ARMORED WARFARE | Developer Live Stream with SilentStalker – Answers STRAIGHT from the team!

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Source: WillfulTangent


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CPU: Ryzen 7 5800H with Radeon Graphics
GPU: RTX 3080M with 16Gb VRAM
RAM: 32Gb @ 3200MHz
Monitor: 1440p@165Hz

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  1. I was heavy into this game and then all of a sudden I just lost the spark. It seemed like the last few maps were very far fetched and far out. It also became harder to get a battle unless it’s on difficult and the spawning of enemies is just ridiculously unreal. I don’t know what happened, I just became disinterested. It’s a shame because I am heavily invested into this game.

    • Game lost it’s spark because people like silenstalker, pushed their stupid ideas into the gameplay. Because of that, they destroyed PVP community and focused only on PVE mode. During last years many players left the game because there was nothing interesting for them. Because of that lots of very good batalions broke up. There was nothing, totally nothing for that kind of players, where they could compete with eachother. Socalled rankedbattles are shit. So that bullshit about focusing on PVP right now is silly.

  2. I just want to say that this game will be optimized like world of tanks…
    This game has potential to beat any game but there are many things need to improve…Although i have not good pc who can run it.

  3. There should make vehicule changes more clear in patch notes because it’s sometime really confusing to find à tank completly changed without knowing the details… Maybe a different channel on discord to display them 1 by 1?

    They brought interresting answers and the new battle path seems great. They need to bring back the number of stages back to how it was last time though.

    I hope they expend upon GlOps because it’s such a funny mode but it’s missing things to make it the total warfare it should be. They need to mix up maps in rotation as well because we always play the same maps.

    I also hope someday they’ll update gun sounds espacially 12.7, 40, 125/130, and better sounding 140/150…

    I’ll keep supporting the game tho because it’s the one i like the most to play casually and competitivly.

  4. raven dela peña

    Why i can’t access the game ? I tried to do anything but i cannot launch it. Can someone help

    • Are you on PC?

    • raven dela peña

      Yes, the only thing i haven’t done yet is deleting the game. Downloading it again will take a day or less. I haven’t play for few months now and kinda loss interest but if you help me then…
      I already got atdu, 4m, k2 and terminator.

    • Did It download uninterrupted? I’ve had a bad download before when Windows was also downloading an update. Caused me to have to do a full uninstall and redownload again.

      Edit: Also make sure you log in again and it won’t initiate the game

    • raven dela peña

      No, it was not interrupted. When i tried to launch the game it does not respond it opens up and the AW thumbnail pops up but thats it and it dissapears afterwards even if i wait for few minutes

  5. I’m curious about what’s going on with the consoles

    • Console and Mobile were discontinued about 3 years ago. Maybe more at this point. PC is the only platform now. I think it was a budgetary reason and focusing on PC.

    • What a shame I could see them denting some of war thunder since unlike them you can get access to vehicles that’s months to grind on war thunder

    • I don’t think they even have a PS5 version of this game, otherwise I would have tried it.

  6. I hope Chinese IFVs will come to War Thunder real soon.

  7. There’s a decent PS4 community that plays. No PS4 or console questions?

  8. Sound kicks in 8:16

  9. this game is alive ONLY because PVE… and because youtubers like you are promoting PVP we dont get anymore PVE content…. 90% of playerbase plays PVE and yet this SS is talking about PVP…talking about developers who dont know nothing about their own game and their player base

    • Queue times in off peak hours greatly increase causing/forcing more people to play PVE rather than PVP in a lot of cases. PVE is a popular game mode yes but to make the argument that, and I quote, “and because of YouTubers like you are promoting PVP we don’t get anymore PVE content” is completely ludicrous. Aside from 2 maybe 3 map integrations in the past 4 years into PVP, it is not even remotely proportionate to the amount of Storyline Campaign driven PVE content during that same time frame.

    • @WillfulTangent yeah but u must understand that PVE is a reason why people play AW… so i f u can try to tell them to AT LEAST introduce new PVE maps if they cannot do new progression vehicles….and sry if i insult you or something but im angry because i love this game and pve mode…

  10. Why did they shut down General Chat?

    • War Thunder did the same for a while because of the conflict in Ukraine. As there is one global server and a vastly larger RU population it’s remained deactivated.

    • @WillfulTangent They talked trash about russian players before the war on general chat. and the Discord AW group is VERY controlling, ONE word they consider out of line or against the AW “Groupthink”, or what Big Brother says is the official “NewSpeak”, You have committed “ThoughtCrime” and they block you. On the Game general chat, for some reason, they don’t do that.

  11. He sounds like a young twenty-something guy.

  12. It would be nice if they’d stop booting players from the server for saying things in game the moderators personally don’t like, even though the comments don’t violate the EULA.

  13. The Devs and moderators in the game don’t treat the players with the same conduct that they expect the players to treat each other.

  14. It’s disabled because this is a Russian-Owned game, and Russia invaded Ukraine. and they DON’T want to hear the player comments. It’s as simple as that.

  15. They don’t even have a PS5 version of this game otherwise I would have tried it

  16. В очередной раз зашёл и разочаровался. живых играков нет одни боты. рельеф карт космический в смысле не реальный. печалька. придётся в картоху возвращаться.

  17. Great interview and insights! Godspeed.😁

  18. in the past AW was more organized in PVP mode. the battalions were formed, we participated in tournaments. Now more attention is paid to the individual player who plays with bots. The Ranked Battles system is hopeless at the moment, but the only one worth playing because it is the only one way to compete with other players in a group of at least 10 people

  19. This silentstalker person is a sick individual what he needs is treatment

  20. I wopuld like to see them make the artillery useful again…. The arcs are WAY TOO shallow

    • It’s a fairly direct “indirect” fire weapon system in game for sure!

    • @WillfulTangent My god I think I got cancer from trying to fill the 30 SPG games for the Hero of Armored Warfare event. I don’t even know why SPGs are in this game at this point they’re beyond useless in contrast to any other vehicle type.

  21. P𝐫O𝕞O𝓢m 🌟

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