Armored Warfare – Chieftain Mk5 Review

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Source: Stealth17

At tier 5 you can the Chieftain Mk5 MBT. It’s a tank with a ton of hitpoints, but is it effective?

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  1. Raksakul “Ohm” Phurin

    Have you tried doing some math on average damage between overmatched AP
    rounds and HESH rounds. Would be interesting as HESH do a lot more damage
    to crews and modules.

  2. Their is no Overpen. Their is only Overmatch that is a guaranteed
    penetration but its bugged and does 15% less dmg to the target and will get
    fixed next patch. Thank you for the nice video appreciate it that you show
    not so great games too. Keep up the good work

  3. Are you netherlands

  4. I think that damage recieved is as it says, how much damage you took. I
    don’t think there’s a damage bounced stat.

  5. That Bradley was rly bad player!Anyway cool video!

  6. Damn 😀 This game is so cute and arcadish. 😀 At least they are not trying
    to portrait is as realistic like Warthunder -_-

  7. You should know your history. The entire point of the rifled gun was that
    it was far better for HESH rounds-concussive damage done to tank over a
    wide area, less HEAT round with the vapor jet through the hull. Even
    nowadays, the Brits don’t use HEAT. They use HESH in a wider variety of
    roles. The Chieftain will NOT get a HEAT round for the sake that none were
    developed for the L11 series of guns.

  8. You are the best for clear and precise description of any video games
    youtuber I know… Period

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