Armored Warfare – Challenger!

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Your , should you choose to accept it, is to do a video on Armoured Warfare’s Challenger I MBT without using the phrase “ accepted”.

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System Specs: Core i7 4820-K 3.7Ghz i7 CPU, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 3GB nVidia GTX780 Ti GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. hi jingles!

  2. wohooooi, we video! :3

  3. yay

  4. Really hope Armored Warfare can catch on and get as big as World of Tanks

  5. Wow I minute 87 views

  6. ah great, it’s that other tank game again

  7. Lukáš “Tefal” Šifner


  8. under the 301!!! whoot

  9. since I just saw it in that intro there… any good tips on dealing with
    Terminators? None of my tanks can reliably penetrate it, all I can do is
    use HE (if my tank even has those) and hope to eventually knock out the
    crew, while the Terminator’s guns can penetrate every MBT I throw at it
    even from the front

  10. Wow, only 14 comments. I never really thought I’d see the day where I could
    look at all the comments on one unextended page in a Jingles video.

  11. Great Video..but ur a bad bad man for scaring poor Rita like that last
    night…and robbing the Pringles Mr Jingles ;)

  12. Omg, that bloody modern tank game again?

  13. The exp needed from the Cheiftan mk5 to Challenger 1 and the exp needed for
    the XM1 is the same last I checked

  14. Gus Davis (Major G)

    tasty depleted uranium armor!

  15. Despite being a British invention, Chobham appeared first on the Abrams…

  16. Challenge declined.
    I’m not fucking with a Challenger.

    (read the description if you don’t get it…)

  17. did you stop doing anything war thunder related???? you know i asked 3
    times now in 3 different videos.

  18. Greater British Railway

    Ok, who was surprised when it was the challenger? No one…………….I
    wasn’t either

  19. Took me 2 hours with premium during Thanksgiving weekend to almost cap the
    exp on it. Will I ever get the credits. HAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHA. I
    don’t buy premium and I don’t have a premium tank.
    Edit: Took me 2 hours to get the exp for the Challenger. First wins+ that
    free premium was delicious.

  20. FINALLY some actual PvP.

  21. A New Challenger Approaches.

  22. survivability onion, dont be there in the first place? imma not playing

  23. enough with the pve play some pvp the pve is starting to get really boring

  24. 7:12 Will those effects will be the same for PvP? Because nearly every
    single one of your replays are PvE battles.

  25. Hang on, isn’t the Challenger I one of the easiest tier VIIs to unlock,
    because it only costs as much XP as a tier VI while having a standard

  26. Are you going to unlock Leopard 2 or 1 Jingles?

  27. Wasn’t the M1 Abrams the first MBT to have Chobham armour?

    Very interesting video Jingles. Love these historical vids :)

  28. Jingles i aplreciate your love to the challenger. But from the technical
    point of view the Leopard 2 did anything better.

  29. where can u submitt ideas for new tanks for AW?

  30. Greater British Railway

    Did anyone lose interest in this video once he started talking about the

  31. Whats up with all the dick taylors? and no i dont mean with it having the
    “dick” word on it but it seems like so many names are dick taylors and with
    no offense

  32. the Abrams was first tank to have Chobham armor

  33. @The Mighty Jingles How did the devs Armored warfare manage to accurately
    determine how resistant to damage chobham armor is to shaped, armor
    piercing and he shells? Did the British army post how resistant their top
    secret armor is to the public? Or did Armored warfare do approximations as
    to how resistant chobham armor is?

  34. Pffff… Leopard 2 is much stronker tenk than puny Challenger!

  35. Aw I’m itching to see an Abrams and Leo video.

  36. Is the challenger mk2 on armoured warfare

  37. Jingles, Please watch Krampus it’s hilarious!

  38. I love how AW models cupola shots, dealing minimum dmg. How sweet that the
    only Challenger was KIA by friendly HESH into cupola

  39. A TOW rapes challenger like cake. :)

  40. Actually the grind from the Chief Mk.5 to the Chall. 1 is shorter than
    going through tier 6 as well. It’s also way cheaper on your wallet 😀

    It’s a beautiful tank though.

  41. TOG confirmed in Armored Warfare

  42. Modern mbts are just pretty boring, the designs for tanks are just about
    perfected so they all look similar and have just about the same
    effectiveness. No matter which tank people argue is the best they really
    are just about the same, same gun, similar armor, and similar speed.

  43. will you be doing a video like this when you get the m1 abrams or the m1a2
    at t9

  44. Can’t you play more of that boat game? I’m sick of this silly car game.

  45. Uh… Actually Jingles, the T-64 was never used by the Iraqi forces.

  46. does anywone know what the strongest tank is?

  47. Jingles. Your next challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to grind
    and unlock the Challenger 2.


  49. And here I thought the Chieftain Mk.5 was a good tank… On with the grind
    again iI see…

  50. LOL that Challenger 1 PVP match 8 damaging hits 2 are ramming and only 2 of
    the 5 damaging shell hits are full damage I wonder what the Challenger 2
    tier 10 variant will be like.

  51. More of this!!!

  52. Jingles I know that Bradley was getting on your nerves

  53. Jingles, if I were you, I’d be in no rush to grind through the Challenger
    1, as the C1 Ariete is….well…a turd (at least it is until the ERA
    armour is placed on it). It is a stonking good tank and is among my very

  54. Great video jingles, I love the amount of information you put into these
    kinds of videos, I would love to see more like it for sure!

    One question from me, could you put together a list of recommended
    literature to read up on post war armour and even pre and on wards, and
    host it somewhere? I’m not a massive reader but would certainly like to
    start adding things like that to my library!

    Thanks again jingles, look after yourself!

  55. If you’re this much of a juggernaut in the Challenger 1, I can’t wait to
    see what you get up to once you get ahold of its’ replacement…

  56. Please do a video on the Starship!

  57. I heard that the Challenger I does exceedingly well in PvE but rather
    poorly in PvP. Didn’t inquire as to why, but I am greatly looking forward
    to getting the Chally 1.

    Great video again Jingles! Was interesting to learn the history behind this
    tank as well.

  58. just as an example of how good the armour is on the challenger 2 which is
    just a slightly updated version of the same armour, a few years ago a
    division of challenger 2s came under fire and a single tank took about 30
    direct hits from RPG’s and 17 direct hits from antitank rockets upon which
    it rolled over onto its turret the rest of the tanks sat next to it and
    focused its light weapon fire (machine guns) onto its arse and kept fire on
    it to stop insurgents from climbing on top and setting fires to cook the
    crew, after the tank got recovered into the workshop all that was found to
    be damaged on it was the sighting units (from when it rolled on top of
    them) 3 hours in the workshop to replace the sights and it was back in

  59. OnceUponATimeThereWasAPersonWithALongUsername.TheElongationOfThatUsernameWasPlainlyLegendary

    I am not a grafix expert but there is something wrong with this game’s
    Lighting perhaps.

  60. So the Challanger was the first tank to roll out with Chobamn? NICE…hats
    off to you then!

  61. Another great video Jingles.It made me happy and sad.Happy to see a great
    tank getting the respect it deserves even if only in a game , and also
    bringing back happy memories of working on the vehicle.Sad because I will
    never have the joy of flying about in one of these magnificent beasts or
    it’s even more potent descendant again.Keep up the good work fella.Quis

  62. hey jingles can you do a base overview vid plz

  63. Actually, Jingles, The grind from the Chief Mk.5 to the Challenger 1 is the
    same as any tier 5 to 6 grind. For example, the grind from the Chief to the
    Challenger is 135,000 reputation. And the grind from the Begleit Panzer 57
    (tier 5) to the Stingray is 135,000 reputation. But the grind from the
    Stingray 1 (tier 6) to the stingray 2 (tier 7) is 270,000 reputation.

  64. Leopard 2 pls!

  65. One tidbit – the Shah of Iran escaped the country during the Revolution in
    1979 and died from cancer in Egypt a year later.

  66. Skipperino Quickerino

    Are the Leopards any good?

  67. Hi jingles big fan of your work I have a question for mingle with
    your opinion in a 1vs1 who would come off better in wot quickybaby or

  68. let me grab some popcorn, juice, pizza, beer.

  69. Awesome video man its crazy how the new way of thinking/designing a tanks
    survival from how it was in WW2

  70. fantastic video as always Jingles! I’m sure there are many. however what
    are the major upgrades that the challenger 2 has over the 1?

  71. I had this beauty researched and then the game came up with a bug that
    doesn’t like me and I can’t play for more than a week. I am having an awful
    luck nowadays.

  72. when doing the TMR-Tank – the holy Leopard

  73. I sense a disturbance in the force.

    (Eyes open up, fully alert, and checks for a Jingles video.)

  74. For anyone who is having trouble with the challenger, shoot High Explosive
    at the right side of the front of the hull (right from your perspective,
    the left from theirs) a couple of times and it will suffer an engine fire.

    Or just avoid tier 7 until it is patched. OE has said it is going to get a

  75. You didn’t mention this in the video, but does the Cosmetic steel armor act
    as all around spaced armor?

  76. Fun fact for the day: the M1A2 Abrams uses 15 Gallons of JP8 fuel, just to
    start up.

  77. real talk. da Vinci invented the tank AND had the idea of sloped armor. but
    I suppose the same argument people use against the vikings discovering
    America applies here: nothing significant came from it so it doesn’t matter
    historically. although I think it would be interesting if some sort of
    special event/for-fun gamemode were made with da Vinci type tanks.

  78. That thing is so overpowered ever since they got rid of both of its major
    weak spots. I got the Ariete yesterday, it’s even more overpowered than the
    Challenger 1 because it’s got that major side armor upgrade. Now imagine
    what the Challenger 2 is going to be like lol…

  79. Depleted uranuim ammo is not only expensive, it kicks up large amounts of
    toxic dust on impact that will poison civilians.

  80. Wait you’re telling me that AW has togs ?

  81. Revolutionary hydro-gas suspension? that would be the Austin Allegro then,
    but the armour wasn’t great on that.

  82. Skipperino Quickerino

    Funny, the Challenger 1 in Wot also is a Tier 7 tank.

  83. jingles again pls dont say this nonsense about the amount of xp to grind,
    you only need 135k xp for the challenger1, which gets you into tier7,
    onther lines however need 135k xp for the tier6 and then with the tier6 you
    have to grind another 270k xp, so basically you grinding 270k less for this
    another thing YES the challenger1 is one of the best looking tanks in the
    world and in the game its beast mode with the era and ap upgrade

  84. Jingles, actually, it’s the easiest mbt grind, since you have no tier 6 you
    need the same amount of exp with the chieftain if you would grind a tier 6
    tank for example going from the T-72 to the T-72A, same with artillery,
    with the tier 4 arty you need only tier 5 amount of xp to get to the tier 6
    arty :D

  85. About 25yrs ago a lady I knew, who worked in the MOD, commented that
    Chieftains broke down every 40 miles on average. I guess she was talking
    about that crappy engine.

  86. how do you even have time to grind jingles?

  87. Jingles you failed your mission, you said “challenge accepted” at 24:05

  88. It’s that bloody Armored Vehicles’ game again! AND I LOVE IT!

  89. XD The tank enthusiast in me drooled over this thing, but the American in
    me was insulted to hear that something is better than the Whispering Death

  90. Screwing up negotiations in a way only the British government is capable of
    Oh Mr. Jingles ye of little faith for the rest of the world.

  91. I’m starting to think the chally 1 is underrated and the M1 Abrams is
    overrated ?

  92. Not that bloody Online Kitty game again…… Wait, I mean not that bloody
    modern tank game again?

  93. I Thought Jingles was in love, I was right but his love interest is a tank
    and not his lovely room mate! Jingles is having a ‘fling’!

  94. hey jingles i’m doing my phase one next year and will be in the joining the
    royal tank regiment so i will get the challenger 2 ;)

  95. More of this kind of video! this was worthy of the history/Discovery
    channel *if they actually showed some actual documentary’s that is*
    Big fan jingles! keep up the great work!

  96. that ass at 0:27 just tankgasm

  97. challanger 1 costs the same as a tier 6 tank in xp

  98. War thunder? No? No? Ok…

  99. Whats the addon he uses to see the damage done/taken?

  100. Jingles, you should definitely do more tank history lecture for other
    nation iconic tank i.e abram, leo2, and etc.

  101. Oh my god I made a lot of smart-ass comments. Doesn’t matter. So addendum
    to the Uranium shells. Aside from being bloody heavy (and I mean BLOODY
    heavy), uranium have the tendecy to vaporize upon impact and catch fire,
    which might make the insides of the target’s tanks rather unconfortable
    (not as bad as it sounds, as there is a high chance you survive, but
    Also my favourite snippet of imformation that I found is some smart people
    insisting that uranium shells should be banned, because uranium is
    poisonous. I mean if you get hit by one I am sure that will be the least of
    your problems, but hey. Smart people.

  102. Field Marshall Rommel

    Blimey tanks and armour are a hell of more complicated then in my day

  103. Well I mean.. the M1 Abrams had Chobham armor 3 years prior to the
    Challenger being used so.. Just a corection. Not sure when it was first
    developed but it was put to the field first in the Abrams

  104. there putting this in war thunder

  105. 22:57 Jingles… By 1979 there was a certain other MBT just entering
    service that may not had used Chobham but was certainly not worse than the
    Shir 2…


  106. Well Jingles, I can honestly say this. Your videos conviced me to try this
    game and WoT on my new laptop…And I am happy I did.

  107. i think the WOT challanger tier7 TD is better …… :3

  108. Congradulations on your tank…

  109. I hope Obsidion adds Swiss Tanks soon to AW because that would pretty much
    be the only thing keeping me in that game. Panzer 58, Panzer 61, Panzer 68,
    68/75, 68/88 Panzer 68 with add on armor, Panzer 87, Panzerkanone 68, NKE,
    HM-13 cheetah.
    So many good tanks which are not happening in WG becuase half of them are
    way to new. And the others we need to convince them to add them as tier 8,9
    and 10 vehicles in the German tech tree

  110. Jingles when will you do a video about elite dangerous again?

  111. Jingles you forget to mention that it uses a 1200hp Diesel engine, people
    who actually know something about tanks like to know these things

  112. 29:46 Direct fire. There had been longer indirect fire kills.
    31:21 Actually, there’s ways to adapt HEAT ammo that can be fired by rifled

  113. pleas also doe us tanks

  114. Hey jingles, check out the AW website news, they’re giving everyone a type
    59 bahaha. such a stab at WG you gotta see it

  115. Jingles the xp required to unlock the tier 7 Challenger is the same amount
    as the xp required to unlock the tier 6 xm-1

  116. Wasn’t the Abrams the first to use Chobham armor?

  117. The ERA modifiers are separate to the armour modifiers. You have to
    multiply them together to get the actual modifier. For KE, this becomes
    4*1.55=6.20. This of course only applies to the first hit in one particular
    area. Also, because its a multiplier and not a flat armour increase,
    thin-skinned vehicles like the BMP-3 will probably get penetrated through
    the ERA regardless.

  118. Jingles, I’ve just gotten my Chally 1 fully upgraded, and I absolutely
    adore it! So far my record for “Damage Mitigated” in a PvE match is right
    around 18k. This tank is a real boss!

  119. Could 2 challenger 1’s pen each other? lol

  120. As a languages student, allow me to tell you that your videos are not only
    funny, but they also improve my english level. Having said that I must add
    that the other day I had an awkward moment during an oral exam, when I said
    ‘it makes me happy’ and then involuntarily added ‘in my pants’. Thank you,

  121. Jingles Challenger is cheap to outfit when you hit Ariete its bit insane
    and friend sent me Chally 2 upgrade cost… you can buy t6/7s for that

  122. the challenger is so amazing we (the welsh) use it in replacement if the
    old heavy calvery :-D

  123. Nice video jingles! Chally 1 my fav tank in the game ;D

  124. Is bette

  125. But I like to play my challenger

  126. Maybe someone can tell me whats good about the era on the challenger 1 when
    you lose 150mm of side armor for better armor that can only take one hit?

  127. while I was at Royal Ordnance Nottingham, there was a railcar parked in a
    warehouse that held Two chieftain tanks that had been sold to the shah of
    Iran. Because of the revolution they obviously couldn’t be delivered or
    sold to anyone else, they sat there for years and I don’t know what
    actually finally happened to them. I can attest also to the security of
    Chobham (we pronounced it cob-ham) as no one was allowed near a challenger
    1 we had on site without an armed guard, or without special clearance.

  128. My Father’s ex-tankie, and they didn’t tell him the composition of his
    Challenger 2 Tanks armour after 20 years of service in the Armed Forces.
    They’re keeping this tighter than a Rat’s arse.

  129. thomas therandomperson

    This video must have been a challenge. (What have I done?)

  130. Woah, ok, you didn’t collect the facts, someone else did, but, gotta say
    this since I was there….Abrams did not have to clean their filters every
    90 minutes, only once a week at the most. Yes, the turbines did suffer from
    sand scuffing, but it wasn’t debilitating to the overall performance. Oh
    yeah, one other thing, didn’t see a single T-64 the whole time there, 55’s,
    62’s, yeah, plenty of them, and masses of BRDM and BMP variants. 72’s??? I
    saw one on the Highway to Hell that was knocked out from aircraft fire.

  131. One of the best videos you have done in ages. More please.

  132. Great video Jingles. I learned alot of new things about Challenger tank

  133. RPG-29 says hi to your chobham armour :P

  134. Hey Jingles you said that “some idiot shot you in the back of the turret”
    you cannot do team damage in PVE ;)

  135. What is that song at the start???

  136. is this a rip off of the horrific world of tanks? no thanks.

  137. Merkava masterrace!

  138. Amazing tank in the game, an amazing tank irl. Adore the thing.

    Glad it doesn’t suffer any realistic problems though, eh? Can’t wait till
    you unlock the Chally 2, Jingles.

  139. jingles reactions on unlocking the challanger…hmm…. running in a circle
    while screaming like a little girl which got a present for christmas?:D

  140. Fun fact
    SRJ, Kosovo 1999. Challenger 2 got stuck in mud, and British soldiers
    couldn’t get it out so they asked for help from Serbian soldiers. Vehicle
    that got them out on solid ground was Serbian t55 tank.

  141. jingles please say in any video if you are going to make a tank review on
    the leopard 2a5 any time soon

  142. I know Jingles is British and he of course has huge pride for The
    Challengers but I would love to hear him talk about/ review The M1A2 with
    it’s armor and Tusk 2 upgrades

  143. that bloody AW game again! jingles where is wots?

  144. I didnt know the challenger could carry TOGs l

  145. if you just play pve stats don’t matter just the fact that challenger
    wont get penetrated from front PvE is sooo boring!!

  146. Awesome video – mission failed ( “…challenge accepted…” at 24.05 😉 )


    Oh, and, uh, why do you not have any repair kits, med kits, or fire

  148. Now you gotta unlock the chally 2 :)


  150. Admiral SnackBar Cornwilis

    Tanks are like onions….and ogres…

    Before I let my self out, has jingles done a M1A1 Abrams yet?

  151. Uhm, Jingles?
    Why do you not have any consumables?

  152. In before Islamophobia bullshit comments flaming Jingles for his mere
    reciting of *history*

  153. 0:32 yo bae mind if I check if those fuel tanks are real?

  154. *cough M1 Abrams cough*

  155. Wow, ten-thousand damage, nice job Bradley guy.

  156. your name is henriksen?

  157. >Not M1A1
    Scrub :3

  158. The Challenger 1 is glorious, truly wonderful. The only problem is that
    there seems to be a bug or something with the hit boxes; if it gets hit
    around the headlights with HE the fuel tank tends to get damaged. Naturally
    the AI bots spam HE at Challys and set you on fire repeatedly.

    Still, the Challenger 1 has been one of my favorite tanks in the game so
    far. It’s ridiculous, and I keep running out of ammo on some missions
    because there’s so many targets and I can just sit there and laugh as they
    bounce off my frontal armor.

  159. i have noticed a distinct lack of TOG jingles, i need quenching of my
    thirst for TOG

  160. enjoy it sir :)

  161. watching P V E on youtube is boring as hell

  162. I randomly went back to the search queue and saw this. Right when I read it
    was jingles and it had challenger in it, I knew jingles will LOVE, and I
    quote again. LOVE this tank! it’s like the Maus’s brother! I can’t wait to
    even try out the Challenger 2! After work tonight I’m off for two days. I
    plan to get my Ariete tonight and unlock as much as I can. :3

  163. usukatlifegodiekthx

    Expanding and condensing gas is literally how all refrigeration works :-/

  164. looking at it (at least at the back of the hull) it looks like centurion

  165. So, a good Tank, but with a pretty vicious turret monster.

  166. 10/10 this thing would probably one-hit a Derzki.

  167. Jingles – Just to let you know “Torsion Bars (TB) ARE NOT connected to
    their opposite number Rod Wheel station on the other side of the Tank”.
    TBs can only twist in One Direction and need to be anchored IOT provide a
    rebounding twist. They are housed or retained in a splined recess adjacent
    to the opposite side roadwheel station which is why TB equipped vehicles
    have offset roadwheels – 1 side is set further forward from the other.

  168. challenger soooooo sexy

  169. Theblackthingerson gaming

    well in pve it’s easier more or less to get xp if you have premium but if
    your like me then your running standard then to get anything done in a
    decent time then PvP is it.

  170. Every hour checking for a new video from Jingles

  171. Is the Challenger 2 in this game??? sorry if this is a stupid question!!!

  172. Look again, Jingles…..grinding the Challenger is no more XP than moving
    from tier 5 to tier 6 in any other line.

  173. Except OE made chally catch fire from the auto shots to the front.. In
    their mind somehow shooting a tank front sets off the fuel tanks which are
    located in the back and lights up like a zippo. JOke tank. Joke AW

  174. Jingles Why dont u make a vid series called Tank History ?

    Tell us more about the History of Tanks like the Challanger M1 Abrhams
    Leopard2 and when it comes in armored Warfare the Merkava and all the other
    good stuff that leads to the defelopment i didnt even noticed that this
    video was 38 minutes long cause i lost myself in your voice and the stuff
    you told us about
    you have that kind of voice that peple could listen Hours to :D

  175. Jingles- “Makes me very happy in my pants”- 2015
    I have my friend nick over and we laughed so hard when this line was said.
    Thank you Jingles.

  176. I love my Chall. 1 it’s an awesome tank no matter which mode you play in
    (though I prefer PvE). Also when you were explaining the ammo for the
    Chall. 1… you got shot in the back twice by the T-72.

  177. Wait a minute did they change the amount of xp nessecery to unlock the
    challanger cos last time i saw it it was the same amount of xp for the XM1
    and the Challanger

  178. Jingles, a funny fact about a serten brittish tank that was used by The
    Dutch army was the centurion mark 1 ( i believe mark 1) the Dutch army
    removed the Pipes that have hot water from the engine running trough the
    crew compartments ( basicly making the crew compartment a bit more
    comfortable temparature) because quote: “we dont want the crew to fall
    asleep” unquote.. im not sure if they did the same with its replacement
    tank, the leopard.

  179. T-64 in Iraq? Didn’t they only issue T-64s to core Soviet Republics until
    long after USSR was gone?

  180. what mods do you use?

  181. i think its interesting that even though the British invented chobham, the
    M1 Abrams was the first MBT to use it

  182. Now you just need to get the Challenger 2!

  183. I thought the Abrams was the first tank to use the Chobham armor even tho
    the British invented it

  184. Peter Manks (Captain Scrubs)

    a friend drove this titan in the first gulf war and sat on a hill taking
    fire drawing the iraqi tanks in to be pincered even though they out ranged
    the enemy, his tanks took dozens of hits and took zero damage. they wiped
    out an entire regiment.

  185. 16:08 Why would you do that to a perfectly good leopard 2?

  186. Peanut Butter Jealy

    Jingles, these episodes are quite informative. Can you do more and
    especially towards the Challenger 2?

  187. Well, the challenge not to use the phrase “Challenge Accepted” was promptly
    failed xD

  188. …Rocky theme for the Challenger huh?

  189. Challenger > Abrams lol

    anyway fun fact the t64 mbt was the first to use combination armour.

    lol “don’t fire shaped charges it won’t end well for u” hrisantema and
    kornet missiles can pen this tank anywhere lol

  190. Challenger in a nutshell – Wants to be an Abrams.

    End video, scrap the project, kill the crew, we’re done.

  191. You learn something every day. Hiding the real armor on this thing is pure

  192. Thanks a lot for the history leson very interesting. But as far as i know
    the UK uses the Challenger 2 and US uses the M1A2 Abrams. As for whatever
    shit they have slaped on to it that also Changes its name i guess. Like if
    a car have turbo it have to have turbo in the name. Anyway grate video.
    Informative and very fun to Watch and interesting. =) And i started missing
    WoW watching this video. No fucking clue where that came from. =S

  193. Jingles make more videos like this please.

  194. 04:15 that’s a paddling

  195. sry but this game looks like shit move on Jingles

  196. T64 was not in use by the Iraqi army only being used for the first time in
    heavy combat in Ukraine by both sides in the Ukrainian civil war just
    recently. The Iraqi army did have some Chinese Type 69 tanks and though not
    used captured Chieftan tanks from the Iran Iraq war also as the tanks you

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    He basically got paid to shoot the armour with many different types of
    shells, explosives and bullets to see what it did and report it.

    He’s told me some amazing stories about what they used to get up to there.

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    Cromwell = Rolls-Royce engine (reliable)
    Comet = Rolls-Royce engine (reliable)
    Centurion = Rolls-Royce engine (reliable)
    Chieftain = Leyland engine (total dog shit)
    Challenger 1 = Rolls-Royce engine (reliable)
    Who can spot the problem here? This is why you don’t let a bus company
    build engines for tanks….. :p
    By all means design a engine to run on any type of fuel, but for the love
    of god let Rolls-Royce do it! 😀

    Seriously though, I’m sooooo close to unlocking this beast. I can’t wait!
    Also I’m really glad the Chieftain’s unreliability is not modeled in-game
    so I can actually enjoy it.

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    from that value ;)

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    challenger 1 and 2 and have to say although the challengers were far
    superior to the chieftain, the chieftain was more fun to drive!! Also
    easier for crews to work on. You would always find chieftains parked in
    troop hangers, but challengers spent most there time with the REME!!

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    This is a problem with the t7 and above MBTs, the balancing in this game
    has gone tits up frankly there’s no point driving anything but a mbt in
    those tiers since scouts cant damage anything nor can tds since they cant
    pen anything. The game balance is really off and the drop off on other
    classes is severe after t5 its a problem that really needs addressing. on a
    side not the armour upgrade removes side armour if i undersand this right
    so on mine i have upgraded everything but the armour since i see no reason
    to since im already frontally immune but it just lowers my side armour
    which was also pretty immune.

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    angle it and let your enemies hit your rear,and set you on fire. The Chally
    looks practically invincible on paper,but on the battlefield it’s not as
    amazing. You know Obsidian DO need to balance our this game,so no tank can
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    never served in the military but did work on many electronic systems for
    the M1A1, Sikorsky, Grunin and the space suites for the NASA shuttle

    Was it a early Challenger that was used by Israel? They put a ball and
    chain armor to cover the weak spot between the hull and turret. Something
    so simple and effective.

    Love your stuff!

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    rubber tracks too drive on the road you can also buy some tanks online

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    on fire frontally if someone knows where to hit you (above the tracks, its
    a non damaging pen, but literally a t-54 can pen your fuel tanks and
    eventually set you on fire).

    There is also a small viewport under the gun, but it’s really hard to hit
    and has a lot of armor. T-90s with SABOT ammo can pen you there tho.

    All in all, this tank is an absolute beast even in tier 9 battles.

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    missing tier u pay the price of the lower missed tier for a higher tier. in
    essence u are gettin one hell of a xp bargain.

  262. Sorry to burst your bubble jingles.But the challenger has a broken
    Apparently hitting your front sprockets.(The frontmost wheels on your
    tracks) set you on fire.Or firing HE/Hesh at your drivers hatch/headlights
    at the front set you on fire immediately.Apparently invisible Fuel tanks at
    the front.Then there’s the rear turret of the Challenger where it can be
    penned by an amx10p’s autocannon.Round penetrates around 86mm.The rear
    turret is about 186.

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    English and the Americans? Because I usually hear it as “Chieftain tanks
    were fitted with armour.”

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    know how much exactly it is and dont know the exact numbers for the 2A6 but
    i bet its also very high

  273. About the T-64s, the Soviets never Sold T-64 MBTs as export, they only got
    used in Soviet Nations like Ukriane where they are still used today apart
    from that no export, in the end the Iraki army was using T-54/55, T-62,
    T-72 and some chinese derivitives like the Type 59

  274. Over half a meter of effective protection. Half a meter. This is one sexy
    and badass machine.

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    True, there is no T6 in the line. But the Challenger is actually easier to
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  278. first time I’ve heard of the MBT-80, looked for it and I have to say it was
    good it got delayed and cancelled because it’s “ugly”
    the british with their cromwells, comets, centurions, conquerors and
    chieftains, all “good looking” tanks, and then the aberration that the
    MBT-80 would become

  279. Jingles, some tips for PvP Matches (that are way more fun to watch then
    PvE) with MBTs tier 7+:
    1) Put another commander in your tank: Freja Højbjerg ist best MBTs
    commander, imo.
    2) Load more (20+) HE ammo. It works well with Frejas ability to inflict
    50% more crew damage after destroying an enemy module.
    3) HE is good measure to peel off ERA, thanks to splash you can take
    multiple squares off with one shot.
    4) HE is also great at setting tanks on fire – if enemy side scrapes, aim
    on rear part of hull.
    5) While training crew, take Accuracy over Aim Time. Aim Time will decrease
    with gunners level, Accuracy won’t.
    (with Accuracy I mean size of aim circle when it’s smallest – guy who
    translated skills descriptions should never be allowed to do it again, half
    of my low level crews have wrong perks thanks to him)

    And more PvP videos please, we all know that you are not a champ, but it’s
    not why we watch you anyway. :)

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