Armored Warfare | Chieftain Mk6 Giveaway Results

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Source: Sir Havoc

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  1. Thanks heaps, can’t wait.

  2. MrImmortalityPrince

    Damn i never get picked, i should have said Pizza i guess.

  3. Pizza shall never be defeated!

  4. jeffrey schreuder

    congratulations 15 more fellow chieftain mk6 drivers in the game :)

  5. WHAT? no body like Bacon!!!
    Congrats to all the winners

  6. Pizza won again !!! :)

  7. KARJALANPAISTIA! Suomi mainittu, torilla tavataan. Oh, just a random
    Finnish comment passing by…

  8. Congrats to the winners.

  9. Enjoy your tanks, see ya in the game

  10. Josue Salmeron (NightHawk)

    congratulations to all winner ☺

  11. Never lucky :(

  12. Wow! FTR the disease thing in my tag is rather unfortunate… I’m referring
    to the Baron Von Munchausen who I knew through the Terry Gilliam movie.
    Thanks for all that you do!

  13. You just made my goddamn week, hell may be even my month! And pizza is
    awesome, but I’m on a diet so I don’t eat it as often as I’d like.

  14. oh well guess ill write pizza next time for a chance

  15. rigged Kappa

  16. Congrats to every winner!!

    Keep the work up, SirHavoc! ;)

  17. Congrats to all winner’s. Always great to see and hear from you. Blessings
    to you and yours!

  18. looks like I have to write pizza as my favorite food after this

  19. Congrats to everyone who got a code. Hopefully I have better luck next

  20. So gutted?…. Oh well maybe next time.

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