Armored Warfare || Changes to PvP MM and Balancing for PvE?!

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Kinda big when you think about it…

– https://./us/news/general/introducing-update-0203831


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  1. Hey Everyone, I will be doing a stream tonight and hoping to know what you guys want me to play!:

    Link to my Twitch:

  2. Let me just correct you on some things you seem to not be informed about

    1) The T-14 not taking full damage when shot in the turret ring is officially branded as a bug from SilentStalker in this thread ( ). It will also get quite a rebalance in the upcoming patch after the new shell/ATGM damage mechanic changes (bye bye retarded 35% damage bonus on APFSDS) as stated in this thread ( )

    2) The merged queue did not even last ONE DAY, mainly because it was NOT optional and it could pull you into glops or PvP even if you did not want to. I had istances when half a team in GLOPs just disconnected. It won’t be attempted this way again and if it does it will not make people play modes they don’t want anymore like this time.

    3) The T-14 was NOT balanced even before balance 2.0. And it now is the most broken it’s ever been. In fact it needs a massive nerf to even make it comparable with the other tier 10 MBTs, two of which still are completely non-competitive in PvP (chally ATDU and leo 2AX).

    The moment this game focuses the balancing on a broken mess also known as PvEasy where MBTs are always kings is the moment AW may as well erase all other classes. Balance 2.0 already almost broke it with the silly MBT side armor and mobility, making potatoes in MBTs happy by making them even more of a “press W to win” is definetly the wrong step in balancing the game.

  3. I’m liking the new updates!!! afv’s are rocking with ammo changes.its getting better and better!! thanks much for everything you do for us sir ?

  4. I like the ideer with PvE. But allso if the Q is that long. Maybe make the MM do like this: lets say after 5-6 mins wait time, then the rest of the players not found has bots in the PvP mode. Then make em Hard – Inzane difficulty?

  5. is it still slowly dying?

  6. +Devient Kage thanks I will have to log onto the NA and give it a try. I stopped playing. This might get me back.

  7. They stop the merged MM already….

    In the past 24 hours, we’ve been carefully monitoring the Global Operations and PvP merge situation, including your feedback. While the goals of the queue unification were generally met and the average waiting time was reduced (in some specific cases considerably), we’ve been also paying close attention to your feedback.
    Ultimately, we understand that the players need to have a choice between the modes they want to play. Since we received all the information we need from this test, we decided to disable the unified queue and end the test.
    Thank you for your time evaluating this feature and sharing your opinions with us.
    Apart from these features, the update is introducing a number of corrections to several outstanding Armored Warfare issues, the list of which can be found below.

  8. Played 5 on 5 pvp tonight. Ok. not enough players do it. 5v5, 10 v 10 good idea.

  9. If they can manage to do 10-15 player PvE Raids that would be amazing

  10. Also I think PvP and Glops should have a system where the rest of the open slots get filled by AI for example lets say 8 players are in a Glops match, the 22 open slots are AI Teammates/Opponents

  11. The problem in pve that they were trying to fix by reduced damage to turret ring is that the AI has aimbot for weak spots. I have turret ring damage almost every match, often more than once. I agree the pve meta has become heavy MBT. I think it is because the AI has another hidden advantage – instant ammo switch. If the first vehicle it sees is MBT then it fires HEAT or sabot (or APBC – ammo that player can’t use) but if it sees lightly armored vehicle it fires HE. I have even seen it shoot at MBT, then AFV shows up like 8 seconds later (when it should be about reloaded with sabot) and 2 sec later fires HE at AFV..

  12. yes i love your thoughts on pve

  13. And while their making PvE cool and interesting again, bring back the utility that Arty had with the flares and smoke rounds. That would be great. and actually make the arty line worth playing again.

  14. Armored Warfare Replays

    Good to know and hope that AW devs will hear ya! Thanx mate 🙂

  15. Can you compare the leopard 2A5 and M1A1 Abrams? Which is better? And is the russian MBT line any good?

  16. SteelWolf20 Gaming

    AW has become a copy of WoT imo, its dead. someone needs to buy this game out

  17. Dude 100% behind you, focus on PvE. I think the storyline within AW is compelling as hell, and it’s not that well developed right now! I’ll be honest they could do some weird shit with it and I’d be like “well shit OK”

    Throw in mechs and leave me in my tank? COOL. Fuck those mechs. Impractical combat vehicles to begin with. WT did that and I LOVED shooting the hell out of them on that Aprils fools day event.
    Zombies & convoy protection? Yeah I’ll go for that. Bring on the HE and autocannons.
    God damn space aliens attack? SURE! why the hell not?!
    Standard combat with merc craziness? Sure.
    Hell look at the anime series “Heavy Object” you want to create that kind of “shattered” world where various regions are all united like a shattered stainglass window I’m down for it.
    Throw in drones, god damn terminator robots setting up ATGMs, whatever you all want.

    Just make it compelling and fun.

    I’m done with the whole insanely steep and unforgiving style WOT and WT learning curve PvP games. I don’t have my fast twitch enough for FPS pvp.

    If you can tell them one thing for me: Just let me blast some things and escape from my long ass work day for a while, while coming together as a team for a common goal, with a fun premise.

    Also seriously check out Heavy Object on Funimation, even if anime’s not your thing. You can actually ID the countries based on the tanks. 🙂

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