Armored Warfare – Early Access Test 3 New Tanks! – M1A1 Abrams – T-90 – Leopard 2A5

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talks about some tier tanks that are coming up in the next early access test for Armored Warfare!


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  1. Just a little hype video going over tier 8s in @ArmoredWar – Cant wait to
    drive the Leopard 2A5 and the T-90!

    • +verycreativ ahh okay!

    • +The Shermanator So to answer the question of leopards being able to fire
      rockets they can i believe the Israelies made some for the 120 mm cannon
      but the americans aren’t using them and the germans just have a few they
      got for free.

  2. >9gag

    Damn it Sherman.

  3. That are not all Tier 8 vehicles :)


    • +verycreativ Yea you know when we have more information propably in 2016 we
      can talk about this. But all of this aside it is a very beautifull tank.
      When i first saw it, i fell in love with the design

    • +Ramon Revichev Well i doubt someone left the handbreak on it’s more like
      the thing has some problems they couldn’t fix in time ( they wouldn’t be
      the firts ones the first leopards 2s also broke down in public). I also
      know the advantages of a unmanned turret ( it’s not like they came up with
      something super new the germans have used it since they started the puma
      project wich was like 2010,and if i recall it correctly the brits slaped
      one on a challanger chassis) .
      However like i said a unmanned turret brings problems with it.
      Not technical ones like they designed it bad quite the contrary.

    • +João Antunes yes you know it can be just bad luck or what ever, but for me
      it is no reason to think that this whole project is going to fail because a
      engine broke down. You know right that russian engines can withstand the
      hardest conditions

    • Even he left the handbrake on, that doesnt mean the destruction of
      trasmition, he had to be towed away

    • +verycreativ Well the story goed, at least what i have heard. That someone
      left the handbrake on, how stupid that may sound. Beyond politics, imagine
      the T14 is a new platform for lets say, france? Now we can look to it
      objectively and without Bias. It has a unmanned turret guys, this means
      there is more room for other things or even to make the turret smaller,
      also likt the merkava it can now transport troops. There is not many
      information yet but from what i have seen i am very exciting about this

  5. Is there a lot of new tanks in there? 

  6. Matteo Chiappetta

    Yes,you said C1 Ariete well
    (Im italian)

  7. M1A1 Abrams ??? GG, good bye, see you in the other side


    why do they have t-90 but only leopard 2a5 makes no sense. leopard 2a7 some
    stats are secret but they coulda put 2a6 in.

  9. the M109A6 have a 155mm 6.1 inch gun

  10. The BMPT is actually quite armoured. It doesn’t have a proper turret, yet
    it is havier than the tank it is based upon, the T-72. Just saying.

  11. Pff, who will grind them. I don’t even have tier 5 :/ I want info about PvE
    not vehicles :/

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