Armored Warfare || Clarafying Arty and Balance 2.0…

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Just wanted to make a few points…


  1. I’m kinda sad to see arty good in armored warfare, its my favorite class to
    play. hopefully they bring it back at some point

  2. the removal of arty is a good decision they can do soo much more with the
    maps without needing to take in to account arty lines of fire and things.
    it was just a seriously annoying feature that was only really good for
    blowing off era armor but the artys just focus each other down for the
    entire game it was a useless gameplay mechanic.

  3. THANK YOU DK! Its about time someone said it. Everywhere I read its either
    joyous celebration calling for artys complete removal or its the world is
    ending because they cant pkay arty. Finally someone points out that we only
    have a small paragraph to go on so people are kind of jumping the gun or
    putting the cart before the horse on this one. Im with you, lets take the
    wait and see approach. See ya in AW!

  4. Double video woo :D

  5. Ultramarine For the Emperor

    Like all forms of xenomorphs arty needs to be purged.

  6. I am fine with arty going. I like my PZH 2000 but as a Direct Fire TD, I
    don’t see the point of that so really either keep it as is ( with changes )
    or just remove it.

  7. I love my arty…. Global Operation or any desert pvp is an arty friendly

  8. Well I always believed what AW did wit arty was right on target, instead of
    a one kill aka WoT, they made it death by a thousand cut’s but only if you
    were dumb enough to be out in the open for any length of time, basically
    what I’m getting at is I never had any issues with arty in PvP and did
    enjoy playing with it now n then, will I miss it, sure, will it kill the
    game for me, no but wouldn’t jump for joy if it came back, but I do feel
    for the players that love it and the possibility that there could be a loss
    of some of those players. Just my two cents.

  9. Just remove the AI Bot Arty. That’s what people hate. When people rage at
    Arty what are the raging at, the Bot AI Arty.

  10. I personally like playing the arty once in awhile and only in PVE. Don’t
    play much PVP so I wouldn’t know in there mode. I know as a player of
    MBT’s, LT’s, AFV’s and TD’s the AI arty can be a pain in the butt. It seems
    that once it targets you, it will keep shooting you. I hated that. I will
    wait and see what happens in 0.19 and Balance 2.0. I will still love the
    game either way.

  11. I hope this update will bring more players.. I would play the game a lot if
    there were more players…

  12. lol if there was a way to keep arty in its current form u have got to be
    kidding – the changes currently know (less those being made to arty) would
    have no Impact on ARTY the changes to ARTY are for changes sake & to
    appease “Clicker Haters” nothing more nothing less !
    LOL the argument 14 vs 14 means the teams are still EQUAL what is the issue
    that argument is redundant.

  13. I’ll be missing bot arty like a toothache in PVE, but other than that I
    enjoyed playing it. And I have cone to appreciate good arty players as an
    effective antidote against camping MBT players. It really adds to the
    dynamic of the game in my view.

  14. They announced that damage will scale with gun caliber. So indirect fire
    artillery would become a high damage dealer by that logic. Going that route
    would make AW arty a WoT clone.

    For game balance, they couldn’t keep SPGs as indirect fire weapons… They
    either had to remove it, or convert it into a direct fire weapon in order
    to quiet the arty haters.

  15. Jamzs May (Jamzs3)

    What i’d like to see about arty. No counter arty ping on the map, you have
    to trace them. AI arty removed. Arty has much more DMG and SPLASH DMG which
    fixes to long aim time and reload.

  16. One of my first games I played I was in Arty, I hung by a group of players
    and laid smoke, hit their arty, helped flush out the enemy players it was
    good fun. But the challenges noted with “Not
    only was it difficult to balance around, but it had real impacts on our
    ability to create maps as well. Each map we made, whether in PvP or PvE,
    had to take into account Arty firing lines.” I can understand them removing
    it from the game. Maybe they’ll bring it back at somepoint or have a spin
    off game that utilizes it (a modern scifi AW with mechs, arty, combat
    drones, etc. could be a damn fun game) but with all the changes I
    understand their decision to remove it. Just like lumping LTs and TDs into
    basically the same category of Crap armor but big gun and seperating
    lightly armored recon vehicles from those heavily armored beasts on the
    russian/soviet line.

  17. Clarafying?

  18. See a lot of people commenting that arty is removed/changed because of
    haters. The main reason is that only 6% of the player base usually played
    it, and OE won`t invest money in a vehicle class that brings no
    benefits to the game or to their pockets.

  19. the devs of this game are so out of touch with their player base its not
    funny , its become a joke of insider wants and crys , abusive staff ,
    abusive moderators and absolutely NO communication with its player base ,
    the NA server is a wasteland with an average population of less than 100
    people per night , when you ask , your banned from forums for inciting
    unrest , do yourself a favor and don’t bother downloading this in any form
    , its World of Tanks 2.NO at best

  20. All this is arguing crap…..
    They should have just removed arty from PVP….. Period. That is really the
    ONLY complaints about arty.
    So, this decision was the worst of them all….. The massive frontal MBT
    nerfs was the next. Yes, we understood we needed the weakspots to be
    slightly larger, but not massive, like lower glacier, etc.
    And as to PVE, yes, if you had no arty teammate, then there should have
    been no Bot arty, or at most just one.
    But if you have a teammate arty, then there should be just one AI arty,
    your teammate can take care of it, and it doesn’t really ever bother you.
    These were the WISE decisions….. yet clearly AW is now full of idiots! It
    just utterly astounds me that they thought “removal” was the best solution.
    Just astounding…. Such shear stupidity.
    And as to map development as a complaint for removing arty….. Well, once
    they made Leviathan, they now know how to make an arty compliant map, it’s
    EASY now, and it’s even more easy because they are wanting to make more
    open and bigger maps.
    As to resources…. They didn’t have to do crap, they have an arty line
    now, so they just make it one line (like they are doing anyway) and then
    forget about it. No “resources” required for arty.
    So, this all is utter stupidity!!! I’m SO angry!!!

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