Armored Warfare Crew Voice Mod in War Thunder || Germany

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Source: Hunter

crew voice mod

I Hope You Enjoy ❤️

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Thank you so much for your precious friendship, it means everything.

My PC Specs:
Asus ROG Strix RTX 3080
Intel Core i7 10700
ASUS Tuf 27 inch 1440p 144hz Monitor


  1. Hey Hunter, why you have both APBC rounds ?

  2. The tank crew voices need a definite overhaul. It’s weird hearing a southern boy and a British dude in a tank

  3. 8:57 lmao that guy almost got friendly fired

  4. And it’s the minor details that other games get correct over WT. Crew voices, simple mechanics. It does need an official overhaul. Especially with the sound.

  5. The voices in this game are ridiculous. Women, Southern gentlemen, cockney barrow boys.
    I like this mod.
    Nice seeing you in WW2 and NO thermals 😛

    • Armored Warfare also has female crew btw but honestly who cares… ATGMS,Mines,APFSDS rounds dont make difference between male and female

  6. Next there should be a GHPC crew voice mod

  7. Is the Wind of Change? some lines aren’t playing as of DZ

  8. Don’t forget Gaijin can ban you for using sound mods if they feel like it, I wouldn’t risk it.

  9. Who came first after this performance? 😅

  10. Man I wish I could get PINGED and survive, I usually get PINGED…. and BOOM!!!! Lol

  11. Silver & Kelgo’s Epic Adventures

    I love crew voices 😂

  12. Hi,is that work for all other nations?

    • This mod replaces the tank crew voices with lines from Armored Warfare.
      – English
      – French
      – German
      – Russian
      Non supported languages will use the vanilla voices.

  13. ” smoke out, move move ” a tank commander from AW

  14. Hi Hunter, can you make a video tutorial on controlling the antenna on the plane? Because I tried to do it but it didn’t work. Thank you very much. Have a nice day and have more interesting videos.

  15. Hey Hunter, you should try the british helicopters with starstreaks since they can be used to kill sams and they move at mach 4.

  16. Tsukahara Bokuden

    Can someone help me – I’m a Console Player and I can’t figure out how to set up the options so I can pan the camera without traversing the turret – so I can’t look around without my turret moving – has someone done a video on setup for Ground RB that I haven’t seen that covers this?? Its very frustrating – Thank you 🫡

    • Camera free look in common controls

    • Tsukahara Bokuden

      Never let it be said that the War Thunder Community isn’t amazing – thank you the tips, advice and tutorial – well done and again – thank you! 🙂

    • @Tsukahara Bokuden Helping others became common and usual thing among the community because WT is a game very rich with details and lacks for good tutorials, so you have to ask or watch videos on YT to learn. You are welcome 🙂

  17. Warthunder Player

    I tried that too and i get that type of matches rarely u also as a Youtuber needed to play much much matches to get rare good matches but then also I believe u play better than many ,most the matches so give us some tips or tell us the mistakes that u see other players make that probably we make too and need to stop doing that

  18. I found so much hard time grinding usa tech tree because of these animal named tanks these tiger panther leopard of low to mid tier i rarely found these guys in their side they most of the time come their front facing me and unfortunately i can’t do a scratch in their front

  19. I think that wot female crew voices is much better then wt

  20. What do you think about xm1gm? Is it worth purchasing as an sl grinder? I have problems with sl but have everything except 8.0- hstvl line and stryker

  21. Cries in console

  22. i wish WT voice are more dynamic…like GHPC

  23. How did you get this to work? After an update my crew voice mod stopped working :/

  24. Is there any modern armourd voice packs that you would recommend ? Never tried the voice mods but they seem cool

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