Armored Warfare – Clueless Noob Edition

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Source: The Mighty

I fancy a spot of Armored Warfare. Oh look, new map! Seems to be a cooperative version of the map. So where do I go and what do I do? No idea. I guess I’ll just follow the blue tanks, shoot at the red tanks and see what happens…

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System Specs: Core i7 6700-K 4.0Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX970 GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a World of Warships replay just send the file to the same address.

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. How you get damage thing?

  2. this map is awful, near enough the same thing happened to me, when i first
    played it, now whenever it turns up in the map rotation, i avoid it like
    the type 80 II…you know the tank i’m on about….

  3. Jingles how do you get that much credits?

  4. was thinking about downloading then saw No Man’s Sky release date and was
    like nope

  5. people still playing this game?

  6. 6:40 Jingles Have you been watching Girls Und Panzer again?

  7. where is mingles with jingles i got no life where is it :(

  8. / TNA TheMidnightEclipse TFNANAR

    This tank reminds me of the AMX CDC

  9. Hey jingles, do you remember two years ago you started playing payday two
    and you would put up more videos about it? Just reminding you that you
    still haven’t put up a video about it. I can wait another two years but i
    can’t wait a century. Could you please have another go at it?

  10. east tower 1 hp

  11. Evil Overload of the Salt Mines, also Lord of Farming bots

  12. Nathan Newport Gay

    Hi Jingles

    I was wondering where you get your props made for the costumes that you
    wear to numerous events that you go too.

    Best wishes newportyay

  13. I wish premium tanks in World of Tanks gets this credits rewarding but WG
    don’t care about credits at all in my case I need more than 50M to get all
    the tanks I have unlocked but WG just care about XP boosts.

  14. Um, Jingles? That mission has been on the NA server for months :D

  15. plz do more Armored Warfare clips plz!


  17. as a gurl that onlu plays MBTs, its never this exciting, you just park
    towards an enemy and pewpew.

  18. Correct me if I’m wrong, But Meltdown has been around for a 3 or 4 months
    now on this map (NA Server), I’ve played it quite a few times now. I quite
    like it myself.

    Another quality video Jingles. 🙂

    1AReg, An Aussie on the NA server.

  19. +The Mighty Jingles Don’t worry jingles wait till you play the 2 new ones
    they added in .16 Erebes and basilisk. Not sure what happened to the third
    they added but it’s probably disabled to be fixed much like harbinger.
    Still not too bad for a first time on meltdown, although a tip if I may.
    Take the river instead of the high road in a TD or LT, there are rocks you
    can hide behind and use to snipe over. they are excellent peek-a-boom cover
    on that mission.

  20. Hey everyone (Jingles included) whats the video where jingles shoots at an
    arty and the round goes right through and jingles flips out hilariously?

  21. That moment when your playing world of tanks in the tier 2 French light
    tank, the h35, and you have 40 mm of armor everywhere. And the second
    battle you play you block 1,467 damage and you feel proud.

  22. RIP Jingles,
    you will be missed.

  23. Hey, Jingles, did you realize that during that third stage of the GAME you
    almost failed the mission because of that EAST REACTOR… that gets
    pummeled… i mean at minute 11:40 that reactor is at 1% :)))) and the
    computer actually LETS YOU WIN by not stumbling into it (not to consider
    shooting at it)… for another 4 minutes…

  24. Jingles,Sent you a replay of my first time out in the PTL02 Assaulter,
    which happened to be on Meltdown as well. Scored 22 kills and just under
    20k damage. Maybe might wanna give it a once over?

  25. Are they really sitting down in the riverbed while shooting at the dam
    I guess they represent AI tomatoes…

  26. jingles, you should make PvE Mission guides like op erebos (one of the new
    ones) and others. i have a load of op erebos replays, where should i send
    them to?

  27. BigCoreGradiusXAnime

    The Sheridan has good performance overall in this mission

  28. armoured warfare seems to be dead where I’m at, only 5 guys in queue right

  29. Jingles, I’ve noticed that u use the username “Henriksen”. Do u have Nordic
    blood flowing thru those ol’ veins, my friend??

  30. Man, I’d love to hop back into armored warfare, but the grind is terrible.
    I only JUST got my M60A2 (which is… alright? I’m having a hard time
    justifying ever using the ATGMs given the sort of vehicles it faces and the
    reload time on them), I just can’t stand playing the same few chronically
    easy PvE operations over and over again, but the hard contracts are locked
    to tier 5+.

  31. OMG a AW vid!

  32. noob lulz :P

  33. Nice AMC Javelin Race paint!

  34. A good way to go on that map at the beginning Jingles, is to go south
    around the mountain top, so you give the red tanks plenty of surprise butt

  35. “Tally Ho! Oh crap! Got away with that.” Classic Jingles.

  36. Jingles, you talk about how you like this game so much and better then WoT
    in some ways but you only give us scraps every now and then. This community
    is in real bad shape and could really use the help of some of the larger
    tank youtubers to get things going, but you ignore a game that you continue
    to say that you really like. Not hating, just would really be nice to see
    more Armored Warfare content.

  37. Do you think we could see something like PVE in world of tanks?

  38. I’m all for naming and shaming team killers…especially when they team
    kill in pve, So…all those on the EU server, watch out for gomez_xD and

  39. Jingles!!! Can you get any more hilarious than this?!?!?! My stomach hurts
    and I can barely breathe cos I was laughing so hard… 😀 😀 :D

  40. Panzerhaubitze? No problem, saying it like a boss.
    Leichte Feldhaubitze? “Lefefefeh”

    Oh Jingles, don’t ever change :D

  41. if i had a pound for everytime i saw a chall.1

  42. Need more PvP videos!

  43. “big angry house” XD

  44. Jingles, how are queue times and population on EU servers? On North America
    it is absolutely horrendous: roughly 20 or so players in PvP (if you’re
    lucky), and that counting all tiers. About the same on PvE, if not, a few
    more. It’s not like this is a bad game. Sure you could call it a World of
    Tanks clone, but Obsidian clearly isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel as far
    as tank games go.

  45. That evil laugh

  46. Time for a true joke:…

    The Armata’s side armor

  47. Wargaming needs to create missions like this for World of Warships, not
    necessarily defending a dam but more objectives than capturing a cap point.
    I know that they plan on introducing something in PvE but they need more
    and maybe some for PvP as well; something like escorting a convoy might be
    interesting or defend an amphibious assault ala Guadalcanal.

  48. I was just in a very interesting medium-difficulty PVE match in my T-62
    (sorry, can’t remember which map). When I loaded in to the game, for some
    reason it didn’t load properly, so all I could see was the UI. The rest of
    the screen was completely black (except for a small section right at the
    top of the screen, but it was too small to see what was happening). To make
    matters worse, it was a map that I’d never played before. I thought about
    just giving up, but I wanted to use the T-62, so I just stuck with it, and
    I’m glad I did because I got 3 kills, more than 2 of my other teammates
    combined (they got 1 each)! My only regret was that, just before I played
    the match where it happened, I tried to turn on replays but couldn’t find
    the checkbox.

  49. I’m a bit ashamed i’m behind schedule but i just watched this today and
    noticed at the end.. 224M Global Rep.. Did you sell owner rights of the
    salt mines to ;)

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