:28 wtf?

  70. PvE for real? Why would you … ohhh

  71. Who gave Rita crabs, hmmmmmm Jingles? Hmmmmmmmm!?

  72. who is this jingles person and why is he telling me to return to the salt

  73. Jingles!!! I can hear Rita in the background!!!


  75. Jingles and Rita are so adorable.
    Happy Wargaming Holiday in Cyprus!

  76. The AI in AW seems kinda dumb to me. I mean level T1 confused WoT player
    who just realized there is a map, there are red dots, they are all around
    him and he just can’t decide what to shoot at and then he realized he
    upgraded the gun and did not load any ammo.

  77. Damnit Jingles it’s one in the morning!
    (gun cocks)

  78. Someone, pls make a 1h video repeating “that sound” at the beginning :P

  79. jingles just incase you didnt know if you dont have a good hit on the sides
    of the terminators hit the turret to damage it

  80. Sleep is for the weak… I mean really tired. but im really really tired so
    ill keep watching

  81. “I like pies, no, cheese is better”

  82. Jingles….you hittin’ that?

  83. Rita seems to have grown tremendously in skill!!! She sounds like a great
    covering wingman to watch your back so well, on top of that, she’s as cute
    as a button!!!! GO RITA!!! Sprog1 in AZ.

  84. the challenge of having a crab with the freedom of penetration……All of
    these words in roughly the same sentence OMG No bait needed lolol..Good to
    have you back Jingles and an added bonus RITA ( her language skills are
    direct and forgive me, so damn funny at times ” no offence intended Rita, I
    love your accent” ) I do hope you 2 stick together

  85. I literally went through all my tabs once i hear the moan lmao, I was in
    disbelieve that it would come from Jingles video

  86. wait was that rita in the background at the beginning

  87. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    Welcome back Jingles :)

  88. 649 views. I think I have a problem, and it’s a Jingles addiction.

  89. enjoy your holiday

  90. filthypomegranate 87

    oh boy 3am

  91. is the m1 a good tank in this game?

  92. just once i would like to watch one of this videos, but PVE makes me go
    away :(

  93. Well well well Jingles, what are you watching mate?

  94. por tip. it’s the chi uno ariete. c in Italian is pronounced chi.

  95. pve is boring as fuck to watch, shooting ducks

  96. Fritts ShockTrooper

    The T-90 makes me wonder why the US hasn’t developed a new tank yet.

  97. Question for ya: On the NA server what’s your account name as I may have
    seen you but…. Well I don’t trust anyone without facts.

  98. Zerobladetion Wot

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh The Mighty Jingles has grown up have have a girl friend
    !!!!!!!!!!! so cuted trloolool!!!!!!!!!

  99. Christ!! a 24 minute video and most people here focus on one single second
    before the first minute has gone.
    Some people really do *need* to get out more 

  100. Divine Intervention

    Once you are in Cyprus mate, give us a shout and we can meet up and give u
    a tour. you are most welcome on our little island ;)

  101. Great vid man. TY for posting

  102. Ooh jingels you so silly

  103. RitaGamer impromptru sexual relief at the begining -.-

    Jingles you dog!

  104. The WHOLE year wiated for a video and then NOT WoT ! buuh Jingles ! 😀
    <3 =(

  105. there’s chemistry here.

  106. Rita’s got crabs? Now who could have given her those except a sailor.

  107. Wtf are you watching Porn in the background?

  108. Dear jingles I was wondering if you will play any more airsoft videos.

  109. There should be definitively a 10h Rita’s moan version.

  110. I don’t wonder if that one, brief orgasm sound will make this Jingles most
    popular video ever.

  111. The in-game convo seemed so weird. Like Jingles and Rita spent both games
    talking AT each other and not hearing each other. Weird….

  112. underpantcockroach

    Cheeky Ringles banter

  113. How sweet. :D

  114. thesillysausage97

    Yay jingles is back 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 , However I expected mingles with
    jingles on Monday :0

  115. Rita sounded… Excited…

  116. A week with no vids and this replay filler is what we get?
    You indicated before the break that you had a premium ship review ready.
    One can only assume that’s the Kutozov.
    Where’s that?

  117. jingle’s jolly laugh is keeping me in the christmas spirit

  118. Skandranon Banefire

    i hope you do more of these live game recordings.

  119. jingles, it seems that you don’t play WoT anymore. why is that??

  120. what on earth is RITA doing at the beginning?

  121. *sighs hard in background* lol 11/10

  122. Shrek The Psycho Therapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  123. That orgasm at the beginning. Rita x Jingles?



  124. Rita’s orgasm in the background tho

  125. Rita made me nearly jump out of my skin 20seconds in

  126. It’s 3:00 in the morning. I have school tomorrow. God dammit jingles, let
    me sleep.

  127. TheGamingHacker Man

    I’ve waited a year for another jungles video!

  128. That moan doh

  129. Jingles could you play PVP please nothing more boring than PVE turkey

  130. Rita at 0:28 “oohh”
    Jingles at 11:32 “ahh what have I done!”

  131. 4:10 – still a better love story than Brazzers

  132. Stanisław Szczypuła

    Jingles why the hell don’t you angle your Challenger? This tank when angled
    is pretty much impenetrably so you can lead the charge, be up front. I
    never hide or go hull down in this beast of a tank in PVE. You can be way
    more aggressive in Challenger. Only real threat for Challenger in PVE is
    arty and it still need to heat you 10+ times.

  133. Sounds like someone is using the scroll wheel furiously …
    Press the shift key, Rita

  134. Rita stressing out in the background?

  135. About time Jingles, I was starting to display withdrawal symptoms from not
    getting my daily fix. :P

  136. naughty moan in background? haha raves

  137. I always like to use PVE mode when upgrading my tanks once upgraded then I
    go to PVP. Premuim tanks straight to PVP, PVP you get more cash ect.

  138. 2 Mondays in a row with no Mingles, I’m start to freak out man. Having

  139. Jingles god why I have school tomorrow and it’s 3am

  140. I wish my tank made that sound at the start

  141. 0.26 god damn it rita

  142. Not even the Ai are safe from the mighty overlord of the salt mines.
    Stingray drowns himself before his sabotage of the salt mine no. 102 was

    Salt mine overlord disapproves.

  143. Failplatooning, its not really a problem.
    Ive been platooning my Leo2AV (tier6) with tier 8s all evening and got into
    some tier 9 matches due to random teammates. as long as you know what to do
    you are fine.
    Bots will give you their sides sooner or later, and if you play hardmode
    (or even medium in Tier 5+) you should load more AP than HEAT anyway.
    You WILL do less damage than your teammates, but not that mutch that it
    matters. People dieing early is way worse, when they end up with 3k damage
    in tier 5+ in hardmode

  144. Exploding Baconeer

    Our lord and saviour is back, are we allowed to take a 5 minute break off
    of salt mines?

  145. Jingles, why is your voice so quiet compared with other youtubers? can you
    crank it abit next time, cheers mate.

  146. i DRIVE SWINGFIRE, and its very funny…Best camo, Great view range, and
    still cant see NPC spawning next to it..And NPC tanks still see me, in
    heavy bushes..
    Wish I could Ride my ammo, as you have to be in Eye contact..

  147. Jingles PzH is short for PanzerHaubitze which means ‘Howitzer Tank’ or
    simply a SPG.

  148. the mighty jingles should use m1 abrams

  149. Jingles, stop rubbing it into Rita’s face.
    There will be times when she will be in a position to return the favor and
    I don’t know if you can take it as good as you can dish it out.


  150. So I have been up for quite a while now thinking oh finally I can go to
    sleep… But nope a new jingles video R.I.P. my sleep

  151. Jingles you will love the Ariete and Challenger 2

  152. he has to have said this but where is rita from?

  153. i fuck ritagamer so hard u dont even know m8’s

  154. Who the hell needs to stop abusing their mouse wheel?

  155. I doubt rita and jingles are really a thing. Jingles did mention in one of
    his videos that he was older that her mother.

  156. Jonathan MacKenzie

    Videos on Thursday, YAY I want my daily Jingles again.

  157. Make sure to close that porn window before you start the upload Jingles

  158. 0:28 ….oh my.

  159. Really? It’s that bloody Modern tank game again.

  160. push to talk, or setting up VOX properly might be a plan reta lol, good
    video all the same :)

  161. Its that other bloody tank game

  162. “you can do PvP in World of Tanks” yes you can but its a lot more fun for
    me in Armored Warfare. Its so much more fast paced and a totally different
    animal even though the controls are the same and it looks similar.
    PvE really is no Challenge at all in higher tiers so I find that it gets a
    boring after a couple hundred games 😀
    It is however still awesome to get a quick first win or to wreck some face
    if you run out of luck in PVP.

  163. That moment when you try to download the HD game but your Internet/router
    crashes every 200mb … every freaking time i do downloads via these
    lounchers like on war thunder or world of warships….

  164. thaht orgasm sigh haha 😀 jinglesss after sex video

  165. How do I get the damage display on my screen like jingles?

  166. Mihail Mihailovich (Scamykaze)

    Jingles, you old dog! I know you’re eager to make a video for your audience
    but at least finish your business with the lady first.
    Joey Tribiani would have high fived you and so will I. High five!

  167. AmerAm NotAverage

    jingels you have to explain the moan at the beginning (mingels with
    jingels) you can’t just gloss over it half the comments are about it

  168. thatbattlefield dude

    sounds like somebody was under the desk.. and hit their head on the way
    up… xD

  169. (12:45 ish) If Rita Gamer has “the Crabs”, it is your fault Mr. Jingles.

  170. Jingles, where is Rita from?

  171. Well i know the mondays with jingles’ subject now

  172. This burnt commander is rather good on challenger cuz u get torched quite

  173. samukynhagameplays

    when are you going to make a video on the arpeggio ships?

  174. Wargaming should just sample Rita’s keyboard for the new gun sounds….

  175. jeffrey schreuder

    first!!! in my mind at least you know what youtube just randered this
    comment late yes that must be it

  176. AmbushedOrange "Ratozesak" - Smug Holo

    Where in Portugal does Rita come from? I just don’t recognise the accent.

  177. Why does it seem that Jingles’s voice is much quieter? Or is it just that
    it’s too long I’ve heard Jingles’s voice?

  178. What is that ”áhhhm” at the beginning?:D

  179. Mighty I’m sure that I’ll get lynched for asking this, but what is your
    relationship with Rita. And please do answer!

  180. Are these comments serious? Rita was clearly sat right next to Jingles, you
    could even hear her typing. Most importantly, IT WAS JUST A SIGH. Jesus,
    you people need to get out more.

  181. damn it im downloading this game since last week it says the game will
    finish downloading after 34 days!!

  182. To Cyprus, huh? Hmm, what’s in Cyprus…? Why, if it isn’t Wargaming HQ!
    Jingles is going to get his briefcase full of money from Wargaming!

  183. lol what type of brutal mousewheel does rita have? something hancraftet out
    of little Tanks slaughtered by herself?

  184. TheEpicGamingPotato

    Guys chilllll. The beginning was only Rita yawning or sighing. The first
    replay is a dual-commentary between herself and Jingles and the VOIP was on
    before the match had started

  185. Christian Armbruster

    Who is that? 0:26

  186. Aleksandr Pokrachinskiy

    0.28 jingles was togging again!

  187. 00:28

    Apologies, banging Rita while I play

  188. jingels and Rita thanks wish i could play my challenger one nearly half as
    good as you guys do jingles if you feel like a bit more armor stick in an
    improved ammo rack will give you over 3k hit points but like you i went for
    the experimental powder but i left out the comms upgrade and have gone with
    kevlar wiring harness cheer to both of you

  189. All the moans ^^

  190. does anyone know why my World of tanks keep crashing when i open it? i get
    to the launcher and then when i press “Play” a black screen appears and
    then nothing happens 🙁 can anyone help me?

  191. btw jingles, you can enlarge your minimap in the settings ( if you need to

  192. *typing intensifies*. Is it always this noisy, playing with rita?. Does she
    have some sort of laptop and only use its inbuild mic?

  193. james ward-gwilliam

    Monday Monday first jingles video of the year.. Wait this isn’t mingles
    with jingles oh I’m not a big fan of this tank game.. Wait 0:28 what was
    that *watches rest of video and reads comments and go’s back to most
    commented section to investigate* from what I can tell its from the
    recording of them during the game not the overlay of jingles speaking at
    start also scroll wheel madness I’m guilty of the same haha. it’s most
    likely a frustrating sigh you filthy animals not the other noise but the
    flirtation throughout and all the jokes does lead people to believe
    something going on ? wouldn’t be surprised at all the memes now or this
    going viral

    THE CHALY 1…
    DAH sorry to burst your bubble but they most defo can mate maybe u would
    like to reconsider your last comment .!!
    they can do it in two ways commanders hatch and the drivers window under
    the barrel of the main gun I have done it many times now and works every
    time and yes I felt dirty afterwards killing a great tank like this and its
    british keep up the great work. wish u and rita a happy new year..

  195. The “Typewriter” was sadly a bit too annoying for me, oh well.

  196. Dan Hoard (DanThePiMan)

    Jingles, you silly old man. Enjoy your trip, and when you come back, please
    try to adjust the volume difference between the intro video and the start
    of your voice-over. Listening in the morning has me slamming the [Vol-]
    button during the intro vid, then hammering away on the [Vol+] button to
    hear your dulcet tones. 🙂 Still love the videos, so I’ll just slink back
    to the salt mines, sir.

  197. PvE hard mode is to easy for tier 7+

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