Armored Warfare || Chinese DPM Monster

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Source: Devient Kage

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  1. you have that tank Lucky you

  2. so many ghost shells in this math, good tank but feels to op to me at tier 9 should be tier 10

  3. I have this tank and I love it. Only downside I see is me. I need remember it’s not an MBT. GG!

    • I play it as a hybrid Brawler LT, thanks to the ERA, it is a very good at side scraping and if you angle it well, this tank can bounce shells very easily and thanks to the awesome APS ( the best APS in the game ) this tank have a very good ATGM survivability, I think it isn’t the fastest LT in the game, but it have a powerfull engine boost.

  4. The mobility doesn’t look that great for a light…. M8 seems to be way faster.
    And for the DMP… i just love my M1128: It’s very fast does have awesome camo and the DPM with that laserpointer gun is amazing (only on the accuracy move isn’t even close as good as with the VT5).

  5. I got mine down to 3.6 reload with phillip, I also recommend going AP only

  6. I need one of these
    I go ham on the m8

  7. same old map since last 2 years……

  8. I can play light tanks and high dpm, but I prefer my tanks to be tanky….I’m running the Challenger line now.

  9. Major Muckup Gaming

    Nice game and description, will have to put on my wish list!!

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