ARMORED WARFARE | Challenger 2 ATDU + 140mm PISH = Good Times

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Source: WillfulTangent

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  1. Nice, a Video of my favorite AW Youtuber about my favorite T10 MBT

  2. How did you guys get over the antena table on the ATDU? Cos I have not, that thing is ugly :D. I love the tank, but looking at T9 Challanger 2 and this is not easy 🙂

  3. I hope they add super derp vehicle like FV 4005…

  4. Trương Thịnh

    Don’t feel bad for yourself mate. Cuz I’m in the same boat xD

  5. What camo is that? it would suit my leclerc!

  6. If you know where to aim, the PISH shells having lower per-shot damage doesn’t matter, because it’s not lower by a massive degree, it adds spots you can pen that your AP straight up can’t, and if you REALLY know where to aim, a single shot does roughly 2x damage to the listed value.
    In PVE, my ATDU does not run ANY armor-piercing, and I’ve never felt hindered for it.

  7. Working my way there I’m at the chally 1 and t90 just pick up the leo2 a5 almost got my leclerc prototype waiting for the k1a1 to come back

  8. FINALLY PISH superiority

  9. Ah yes!…don’t even need to watch i just agree with the title!! 😂…but i still watched,good vid.

  10. thank you for keeping me updated on the game loved it back when it had NA servers kinda hard for me to connect now but i wanna get back in to it is it worth it?

  11. The ADTU has AP???? why did I not know this.

    I ran the whole tech tree with pure loadouts of HESH/PISH

  12. I really can’t stand the speed of this line, im more of a Brawler, Russian and US MBT kinda thing

  13. Have you been ammo racked?
    Challenger 2: Would you like to?

  14. Would it be possible to have a breakdown of Global Ops and some of the other game modes? I’m fairly new and I don’t fully know what all the modes are.

    • PVP random battle: you spawn you die you’re out
      PvE: repetitive mode where you get swarmed by various amounts of dumbass bots to compensate for difficulty
      PvP GLOPS: imo the most fun mode where you respawn without any costs and try to win the game by controlling specific points and working with your team plus picking up so called wildcards in favour of your team, end goal is draining the enemy of their ticket pool or survival points if you will

    • @WillWhiskey Thank u!

  15. It’s the one out of two lineages I haven’t finished yet
    But honestly from what I heard, pvp-wise the tank is… Well.. No so good
    It’s slow and its era sucks unlike the XM’s era which is very viable

    Regarding the Pish, again, in pvp, you might as well use heat with Sabrina

  16. Rajorsi Roy Chowdhury

    What are those rods for, on the top of the turret ?

  17. My favorite tank by far.

  18. Have u done a video on the t72b3?

  19. Camouflage name?

  20. Link Linqian Chen

    A video for M48 GAU-8? This thing does insane amount of dmg LOL

  21. JustSomeRandom Ostrich

    What an underrated game. Played from 2015 to 2016 uninstalled because of lack of interest. Just installed it back in Feb this year and I must say I’m quite surprised to see whats the current game feature is right now. I already said to my self that I will not play mmo’s like war thunder but this will be the only exception. $13-15 on a tier 9 vehicle when there’s steam sale?! Oh yes please! Not to mention I’ve got a bunch of goodies as a “welcome back gift”

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