Armored Warfare | Chieftain Mk6 Showcase Special Giveaway

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  1. Most liked tank: Leo2AV ICE
    Most liked food: Pizza :-)

  2. My favorite ist the Type 59 its like the T-62 with a worse gun but with
    much better armor additionaly it makes extra money :).
    My favorite food is pizza prosciutto :).

  3. You cheeky bugger, you made me watch the video to get the giveaway
    Can’t say I’m sorry I did though
    My Favorite Tank that I’ve unlocked has to be Scorpion, But I’m About to
    get the Chieftain Mk.5 Which I expect to love 🙂
    And there’s nothing better than a Yorkie with Sausages, Broccoli, carrots,
    peas, and Roast Potato’s :D

  4. I really enjoy your videos and have been subscribed to your channel for
    quite a while.
    My favorite tank in armored warfare at the moment is the leopard 1 because
    I don’t have many other tanks, I am still a noob at AW but really enjoy
    playing the game.
    My favorite food is rendang which is a spicy Indonesian meat dish I
    recommend you try it yourself !
    I hope I win the chieftain mk6 (I liked your classic car reference because
    I am a classic car enthusiast) have a good day and try rendang !

  5. My favorite vehicle is the LAV-300 and my favorite food after a hard day is

  6. Favorite tank is T 90.

    Favorite food is pan seared Sirloin.

  7. my favorite tank is the t72 ural
    and my favorite food is pizza

  8. Awesome of you and obsidian to facilitate this giveaway, the more people
    playing AW the better! my fav tank is the object 155, it’s just such a
    reliable tank. Fav food is sushi :-D

  9. I don’t have any tanks beyond tier 4 yet, but the T90 looks like my kind of
    tank. My favorite food is unripe mango with salt.

  10. i dont have many tanks in AW, my highest tier is tier 5 Chieftain Mk5, and
    thats a lovely tank, so it will be my fav.

    and pizza is love, pizza is life :P

  11. Dragoon 90 is My favorite aw vehicle, I haven’t really got that far in that
    game, wot and other things take a lot of time. fav food is steak

  12. wel i dont have it yet but my fav tank is the m4a1 abrams, my fav food?
    ribs, difently spare ribs :)

  13. favoriet tank is the challenger
    favorite food is pizza

  14. +SirHavoc.. ” obsidian as awsome as they are” … i cant clasify this
    statement even as a lame joke bc it would be an ofense to all other ” lame

  15. My favorite tank at the moment is the T64. I don’t really have a favorite
    food, but any sort of grilled meat is always good :p

  16. I have only unlocked vehicles to Tier 4 in AW, and of those I like the
    Zhalo-S, as it is quick and has a big gun. I would love to get my hands on
    a T-90 though.

    Favourite food right now is a curry, in particular my local’s lamb saag
    (spinach with garlic and great spices). Washed down with a few

  17. Leopard 1 and i Love Mac & Cheese :D

  18. Favourite vehicle is the Fox, but any light vehicle with good view range is
    hella fun in AW!

    Favourite food is probably Nachos….I could eat cheese and salsa covered
    nachos all day, every day!

    Thanks for bringing the competition to us, and nice to see you in AW

  19. My favorite tank is the Challenger. My favorite food is Pizza.

  20. Favoritt tank id T-64 and after a long day i realy like eating taco

  21. So far loving the Challenger 1 the most. The reliability of the armour and
    gun is just perfect for my playstyle.
    Favourite dinner is probably some meat prepared over a wood fire (snoek,
    sausage, chops, steak, chicken…)

  22. My favorite vehicle is the M1128 MGS Stryker 🙂

    As for my favorite dinner, it has to be grilled chicken breast with a nice

  23. My favourite tank at the moment is the OF-40 and for the food it will be
    ritja-ritja, It is an indonesian spicy chicken dish served with nasi and it
    is almost as good as making love. Try it yourself.

  24. Favorite Tank: BMP 1P

    My favorite food is tuna pizza

  25. leopard 1
    hot pizza

  26. My Favorite Tank so far is the Gvosdika (though I’m torn between this one
    and the Leo-line) but because you don’t have to be ashamed of playing arty
    in Armored warfare and I so want to own the Pzh 2000 for some
    “germa-patriotic-pride” reason (same reason for the Leo) and I didn’t
    progress further down the arty line the Gvosdika is my favorite.

    And my favorite food simple anything pasta. Italian with pasta… favorite
    food. Chinese with noodles… favorite food.
    But if I had to pick a specific food its Chili con carne with …. you
    guest it noodles.

  27. Favourite tank? Wow, depends. If I want to have fun, the BMP-T Terminator
    or the MBT-70, but in terms of looks and style the T-72 right now. Love
    Russian tanks. In terms of food – pizza, or whatever the hell goes along
    with a nice chunk of meat. ;)

  28. So far in the game im loving the scorpion light tank,it just flies on the
    battlefield.The favourite food for the me is a good old fashioned pizza.

  29. my favorite tank is the challenger 2

    my favorite food is francesinha a tipical dish of oporto portugal where i
    live, i sugest you try it if you ever come here.

  30. My fav tank is maus, wait this is wot right

  31. My favourite tank in AW is T90MS. It is one gorgeous tank!

    Well my favourite food for dinner/after work or gaming are rice with red
    hot cooked sauce and also fried chicken plus hot chocolate drink :)

  32. Hia SirHavoc! I do love armored warfare, and will get back to playing it
    after my pc is fixed and i can run it again (until then WOT is easier to
    run so I’ll play it on this laptop.)
    My favorite tank in armored warfare is the Type 59 Legend, not because of
    how it plays, but because it’s a little dig and a joke at Wargaming 🙂
    Also the best thing after a day of work/ gaming, or at any time at all is a
    good curry. Doesn’t matter what type of curry, they’re all good :)

  33. I would say the OF-40 MBT so beautiful looking and pizza all the way for
    any situation

  34. The fox is my favorite tank, nothing beat running around like a maniac.
    And mac and cheese is my favorite food, simple but effective, especially
    with meatloaf mixed in
    Keep up the good work Havok

  35. My favorite tank si chiftain mk5 and i always look forward to pork after a
    hard day at work :-)

  36. Korean bbq, favorite armor unit is the hetzer

  37. My favourite tank has to be the swing fire . And favourite food has to be
    top food has to be good d old hotpot . There’s nothing better that and
    tanks .

  38. My favorite tank so far has to be Scorpion and for the food i really like
    my self some meatballs and noddles.

  39. Ren “Rhein-kun” Lhant

    Favorite tank is Challenger II.

    My favorite food is Japanese food (such as miso ramen, bento lunch sets)

  40. Leopard 2 and Fish and Chips ^^

  41. Apahidean George Laurentiu

    My favorite tank is the Challenger and my favorite food is Pizza.

  42. T-90 is my dream tank, ive just started a few days ago so im not far in the
    grind but getting there.
    As for food a well made plate of rice and salmon always makes me smile~

  43. My favorite Tank in AW … probably the T64… and food after a hard days
    work is probably a german dish called “Schaeuferla” which is pig’s shoulder
    (“Schaeuferla” is based on the word “Schaufel” which is “shovel” in english
    … and a pig’s shoulder bone looks similar to a small shovel)… :)

  44. imastalker - something :D

    My favorite tank is the Challenger 1, because of the armor.
    My favorite food is lasagna.

  45. my favorite tank is the cheiften mk5 and i luv a chicken shnitzel with

  46. My Favourite tank in Armored Warefrare is the M1A2 Abrams. My opinion for
    an meal for dinner is bowl with spaghetti (pennes for example) with tomatto
    sause and grated chesee inside it.

  47. split pea soup and homemade biscuits…….

  48. favourite tank has to be the challenger mk1 and my favourite food it a full
    roast with a boat load of gravy :)

  49. Xm800T and some steak :)

  50. RDF/LT……. great for those PVE battles…..

  51. And my favourite food would have to be a Chicken Parmigiana :)

  52. my favorite tank is the challenger. it is one hell of a sexy beast, my
    favorite food would have chicken and chorizo risotto

  53. I have only started playing, sbut I am having heaps of fun in the M113

  54. wait nobody said first in the comments? who are you and what did you do
    with YouTube?

  55. The M-109… cause I was a gun bunny… Steak.

  56. m60 was a fun tank for me! steak is my favorite food. cool giveaway havoc!

  57. Hey mate. My favorite tank, right now, in Armored Warfare is the type 59. I
    just have a lot of fun playing it. With food it’s even easier, I like
    soups. Feed me a bowl of soup and you made me happy.

  58. My favorite tank in AW is the good old iconic T72 MBT,and the food i always
    look forward after a day of work is a bowl of spaghetti bolognese with feta
    cheese crumbled on top

  59. I love my T-64 in AW. I think it is awesome. And for food, I like to keep
    it simple, some pasta with spicy spinach. I could eat that allday

  60. So… tanks and food :)… appart from several MBTs I’ve played, Fox is
    just too much fun. Favorite dinner: home-made sandwiches.

  61. It’s an awesome tank. I have one and it’s my favorite premium tank

  62. Chinese food, pretty much… Noodles, meat vegetables etc…

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