Armored Warfare – Crazy Meme Tank

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Source: TheDevildogGamer

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  1. The type of tank any Arab country would use.

  2. For me that tank will be way too close to be epic meme tank of it
    1 more like that in a t90 with a 2 rocket pod that will be heavy combination of it

  3. aww it cut off, wanna see the result of this game

  4. I thought this game was long gone.

  5. Was halfway fun, but the russkies trash-canned most of the cool stuff Obsidian had planned when they took over.

  6. Is this made by world of tanks devs, I mean the UI looks kind of similar.

  7. I wonder why this game “died out so fast” it had so much potential. If they just had listened to the community back then.

    • Community? It died before release when they screwed over Obsidians, who wanted to make a better game instead of another online casino like WoT and WT. But better game is not something those greedy bastards wanted.

    • @TheArklyte greed fks up many games unfortinally, War Thunder, World of Tanks, they all has only one focus, its your shekels as some funny youtuber always keeps saying.

    • @The Spectator hey hey, people…

  8. Jokes about Toyota tech tree seem less like jokes with each passing day. I still bet on it appearing in Warthunder first though:D

  9. Man we gotta bring this game back, it was actually good tbh

    • I remember playing it back when it first came out then u forgot about it wanted to play it again just couldn’t remember what it was called till today

  10. Ahh yes, this tenk. Much fun 😀

    (And hardly anybody plays pvp. Pve is so much more fun and thats what everyone plays tbh. Plus i think its way more profitable)

  11. There was a time when i prefered armored warfare over world of tanks but thats not the case anymore

  12. You didnt notice it but you missed so much because you didnt repair your rocket pod after it got shot😂

  13. Meh, too much like WoT. Can’t stand the “spotted” mechanic and that tanks have HP.

  14. I forgot about this game, but I loved it when I played. Might check it out again. Nice rocket salvo!

  15. I prefer War Thunder to armored warfare..

  16. I recently tried AW and had a hell of a time getting into matches. Not sure if I want to keep playing it.

  17. some random albino dude

    Not going to lie….. I have been playing armored warfare pve for so long I forgot its pvp even still existed

  18. This game really did PvE pretty damn decently.

  19. How the hell did you manage to find any games? I stopped playing when at prime time the NA servers would take 30+ minutes to find a single game. Would have happily played on the EU servers, but you have to start completely over from tier 1, and frankly: fuck that.

  20. from the front the mtl-b looks bored as fuck

  21. Playerbase is mostly EU, RU, and some parts of ASIA, thus the game is still active and there are more contents added. Sadly for Americans, you have to play in the mornings to get an immediate PVP match.

  22. There are only a few people play it on xbox one but no updates no fixes nothing

  23. damn this was fun to watch

  24. Devil you should play the new insurgency update

  25. Honest to God I tried to give this game a go, but the constant “disconnected from server” thing turned me off completely

  26. We need GHOSTBEAR

  27. лошара

  28. I love war thunder, and like world of tanks. I hate armored warfare..

  29. Yo what about repairing your turret?

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