Armored Warfare – Death From Above

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Well okay, it’s Armored Warfare artillery, so not exactly “Death From Above.” More like “A Gradually Increasingly Annoying Slapping From Above”, but that as a title.

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  1. second!

  2. Hi Jingles!

  3. Not first!

  4. jingles! YEAH!

  5. top 100 FUCJIN SCORREEEE, im getting better at this

  6. Well Jingles just released a video… Screw studying for finals

  7. A Gradually Increasingly Annoying Slapping From Above -Bert

  8. in the 301 club ;)

  9. So…a new YouTube update came out, with a new layout.

    God dammit YouTube.

  10. Mike Hunt ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    At least you didn’t have to use the Gvosdika… that thing is far worse
    than the M109, because it takes about 6s for the shell to even reach the
    target, and when it hits it does half the damage of the m109.

  11. Thirst haha suck it I was first to say Thirst

  12. I was going to finish my wows ship for the paper ship competition. Then
    this video came out.


  13. Damn its that bloody tank game again… a direct replica of WOT.
    I Cant stand the bloody thing…

  14. Jingles, are you ever going to feature a xbox clip? jingles? (Cocking

  15. Thanks from Australia! Just as I was about to call it a day… :p

  16. Its that bloody modern tank game 😀
    At least its better then that other bloody tank game (World of Tanks) which
    for some reason we still play it.

  17. You can unlock commanders on vehicles? How? I mean the comander does not
    show up in the research menu.

  18. Mikael Renzo H. Sebastian

    Damn, I’m early!

  19. Suomi mainittu torilla tavataan #suomifinlandperkele

  20. Freja and Juan Carlos are pretty equal, I guess.

  21. Jingles you bloody scumbag with all those bombadier medals!

  22. Nice vid Jingles! just don’t be shooting at me any time soon please. I need
    to get my Challenger xD

  23. hateful words

  24. nice jingles owning in arty

  25. Arty whining… Come on jingles I thought you were above that..

  26. First 1500 to see this!

  27. So you finally get around to showing AW arty (one of the major differences
    between AW and WoT) and you don’t show how it does in PvP with the
    countering mechanic?

  28. I would have preferred the “A Gradually Increasingly Annoying Slapping From
    Above” as a title

  29. omg! jingles playing a scumbag!????

  30. me & my friend call the russian arty by the name Vodka , yes , vodka

  31. In WoT the arty spam is the same as how the AI in AW spams. Just without
    the warnings.

  32. Jeeoh Lee (im an emo so??)

    got the 46th lije…duh

  33. Well winning the first mission with arty is pretty easy.

  34. 11:30 there is a behind the cap where you can go hull down and the ai cant
    get to you because there stupid ai

  35. So Jingles… I’m not sure the smoke you dropped on the T-64 helped in that
    first match. See, it stopped him from spotting and the enemies just kept
    rolling up on him, by the time the smoke wore off they were right on top of
    him. Sure, it kept him safe from enemy fire for the duration, but if he
    were still spotting both your teammates could have been firing at the
    baddies coming at them. Maybe even prevented the flanking manoeuvre that
    killed the BMD.

    Also, at around E5 or E6 there’s a path through the hills that offers
    plenty of cover and a shot at the right side of that hill as well as a
    decent shot along the way to the cap circle. You could probably make the
    move between the second and third wave safely without missing opportunities

  36. This is such a nice looking game, too bad my comp cant run it ( 8-11 fps

  37. 18:20 u dirty,dirty,dirt,arty driver,Jingles!

  38. I think “screaming Eagles” would be turning in their graves if they knew
    you used their moto for arty play Jingles xD

  39. Happy Jingles 😀 also,if you like arty,its quite fun in pvp,dueling in
    positioning with other arties and helping your team.try it.

  40. Freya is actually pretty good for artillery and the BMP 3 as well

  41. Jingles spielt Arty? Was kommt als nächstes? Ein WoWs Video als

  42. rather watch that ship game XD

  43. The Jingles Arty Achievement! Oh yes we need that! To get Mr Jingles an
    honor for arty players 🙂 Were do I sign for this? I can sign in my blood
    if needed……

  44. And that, girls and boys, is how the jingles medal made its appearance!

  45. Jingles how you know Ioannis Sanna is from finland? It is scandinavian
    name. (It is used alot in sweden too)

  46. I left you a thumbs up and a nice comment just to spite you muhahah! >:D

  47. Jingles!!, you gonna love the new star wars movie. i’VE JUST WATCH IT. it
    is very epic. Now i know what the fuss is all about

  48. and then suddenly on the next patch, we find ourself a “jingles medal” lol

  49. I would recommend using Victor over Freya in your MBTs, unless it is
    something that deals primarily in HE/HEAT damage like the Sheridan,
    starship or scorpion, maybe even the the MBT-70 depending on your
    ammunition load out, she is pretty well suited to Arty aswell, the Finnish
    bloke would be good in something that has a chain gun the fires API and HEI

  50. AW needs better medals Jingels had fun playing arty well i never humf !
    haven’t tryed arty in AW yet must at some time to umlock different
    retrofits you must unlock different tanks an afvS and get them to proven
    even if you don’t want the bloody things

  51. It’s that bloody modern tank game again!

  52. Juan is the other good commander (and I think he is better than Freja for
    MBTs)… But why we can only get them playing arty?

  53. Mickey Dabbelyou (Tribun1211)

    Watching arty in AW is as boring as in WoT….and i hate people who bring
    arty into PVE….one tank less to fight the enemy proper….

  54. The mARTY Jingles

  55. Simon Kopertowski (HidesHisFace)

    Arty in Armoured Warfare is far better than in WoT but sadly still has some
    of the same issues – it is still a class of vehicles that can only be
    countered effectively by another of the same class, which is a broken
    mechanic in itself. Also, it doesn’t help that there is really nothing
    encouraging arties to hunt one another – too many times they simply ignore
    each other and go for other targets… They should get some rewards for
    killing one another, really…

  56. get the abbot its fun

  57. ONE moment jingles doesnt play artillery what is going on?!

  58. The jingle scumbag ribbon, Where you scumbag 2 or more armored vehicles
    with one shot

  59. jingles do u think the koalition spg would able to perform like a mbt or a
    td lol. as its on the t90 chassis and has its crew in a capsule in the hull
    and will take reduced dmg in turret and it does pack a 152mm howitzer

  60. Ahahahah jingles you got a good day don’t you

  61. I just got in WoT an one shot in my M103. 1850 hp went to 0 like nothing.
    AW is so much better.

  62. Hey Jingles, will you be putting a video together for that 12000 xp game
    you mentioned on Rita’s stream last night?

  63. Goodness gracious….has it happened? Has Jingles started to enjoy playing
    artillery! O_O I unzubskrybd u british skreb, hacking and taking advantage
    of russian bias like that….on a side note, I got a bombardier medal in my
    KV-2 once in WoT :P

  64. Good artillery replay do more artillery replays we have semester exams
    today I hate my life

  65. Do those planes at the end have their landing gear down?

  66. I use Freja on tanks with auto-cannons.

    As for Arty in AW, it still does devastating module damage, worse then WOT
    even though alpha is less.

  67. So the solution to artillery is to turn every SPG into Bert the Avenger?

  68. TheAmityboopfliction

    Jesus that muzzle break looks freakin rredonkulous

  69. hey jingles i’m thinking, this story of jingle’s medal could the next 1st
    of april special mod: guet the youtuber’s medal ( qb’s medal, sir Havoc’s
    medal …)

  70. Jonas Van den Broeck

    i liked the video, because u deserve it, i m subscribed over a year (i
    think) but i have a great kv2 shot, over 1000hp damage while being on 1 HP,
    i uploadded it on WoTReplays and called it “Revenge of the kv2” it raises
    the question: kv2 op? nope ofcourse nog!

  71. JIngles….why are you playing arty in PvE??? it is so useless! Thank god
    you are not playing on hard because if I would see someone in hard mod with
    arty I porbably rage quit that kind of bullshit!

  72. Hater comment :P

  73. Jingles, I’m concerned you have developed a smoking problem based on how
    much you asked people if they wanted smoke. Are you ok? Your fans are here
    for you.

  74. Perkele.

  75. They’re dead Dave. Everybody Dave. Everybody’s Dead Dave. Wait a minute…
    are you trying to tell me everybody’s dead? (In response to Jingle’s “I’m
    gonna get you…”)

  76. As requested (hateful comment):
    I HATE how you request us to leave hateful comments here although I’d like
    to give you a good comment.
    I HATE how i can’t fulfill all your requests. I could write this comment
    but i can’t comply with the other part of the request – I couldn’t make
    myself to thumb down you.

    On another topic – best subtly served entertainment around 🙂 Please DO
    keep up your spirits and humour!

  77. I really have to play this game again. I started playing it, but then World
    of Warships and i was just getting tanked out.

  78. say randomize spawn point. I hace ram enemy tank that have spawn before me
    😀 And in next 5 second be in middle of six enemy tank. :D.

  79. TheUnknownSchleswigers

    God dammit, brain i have to study for the finals, not watching Jingles, oh

  80. what a jolly good mood you were in =)

  81. You should be using a commander with Leadership (+10% skill for crew), it
    gives the m109 +20% reload because it has two loaders. Yes. You can get the
    m109 to fire faster than a Gvosdika.


  82. I wish AW would pull the finger out and get in game communication working
    without pressing a button and some sort of replay system.

  83. Lol I used to hate artillery now I love it thanks AW better than WOT

  84. So in AW it’s OK to be a Scumbag, or just play one on You Tube?

  85. Sabaton – Firestorm would be a perfect soundtrack for this :D

  86. 18.17 that laugh :’D

  87. we dont need warning in wot wankers already have xvm to prioritize us

  88. Ritsu_Tainaka_Is_ A_Goddess

    Hateful comment

  89. You told me to leave a hate filled comment so…….Your mother was a
    hamster and your father smelt, of elderberries!

  90. I do like the arty in AW but I do wish they’d do just a little bit more
    damage if they pen, a lot of the shots I’ve fired that directly penetrated
    and actually done less than a lot of the splash damage shots is kinda

  91. Jingles enjoying artillery. I’d never thought I’d see that.

  92. Oh, I guess Jingles where playing on the new map, Firestorm

  93. G.W Tiger P……….the only Tier 8 that can one shot Tier 9 HTs ._.
    Freakin E75’s and ST-I’s dead in under 3 sec, So I really do love the arty
    in Armored Warfare and the Leopard Variant MBT are so flexible.

  94. I am a rebel so I pushed the like button XD

  95. So, basically every arty plays like Bert.

  96. If anything the AW arty is even more RNG than anything i ever seen before.
    Shot a Swingfire up the ass with a Gvosdika. That´s a direct hit. 26mm
    Penetration Vs 8mm armor. No pen, no crew, no module, 50 points of normal
    damage. On a light tank, from the rear. Next game i catch an MBT on the
    extreme edge of my splash with the same arty. 350 damage, 2 crews and 3

    RNGJebus is even stronger in this game than in WoT.

  97. I dont think that arty warning helps in PvE anyway. because the AI arty aim
    instantly, so you get the warning about 1 sec before the shot lands,
    average human reaction time is arround 0.4-0.5 sec. maybe better if you are
    a profesional gamer, which means you have about halth a secound in the best
    situation to move. Most vehicles in the game are too slow to move and not
    get hit anyway. so you might aswell not have the warning.

  98. I am all for that “Jingles Medal”!

  99. First Jingles video that I thumbed down
    must listen to Jingles

  100. Did anyone else get the Red Dwarf reference?

  101. It’s weird to hear you say “arty”

  102. Can’t believe I’m going to say it but, nice arty video Jingles.

  103. Arty in Armored Warfare not ONLY fires a shit-ton faster in WOT, but is
    also OVER 3x as accurate, aims over 4x faster than in WOT, and the shell
    travel time on REGULAR HE is less than 1/2, and HERA is something like 10x
    the shell travel speed of WOT artillery! And that is TACTICAL Artillery,
    PRECISION is round about 2x as good as that!

    I stick by my words; Arty in AW versus Arty in WOT is VERY much a “Pick
    your poison” situation, in either game, if you land in a match with several
    artillery pieces, it will hurt.

    In AW with 2 or more arty per team, you WILL take damage! And IF arty
    focuses on you, it WILL BE the main reason for your death!

    In WOT with 2 or more arty per team, you MIGHT take a LOT OF damage, or you
    may get off scot-fucking-free, and even get a chance to kill them before
    they fire at you once! But it is also a case where IF arty focuses you, you
    will probably die as a result, but they have a MUCH higher chance of
    missing absolutely every shot taken at you! Especially of you travel
    unpredictably and frequently drop into arty “shadows” – or just not get
    spotted unless you are in an arty shadow!

    I really am not sure why, but even WITH the benefit of that camo rating
    bar, I still get spotted FAR more easily on AW than I ever do in WOT…

    I hope AW gets a lot of things fixed, I do like a good bit about the game,
    but the things I HATE are too big a part of the game, and as a result I
    haven’t signed in for about 2 weeks now…

    I bought the Atlanta ranked battle package (I needed the gold and premium
    time, and 45 x 3 VERY useful flags is a rather huge bonus IMHO! Zulu and
    Equal speed alone are worth it!) – as I have wanted the Atlanta since CBT
    but the USN 127mm guns have gone through MANY stages of buffs then nerfs,
    then buffs again, now they are great And are likely staying that way! Also,
    OMFG, THE DIRTY things I have done! Circle of death against a Kongo, took
    56k HP from him, absolutely NUKED BOTH a Cleveland as well as a Pensacola
    that though it would be a GOOD IDEA to get in close to me!(seriously, I
    started shooting at 10.7 KM, began to maneuver away mostly, and BOTH closed
    to less than 8 KM when I was able to drop 14 HE shells every 4 seconds,
    dealing 4k to 5k damage, crits, and fires every salvo, and NUKED them from
    FULL HP and left with still over 19k of my own!

    Oh then in another match, a New Orleans ran into a New Mexico, and I
    started shelling the HELL out of them, NO was on about 11k, NM was on over
    34k, and after lighting first 3 fires, they then put out, I lit 5 MORE
    fires, when an enemy DD drove in front of them with smoke and predictably
    launched torps at members which I dodged – and continued shelling the
    cruiser/battleship hybrid, and all of a sudden, I got TWO of those loud
    death chimes so close together that they overlapped! And I killed BOTH
    while picking up a double strike My 5th since CBT ended!

    The Atlanta is NOT a competitively balanced ship like the Atago or
    Murmansk, both of which I already own. That said – MY GOD IS SHE A FUN
    RIDE! And when you get the right maps (ocean, at least before I have first
    Advanced firing Training, and then Concealment Expertise, is a pointless
    death sentence… I would just quit out if I knew it wouldn’t hurt my team,
    as at very least I can screen Japanese DDs any maybe cause up to 35k
    damage, if I am supremely lucky…)

    But with MOST maps it is just a matter of staying back a bit and using
    islands to surprise enemies of ALL sorts! Cause the GREAT thing about the
    Atlanta, is that her guns using HE are essentially EQUALLY effective
    against all targets and any armor!

  104. Small/mediocre damage that debuffs enemies (module damage)
    Team defensive buffs (smoke shells)
    Team offensive buffs (illuminaition shells)

    Its almost like they designed Arty to be support vehicles instead of
    “finger of god decided you die” orbital ion cannons.
    Naaaaaah, wg said it cannot be done, so it must be my imagination.

  105. jingles enjoying playing arty? this is blasphemy!!

  106. This comment is so hateful. That I would name an Arty Medal, “Damn you
    Arty!!” for kill two or more tanks in one shot. Yet restrict to PvP

  107. Suomi perkele!

  108. I think arty in AW is a little underpowered after the M109. This one is
    perfectly fine and you can on top of your team damage-wise (only played it
    in PVP tho). But the upgrade to T6 is pretty shitty. Yes, you get an
    autoloader with 3 shots, but the shels got even less pen and less damage.
    Even if you took the T6 in a T4 match with the M109, the M109 will still be
    better per shot. And because of the warning you mostly not get 3 hits on
    one guy, or he has to be a complete fool, so Id rather do a solid 150 – 250
    or even 400-500 when penned every 11 seconds than 3 piss-poor shots for 100
    or less, 250 when penned with the T6. Also your targets will have much
    better armor aswell. Stepping up from the M109 does not feel like an
    upgrade at all, and its T6..and you pay money for it like a T6. I hope they
    buff it. I think it should be as good as the M109 tier-for-tier at least.
    Dont know about the T8 tho, as this is a single shot again and could be
    better. But grinding 2 tiers in this underwhelming shit-machine they call
    Palmaria? No thanks^^

  109. “Awful comments” *clicks thumbs down button* jks luv you jingles :p

  110. Jingles when are you going to take a look at star citizen a new update came
    out and you can finally do stuff!

  111. 19:27 Okay Obsidian, now you have to call it the Jingles medal.

  112. RedcatMaximus. i (Garm)

    should have named it A Gradually Increasingly Annoying Slapping From
    Above… aww screw it smoke?

  113. JINGLES NOOOOOO! DON’T USE FREJA ON YOUR MBTs! Use Juan! You unlock him
    from the Gvosdika. While Freja is a good MBT commander, she has more
    conditional skills whereas Juan only has one, as well as having the unique
    skill of having a faster rate of fire on auto loaders. Use her for auto
    loaders and Juan for MBTs.

  114. Can’t hit shit because there’s a mountain in the way and doesn’t relocate
    to actually be useful to the team… You know that you can easily cover
    that entire area from near the spawn?

  115. that akward moment when u send a smoke round to an enemy tank

  116. So,whats more anoyng?arty shooting u once every 4-5 games or arty shooting
    u 20 times every fudging game?I just dont get u,arty haters from wot…and
    no,i dont play arty in WOT,i’m not an arty player.Blame arty for u’r stupid
    decisions in battle’s,thats clever :)

  117. look it’s that bloody modern tank game again

  118. Jingles, you glorious British Bastard! You said in this video three words I
    longed to hear. “Randomized Spawn Points”. I had quit Armored Warfare
    because the PVE mission, which were the only thing I liked doing, were so
    predictable and so overly farmed by twats because of fixed spawn points.
    Hearing those words, I threw my hands up in the air, slammed them down on
    the “Reinstall Armored Warfare NOW” button, and went and bought you a
    drink. However, you were not there to drink it, so I lent a helping hand.
    Also, do not discount our G.I.A.S.F.A, or Giasfa abilities. Ever been
    slapped 100 times? It really stings! So keep going out there, and giving
    them really hard stingy slaps, very…slowly….
    “Incoming Artillery!”

  119. i think jingles is drunk had a bit too much newcastle brown XD

  120. There is a spot that works very well on that final defensive stage on
    Operation Perseus, but you need a tall enough tank for it, like the M60.
    Its that rock at C0/D0. My friend and I were playing Perseus on hard
    difficulty with our M60A3s. We get to this stage and both go hull down
    behind that rock. The enemy tanks spawn in and spawn in and pretty soon its
    just us two and one friendly Stingray who is further south at G2. We then
    started to notice that the AI tanks were aiming at us but not firing. We
    though it was a glitch until we realized that in order for the AI tanks to
    shoot you they have to see your hull and this rock was perfectly hiding the
    hull and only exposing the turret. Once we found that out we busted out
    laughing and enjoyed our target practice. We ending that match doing about
    15,000 damage each and with one of the best laughs we had all day.

  121. Jingles Medal…. we approve that, here in the salt mines…

  122. VomMeisterderHirten GSD

    I shall call whenever I get 2 kills with 1 shot the jingles medal

  123. Jingles PLEASE don’t play arty in pve! please! the stupid low dpm (1/3 –
    1/4 of another tank’s) combined with the amount of maps that are basically
    impossible to play as arty makes it so that you’ll never be as effective as
    in a normal tank.

  124. Jingles,
    Shame on you for playing arty in PvE, they’re terrible for it and it’s
    super easy to grind in PvP.

  125. i expected epic cliffdives :(

  126. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    It means you get a decision point, do I hold this position or do I pull
    back or advance forward? The arty is on me, I have to decide.

  127. Go to pvp if your going to play arty so your not dragging your team down.
    Just wanted to give all the arty players the heads up

  128. Alexandre Kleiubing

    Well actually jingles…

  129. I would love to see the Archer artillery system in armored warfare!! :D

  130. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    You can’t win them all but you can damn sure try

  131. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    Raging Hate of DEATH!!!!!!

  132. During the 6 Days war some pz.3s have been used.

  133. I was that T64 in this particular game, and when that last bot wave came in
    on top of me they tracked me repeatedly before I could get into cover. And
    when I realized what was left of our team and what was left on the timer, I
    thought – Well, you can’t win them all. So I was properly amazed when I got
    the Win garage message 🙂 Cheers, Mighty Jingles, you did a great job not
    giving up and winning us the match!

  134. dont play arty in pve mate.. in pvp that might be the only fun thing ever,
    it sucks in wot but its awesome in pvp.. in pve it is .. meh, and imo i
    rather have an extra normal tank than an arty in pve team

  135. Hateful comment #1: You really should watch more of the videos of a certain
    popular YouTuber (lets call him “Dave” ..) who doesn’t tire to tell you to
    always look on the minimap.

    Hateful comment #2: Artillery in AW is just like in Wot, except that all
    SPG here have a firing arc like the stock Bishop gun (awfully flat) and
    from any position you cant only hit on third of the map (10% if it got a
    refinery on it), enemy artillery doesnt need to look for tracers
    (especially painful in PvE, since the AI seems to not have any aim time
    …) and finally, you do do awful low damage. In fact the only way you can
    earn decent reputation and credits is when three of your teammates die
    early and the forth is able to spot decently. Its certainly only rarely fun
    (as I said, three need to yolo anbd the fourth be clever), the whiners are
    as bad, stupid and hateful as in WoT, and the only real reason to play
    artillery in AW is to get those two commanders and those really nice

  136. Yeah, except Frejas skills do not work.

  137. hahaha mr jungles you tickle me lloll. what i do when training a new
    commander is place him/her in many tanks,td;s afv’s etc…. Blessings !

  138. lets just say it like this, world of tanks do tell you about arty’s shots
    butt they cant tell you because all crewmembers are dead when they hit you

  139. Actually I loved it I’ll try arty now.. thanks

  140. Jingles, have You watched star wars- the Force Awakens?

  141. The first time i popped some near somebody because he was taking alot of
    fire was cursing because his pc kinda grinded to a stop…

  142. I had a couple of games where I have done 3k damage in artillery in Armored
    warfare. I found Armored warfare arty much easier to play than World of
    tanks arty.

  143. Sooo, Jingles Medal it is!

    “For his over the top life saving performance during a covert-op in the
    late 2015, Commander Jingles saved not ony his crew but the rest of his
    surviving platoon by taking down two enemy armor with a single shell.”

  144. Hey Jingles! I know this is off topic without a doubt, but can you sign
    this petition to send trumpet into space? Or really anyone else, this
    should be a thing. Sorry if I’m bothering anyone, I shall return to the
    salt mines now. Toodalooo!

  145. most farties are 3-shot autoloaders in AW, well, 4 out of 7. IMO M109 is
    much, much better than the Gvosdika, especially because of bigger damage
    and faster shells. Arty is also quite dangerous and will wreck you, with
    the exception of the Gvosdika and Abbot, which will just annoy you a


  147. Captain Foxy the Pirate (Foxy the Pirate Fan)

    Scum bag Jingles medal

    awarded for pushing an enemy arty into a lake and sinking it

  148. Field Marshal Erwin Rommel's Bundeswehr

    Jingles using artillery? never thought I’d see that, even in Armored
    Warfare……well there’s always the Panzerhaubitze 2000. Which is German
    Engineering at it’s finest. c:

  149. women dont crew tanks…… wtf is this shit

  150. JINGLES Y U PLAY ARTY! I’m happy anyways because name

  151. Wow for once I actually don’t hate artillery

  152. Star Wars is the best

  153. AnotherIdiot PlayingGames

    Tank chat on the Tog 2 is out!!!!

  154. alternative title: the horribly slow murderer with the extremely
    inefficient weapon (if that doesn’t ring any bells, google it)

  155. jingles, you might be interested to know that you do not have to log in
    daily to collect the raw resources for your base. they build up untill you
    collect them. not sure if you knew this, but since i did hear you say you
    logged in daily *just* for the rewards. would you agree that a
    rectification from yourself goes a long way to let the player base know how
    this really works? i hope you do.

  156. Scumbaaaag!

  157. The guys in the cap circle in the end, “WE GET IT, YOU VAPE”

  158. Anthony “BooMsx” Burda

    Arty in PvE,
    pls no Jungles.

  159. I would mainly play PVP in you m109 & just get the double in PVE mode as
    you get way more credits in PVP way way more…. & in all honesty PVP is
    much more fun to play in arty.

  160. So what do people think of the new Star Wars? I thought it was pretty good,
    far better than the prequel shite.

  161. well Jingles your lucky day!
    David Fletcher with the Tog ;P

  162. I like the Gvosdika a lot and do well in it
    so thnx for shearing this arty vid

  163. I don’t know if you’ll see this comment but I have now submitted screen
    shots to the support site as they requested and with Freja my leopard1A5 in
    the garage says the reload is 6.96 seconds(I have bonus 10% reload) but
    when I enter any game it’s always 7.76 seconds even when I’m swapping ammo
    types which should be 20% faster(with the commander skill). I have unlocked
    this same skill on other vehicles through the crew and observed them
    working but on this tank with Freja they aren’t once I enter a match. I
    have also timed the reload myself using a stop watch and sure enough the in
    game timer is accurate. The reload speed was always 7.76 s before I
    unlocked any of the faster reload skills.

  164. They could call it 2birds with 1stone award.

  165. WOT 9.13 is out , stop dicking about with this cheap knock off copy.

  166. Playing arty on PVE? Jingles you scum!

    well… 90% of arty in PVE are scum anyway, because they do so little
    damage and fire so slowly its like playing the game with only 4.5 tanks.
    Also on more spread out maps someone generally has to stay and defend the
    arty, couple that with the fact that most art (Jingles not included) never
    bother to move from the spawn and you are playing with only 3 tanks for
    most of a match which you should have 5 for. This is why arty that que up
    for PVE are scum.

  167. very fun watching jingles.
    armored warfare is a lot more interesting to watch in terms of altilary

  168. Double strike medal denied lol , enjoy the level sixes , 3 shot auto
    loaders great fun in PvE unless on Cavalary

  169. Evil genius to Elvis in 10 seconds. Only on jingles.

  170. try M110..:D exist in Armored Warfare?

  171. soo…. as a first opinion on this game (ofcourse compared to good old wot)
    map gives me a deeper and a bit more realistic sense of reality because of
    the seemingly larger dimensions. However those artillery shots falling and
    those explosions remind me of games i used to play on my pentium 3 pc…and
    i blame it on the speed those explosions have..they dont offer that feeling
    of large calibr shots, u know, the kind that explode slower….but,
    asjingles said.. it’s completely different from wot…

  172. Jingles, you are such a noob) I love u)

  173. hey Jingles huge fan had a few questions about the is3 auto, since there is
    no loader will you still be able to knock out the loading mechanism? will
    using lend-lease oil effect the loading time? will the loading mechanism be
    subject to perks like intuition or safe storage?

  174. so may be a Jingels medal for best landing in WT 😉
    btw: Did you played Star Citizen 2.0? Retaliator is flyable ;)

  175. I happen to prefere “A Gradually Increasingly Annoying Slapping From Above”
    as a title

  176. Dear Obsidian Entertainment, assuming you bother looking at comments:
    Please, pretty please, make the Jingles artillery medal. I’m pretty sure
    I’m not the only one here who would love to see his name associated with
    artillery in a tank game, for decades to come.

  177. Oh jingles if you uploaded something other than armored warfare i might
    enjoy it… Arty shun, shun, shun, shun….

  178. hide behind the rocks at the back of the cap, first map.

  179. Come on Jingles, play some pvp,… especially for m109 is fun:) with
    counter arty as well ;)

  180. Jingles, please, PLEASE, never EVER play arty in PvE. Thanks.

  181. Try playing the M109 or Gvodsia as an assault gun on operation rolling
    thunder. It leads to some hilariously great moments.

  182. 69 downvotes…

    Must be a….

    Sexual Jingling Situation…

  183. Good Ol Jings………..Smokin.

  184. Why would we hate what looks to be a better arty then what they have in
    WoT. *cought*scumbag : )

  185. You need to teach Quickybaby the way of the tog, I’m watching his stream
    and he has forgotten the way of the jingles

  186. Barry “Fl3” Fletcher

    Weird, I use Freja in IFV’s because of the skill she has that increased the
    rof of autocannons o.OFreja + Ramka = sweet overkill

  187. Where can i find the mod you use for damage

  188. Jingles just coined the term “smokebag” for AW artillery players.

    Wanna try to get Malboro as channel sponsor?

  189. many lols for the inattention by u Jingles :)

  190. Welcome to the dark side jingles >:D we have lots of HE as you can

  191. where is the real jingles, real jingles doesnt like arty

  192. Call it the ” Oh Hallo!” Medal. ?

  193. I really need to get back in this game.

  194. jingles the scumbag :3

  195. Jingles Pls Play Company Of heroes!!!!

  196. And you didn’t even drown yourself at the end :'(

  197. Yester day, the 16. December it was my birthday. I was turning 16 andi live
    in denmark. and in Denmark Star Wars the force awakens, releases on the 16.
    of December 😀 As you can quess i was pretty exited about waching the best
    possible movie of this years premiere on my birthday. But then my parent’s
    told me that i was’nt alowed to go without any good reason. I got very
    anoyed and even angry and like that, a month passed. I was walking from my
    school to the station, swearing that i coud have been on my way to the
    Cinema. When i arived at the station, my best friend and my girlfriend
    apeared from a corner and suprised me with 3 tickets to the premiere!!! I
    was so damm happy and suprised! My sister took my schoolbag hom for me and
    i jumped on a train heading for the town the cinama is placed. For that
    holde damm month, they have planned this and told my parents not to let me
    buy tickets myself and by that anoy the living hell out of me so they voud
    give me it for my birthday. It was the best birthday in my entire life. I
    will ask you jingles, to give a shoutout for theese to fantastik human
    beings and say thank you from me. They are the best people to be with and i
    can’t apreciate(sorry if spelled wrong) enough that i know theese two.
    THANK YOU SO MUCH. And thank you jingles for giving this shoutout and even
    if you don’t. YOur videoes are the only ones that i just can’t stop waching
    and you are a great and wise person thank you

  198. jingles you scumbag why you play arty? Do you not know what sin you have
    committed now?

  199. Best Jingles laugh 2015

  200. I guess you could say that arty requires skill in Armored Warfare :P

  201. Gvozdika is a kind of flower, its english name is carnation, or pink.
    Not very threatening name, but you can call it that.

  202. Han dies by Kylo, and Kylo ren is his and leia’s son

  203. That double kill medal wouldn’t be just for arty I would think. It could
    work for some tanks firing super high penetration rounds on lightly armored
    targets. MBT firing on two AFVs. AP round goes in and out of the front one,
    100 damage it is dead, loses some penetration then plows into the back one,
    does near full damage and it is dead too.

  204. Wow… Just had to quit from QB´s livestream with you.
    I have to admit IK ruined it. Hundreds, if not thousands of ppl were
    waiting all day & night for you to livestream again, and then some drunken
    norwegian spoiled the whole experience :-(

  205. To bad I can’t like and dislike the video at the same time

  206. Huh… of all my time in the Army, working in the Maintenance section…
    NEVER did a M109 had a Turret that moved.

  207. Pilz-E the Squirrel

    Loved the cheeky little Red Dwarf reference in there! 😉

    Another great vid Jingles. Looks like unlocking Freja is my next goal in
    AW. :)

  208. Hi MR jingles could you mention a para named ben parkinson on your mingles
    with jingles this man should be a inspiration to all.

  209. yaayyyy jingles likes arty…. finally. thank you jingles

  210. I like the arty a lot and if you are lucky you can get some pretty nice
    shots, i even one shot an QF 40 with 331 dmg with the m109 by killing all
    of his crew with the tank destroyer commander. he sent a lot of regards to
    my mother :)))

  211. bad jingles….sky pig… scumbag

  212. You know, mister ‘Henriksen’ 😉 . When you use smoke and the enemy can’t
    spot teammates anymore, the same goes for tanks in the smoke, it’s harder
    for them to spot the enemy too.

  213. gvosdika – gVOsDiKA = VODKA or it translates into “Carnation”.

  214. PvE? Not interesting

  215. The difference between the two artillery pieces was 33mm the 2S1 is a 122mm
    and the M109 is the mighty 155mm.

  216. Really, the russian one loads faster AND fires faster? Would never have
    guessed! :P

  217. Lovely video as always Jingles. Also, nice cameo in QB’s streamoo earlier.

    Drunk Ik is best Ik. lol

  218. Artillery in AW sounds like it will be even harder to grind than in Wots
    since XP or reputation or whatever is so heavily tied to doing actual

  219. Do you only unlock commanders and they are assigned to a tank, or can you
    swap them?

  220. Mr. Jingles please don’t spam smoke as it is a two way street.. it
    prevents enemies from spotting the good guys and it prevents good guys from
    spotting the enemy. that doesn’t mean never use smoke. there are many
    situations that it would save a tank in trouble. save it for those
    occasions. I have also experienced lag in a smoke screen.

  221. shouldn’t the title have been death by a thousand cuts?

  222. Jingles! the cross guard on Kylo Ren’s lightsaber seems to stick out so
    much that you could slice through it if he tries to parry. a theory i saw
    was that it is not a cross guard but a rapid fire blaster. so what do you

  223. Har Har Har. Two with one shot

  224. arty is all fun and games till a M109 paladin hits you for 400 damage smash
    up 4-6 mods on your tank and set you on fire

  225. **insert random hateful comment here**

  226. loved the fish Jingles. whens the next party? :P

  227. Heads up Sir jingles! The cutest tank in tha game just got an HD remodel!

  228. Uscgtanker Whitmore

    the arty in this game looks a lot more interesting to play then the winy
    little ticks on WOT.

  229. the arty you can’t pronounce is said G Vos D KA and the most annoying thing
    is when you are being hit by one Arty 3 times in about 4 seconds the AI
    tends to treat all arties as if they have a autoloader the only ones that
    do are the Palmaria, PZH 2000 and the Abbot but its pretty annoying that AI
    hit three times and then you find out its a M109 or a Gvosdika which
    neither have a autoloader and take about 13 to 15 seconds to reload after
    every shot but I have noticed that it happens less than it did I just
    wonder if the devs fixed it or made it less common?

  230. like for a w merry Christmas jingles

  231. You actually made me laugh! thanks man!

  232. I too got stuck having to do a guessing reset of the cap just like in that
    first battle. I wish there were more trees in the cap. Or how about a arty
    shell that could drop a minefield? (FASCAM)

  233. Did you see the new Star Citizen update?

  234. i hated this video so i had to like it lol
    thx for the video keep it up mr jingle best of wishes for ur holiday and
    greeting for canada

  235. i dont really like the arty in AW, feels far to weak with the low damage,
    the counter arty, and the warnings your target gets.

  236. (hateful comment goes here)

  237. Jose Mercado (OIF1VET19K)

    Well, the spanish Tank commander is identical to freya with one difference.
    You can use her skills to do modular damage to the vehiles. I got all the
    vehicle commanders as well.

  238. We need actual medals shown in the dossier, not stupid achivements that
    once completed you never know the amount of medals you get afterwards

  239. hate hate blah blah more mean word, haha still love you Jingles, and I
    can’t agree more about AW arty, so much better, I tried playing WoT again
    after ages, the arty gave me stage 5 cancer, learned my lesson, keep up the
    great videos


  241. FirestreakRodimusPr

    having ground my way thru both the 2G1 and the M109, I’ve done the hero
    reset Jingles has at least once on both. I’m working my way thru the
    Palmeria at tier6 now. On one hand, the bots will not move so if you hit
    them once and they disappear as no longer being spotted, if you can hit
    that same area reliably, you should be able to keep resetting them. So that
    can be considered immersion breaking but it’s also a nice break when you
    need it.

    And the enemy AI artillery will counter battery you in PVE battles. MUCH
    more effectively then human players will. If you’re on a map where AI arty
    regular spawns such as the second map shown, you’re often better off,
    foregoing targeting enemy units, waiting for the arty to spawn (as shown it
    spawns north of the first cap zone and northwest of the 3rd) and killing it
    so you work in peace.

  242. David “Argenteus” Dubow

    Today’s T-64 is getting his friend, enjoy your kill!

    Can you please call someone a smeg head Jingles? More red dwarf references!

  243. Perseus is one of the easiest missions for arty. i wonder if he realized
    that because he dropped smoke, his team mates had to come out of cover to
    spot enemies to shoot, which got them killed. but not spotting and stop
    shooting would have ended the match alot sooner indeed.

  244. Jingles did you know you can click and drag HUD elements? I like to put my
    incoming and outgoing damage panels on either side of my ammo bar, and I
    think it’d look better for youtube too :)

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