Armored Warfare – Early Access Test

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

The Armored Warfare Early Access is up and while I didn’t get to play on the first day, on Day Two I was joined by RitaGamer for some hot, sweaty tank action! This was recorded live so it’s not entirely Safe for Work!

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System Specs: Core i7 20-K 3.7Ghz i7 CPU, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 3GB nVidia GTX780 Ti GPU, running at 1920×80 resolution


  1. Kitteh McKitteh

    Lol 2nd.

    Another amazing video. Though I don’t plan to do the Early Access Test. I
    got WOWS Beta Testing to do! :)

  2. AwesomeThingsILike

    Thick thighs
    Mother fucker
    Bill nyes
    Mother fucker
    Use dyes
    Mother fucker
    Cross eyes
    Mother fucker

  3. Christian Wertti

    Beehives mofo

  4. +ArcherDash need more rice, mothafucka

  5. Ohh no Jingles, you’ve shown everyone your in game name again!

  6. Really fun final game there. Great fun watching those 2 MBTs. Though I had
    plenty of close games in my time on it, but also a lot of 1-sided
    slaughters too.

  7. Whatever floats his goat!

  8. 〈--- Literally FAST food ™ (mɐin chɐnnǝl)


    • +〈— Literally FAST food ™ (mɐin chɐnnǝl) you can buy into warships, and
      armored warfare is nowhere near complete, it’s fucking buggy as all shit.

    • +〈— Literally FAST food ™ (mɐin chɐnnǝl) You must be new here

  9. Shongololo Warrior

    +ButterBeerish I’m more worried about the little girl that watches with her
    dad. I guess that dad’s going to give /that/ practice up.

  10. Jingles you noob you didn’t spot the m60 on the post storm map… When you
    spot something a yellow arrow appears 

  11. Jingles did you get the Lord Of War Bundle?

  12. +ReversePlasma yea..ok i mean who likes something has every wright to play
    i just had same opinion about wt gf and i was right so …

  13. exactinmidget92

    i wish it wasn’t a WoT re-skin. wanted it to be like WT and no HP bars.

    • +exactinmidget92 they are going to change the ui. this is just a place
      holder. just like they did with the arty 🙂

  14. Jingles the scorpion is a lot more effective against Tier3s compared to the

  15. Sarcastic Marauder

    “There’s no such thing as a close match in armoured warfare. One team get
    buttfucked by the other.”

    -That is essentially SEA server MM, its a 50% of win loss per game. Out of
    all the ~3000 battles I’ve played, there are about 10 draws and 38 that is
    11-15 or higher. Clutching game and 1v5s are extremely rare and 1v5 wins
    are even more rare.

    And that is on a normal day, wait until you get to the weekend and/or
    specials. then the scores are 15-2 or 15-3 average

  16. Looks like it’s time for me to get a new CPU, mine’s a bit out of date for
    this… :/

    • The 2500k is still an amazing CPU, by no means is it classed as the cheaper
      option. The overclock-ability of it is crazy.

    • +Eric Brennan No, that CPU is still fantastic. You do not need a new CPU if
      it runs fine. You can also OC the 2500k like a beast.

  17. The cringing that i got from the awkwardness, i know it probably wasn’t
    awkward, just too me it did sound awkward XD

  18. Bjørn Olav Voster

    ”There are no close games in Armored Warfare”. You say that, Jingles but
    literally the next match you played was a close ass game

  19. Hesh will do most the time it full damage just hitting not needing to pen
    so it is great against tier 3 tanks

  20. The scorpion Engine BTAA-6.9 Is just a diesel engine performing just as
    well as the J60 No.1 Mk 100b petrol. No idea what the in game difference
    is. less risk of fire maybe?

  21. Jingles, do you have any idea of when this’ll get released? I need to play
    this now!! XD

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  23. Tomáš Kapalko

    +Nils Vikström Oh, Ok

  24. Is rita russian? She sound like english isnt her first launguich

  25. Go on Jingles my son! Get in there!

  26. My god actual teamwork between random people on the internet.

  27. that wast majority of games are pretty one sidet, but you do get the odd
    close games.

  28. +hippoace Portugal , check out her live streams on Twitch TV – Rita Gamer

  29. I think she is from Portugal but not 100% sure

  30. Claudio Bornes (Calipe1995)


  31. I know this isn’t related to the video, but jingles are you excited for new
    alien-5 movie? (not Prometheus 2)

  32. +Andison Iu Not yet but the will.

  33. Taras Shevchenko

    Are there any variants of the T-84 in the game?

  34. Again got in a match with the mighty “henriksen”, ofcourse it had to be my
    most mediocre game in the sheridan 🙁
    I have to say i didn’t notice the grind too much, as you notice I already
    had a T4 at that point for like 45 minutes (/humblebrag).

    You are out of T1 in one or two matches (depends if you win or not, win
    multiplier), T2 took me about 10-15 matches to get to a T3 AND have the
    money as well, really isn’t that long.
    The T3 grind I did not finish because the sheridan has a special
    requirement (do X damage up close) to be able to use it, sold my T3 and
    bought the T4 to spare me the extra 3-4 games of credit grinding.

    Though I do have to add, I only had to play the scorpion against T2’s, was
    an early bird so I finished that grind before the hordes of T3 MBT’s,
    playing a lone scorpion against them is a pain I can imagine.

  35. #awkwardsilences

  36. RemusKingOfRome5

    Jingles said the F word .. again and again .. 8O

  37. Intel HD 2000 Gaming

    Wg alrdy working on a new arty system alrdy,just wait,it will come

  38. Looks like great fun. Much success.

  39. Did World Of Tanks update the game with new tanks and maps?

  40. +WarDogTheAwesome
    I loved that line.

  41. Whatever sinks your moat

  42. Alex Shakeshaft

    I know tanks aren’t designed with aesthetics in mind, but damn the mbt-70
    is one sexy beast. I’m definitely buying one when AW goes into open beta :)

  43. “what ever floats his goat” XD

  44. Daniel Gyllenbreider

    In world of tanks you can buy that there are no big threats from the air in
    form of helicopters and missiles shot by drones. Air superiority wasnt that
    “gamebreaking” for real battles in the first half of the 20th century.
    During world war 2 you could actually irl have tank battles with no or very
    little involvement from airplanes shooting tanks. But modern warfare with
    just land vehicles….just feels wrong.

  45. is it just me or does Rita have a really cute laugh? i mean that in a
    non-weird way

  46. When were you in Jugoslavia?

  47. So its pretty much WoT, so much for the AW fanboys saying its much, much

    • Well, I don’t compalin about “spotting system”. I complain about “very high
      after shot camo ratings”. On the other hand I watched many gameplay videos
      of AW. Those after shot camo ratings seemed acceptable. But you know we’ll
      see how it’s like.

    • +Jordan M. + No invisible shits in AW.

  48. Are the “founder packs” worth there money?

  49. “You never see a close game in AW” – Next game is as close as you can get.

    • +Rita Sobral Interesting. Considering that everyone has around 20 battles,
      I don’t know how much we can expect from the MM. Still weird if the battles
      are one sided tho. Maybe no mm can fix that, sometimes a team loses control
      and just fails, badly.

  50. you don’t swear in front of the lady, peasant Jingles.

  51. JINGLES: M60 commanders cupola very weak, T62 ULG very weak, happy hunting

  52. 60 kmh max wauw a leopard 2 is faster then that thing and a leopard has
    much much more armor

  53. goldeneyekiller101

    +roflcopterkklol not gonna lie…Im hot for Rita myself

  54. +Unterofficer Hetzer What? Lol. How do you know that?

  55. How do you download the game once you sign up? 

  56. just listen to the two of them. they would make a great couple.

  57. Circon said something similar in the lower tiers. Once he got the t62
    nothing could pen him.

  58. Laggy and unrealistic game

  59. whats the grind like in this game?

  60. I had to stop the video to just watch the Surprise video. Worth it.

  61. Aron “Natani” Notsten

    +Herra Jukka I think you’re right

  62. Aron “Natani” Notsten

    +MegaMaddog42 Maybe…

  63. +Dark Raptor not just any fetus, a european fetus.

  64. Why so choppy?? My head is hurtin´ :(

  65. George Balanesc (LuftwaffleMuffin)

    This is a WoT copy,the crew development is missing,and i can guess is the
    same as in WoT,simply a crap looking game too…

  66. So I’m on the fence about this one. Should i buy myself into the Early
    Access test? Because I signed on for it a long arse time ago but I still
    didn’t get a key.

    It looks nice enough.

  67. +CrispyTurtl3 Dude that is creepy as fuck lmao.

  68. Pudi Productions

    +Richard Gustafsson Yeah you are actually kind of lucky

  69. Pudi Productions

    +Richard Gustafsson He meant recording at 60 fps, and not everyone has that
    good of internet either. I can’t watch videos at 720p 60fps even if noone
    is in my house.

  70. Richard Gustafsson

    Ok, my internet speed is doing fine whilst my brother watches youtube. Even
    though we don’t have any fancy speed

  71. Jingles in mingles ep 60somtin :im streaming with rita so im speaking
    gentleman launguish
    6mins in this video: HOW DA FUCK DID THAT MISS?
    EDIT: 10mins somtin in the video :motafaker motafaker motafakaaaaaa

  72. EuFetus4 – look at the browser address. Sounds like a WoT nickname.

  73. Why did Rita sound like GLADos around the 30 second mark? :’)

  74. Barry “Fl3” Fletcher

    Finally, some serious competition for WoT.

    • +Richard Gustafsson Still, premium ammo is available to anyone, and you
      don’t need to spend a crazy sum per match to fire it. At least I never did,
      because I don’t use it very often.

    • Richard Gustafsson

      The one thing that is pay to win in WOT is a method. It goes like this: Buy
      prem acc –> You have the money to buy Prem ammo alot more –> You have a
      clear advantage.
      Ofc, this doesn’t work for dummies, you still need to aim good enough. But
      at the same time you have a higher chance of penning –> No need to aim as

  75. Christian Wertti

    So does AW chat censor swearing?
    What sick monster sends babies to fite meh.
    OHH!! It is sad day!!

  76. Richard Gustafsson

    Don’t forget he’s named Henriksen 😉

  77. The whole one team wins by a land slide is always what happens on World of
    Tenks Xbox 360 :/

  78. Hey … Thats WoT 2!

  79. Richard Gustafsson

    Not really. It’s just there to look cool

  80. Richard Gustafsson

    That’s like saying levoloution in BF isn’t eye-candy

  81. Hot, sweaty tank action with Rita? You dirty gnome you :3

  82. Might I inquire as to how your pitch and yaw sensitivities are set?

  83. framerate suck very much?

  84. +Andrei Balan
    Amen to the nukes bit..

  85. +Andrei Balan
    That mate just amplifies my point. Russian training is GARBAGE. One of my
    jobs at one time was to counter Speznaz potential operations in the UK
    should things go pop. (Making sure airbases, sub pens up in Faslane and
    things of that ilk were Speznaz proof). when you actually cut through the
    Russian propoganda you find that they are pretty poor soldiers. not well
    paid, not well motivated. Almost no initiative. They are very limited in
    what they can do reliably (not talking Speznaz now, they were better but
    still not anywhere near SAS). should the plan go wrong, they couldnt
    recover. Theyre not USED to using initiative in the field. They need to
    be lead all the time. When I actually got to see the much vaunted russian
    armour in the Gulf first hand, it was a joke. Primitive. in most cases
    you had to be a fucking Mongolian dwarf to fit in the things. They dive
    out of their APC`s, spraying rounds out all over the place and shouting
    Hurrah! Soldierings moved on mate. I`m sorry, but Peasant Army springs to
    mind. The whole world witnessed the absolute FIASCO at the Beslan siege.
    They didnt have a clue what they were doing. Watching it, we were very
    shocked at how poor they were. As for building their kit to meet their
    needs, I totally agree with THAT statement. Cheap and cheerful is all they
    want. Putins bullshit about strengtheneing the Navy to offset NATO in the
    Barents is a joke. He wastes BILLIONS trying to keep the old Soviet era
    crap going let alone finding billions to up the ante in higher tech
    weaponry. The Ruble has collapsed. The only thing you really have is your
    nukes BUT, are they all servicable? Will they all work cos half of the
    rest of their kit is in a shit state of maintenance and repair.

  86. As I said it may very well end up being a better game, but in the earlier
    stages at least the similarities were obvious. And yes most games are
    similar but at the same time they do bring something new the table. AW’s
    interface for example is strikingly similar, almost to the point where it
    looks as if it’s WoT’s recoloured interface. Still, early development
    stage, my view may change in the future.

  87. the Opening of the Map Surely Directed by Micheal bay :D

  88. Richard Gustafsson

    Just a bit early to ask imo

  89. Richard Gustafsson

    2016? Really?

  90. hey Jingles, try if you like Surprise Muthafucka stuf. Is epic

  91. Thomas Skov Jensen

    Hi Jingles, thx for another great video. I would like to know why your
    ingame name is Henriksen? Is it an undercover name or is there some other
    reason? I´m danish and Henriksen is a danish name.

  92. Is RitaGamer from eastern Europe? This is the first time I’ve heard her

  93. Hey Jingles, can I get a birthday comment?

  94. The HESH is probably used for extreme close quarters combat. For destroying
    more mods, and crew.

  95. do you half to bye your way in to the Early Access Test

  96. Where is the 30mm auto cannon and 90mm for the scorpion. The British army
    had changed some to the 30mm and found it to be very crappy so they told
    the Irish army to keep the 76mm because it was able to do some damage to
    heavier tanks. It would make the tank more mixed in the game.

  97. Still a modern day WoT. Im not excited about this game

    • +André Alves how could you change how a arcade tank game works? you can
      make minor changes but it is going to play in a similar way

    • +DualOcean I have played WoT from 2010 to 2013 and I am starting to play it
      again. Armored Warfare looks just the same as WoT. I really really hope
      they make their own style. I want new stuff, not a modern day WoT

  98. Anyone noticed in-game that the scorpion’s second engine is the same as the
    first? I have already submitted a forum thread but I am curious to see what
    you people think xD

  99. Is it German, is it French?
    I guess we’ll never know

  100. +malaquey
    Thought you were lying
    Looked up,
    my jaw dropped

  101. 16:43 Tank died muthafucka!

  102. +J P That’s the point of AW having dealers instead of nations, so they can
    easily put a single tank of nation in the game.
    Right now they already have american, british, french, italian and soviet
    tanks with just 2 tech trees.
    I would also like the S-tank in the game. Seems like a very interesting
    tank with each adjustable suspension.

  103. +Hans Krebs Heja sverige! 🙂

  104. +Kris Viking m/74 is so shit 🙂 i am swedish too. Heja Sverige!

  105. now to pray to all the gaming gods tht this comes to ps4/xbone, i dont hav
    a good pc to run this and damn it seems like a good mash or mix of world of
    tanks and warthunder

  106. lol 3:50 “whatever floats his goat”

  107. Shongololo Warrior

    +Andrei Balan I hope they /don’t/ get away with it.

  108. Sorry, I can’t watch this. I started to feel dizzy after the first 3
    minutes. The game is looking much better though!

  109. I smell a pz 1c…OP when top, useless when bottom….

  110. Beautiful grafics!!

  111. jingles what keyboard do you use?

  112. Self-replicating whatnot

    Framerate on the video is atrocious. What’s it was in game?

  113. Why do they have to have the US test server up at 8 pm. Why the hell cant
    they have it open from like 4:00 to 9:00.

  114. Do CBT testers get access to the early access?

  115. +Anthony Head lol

  116. I know it’s technically different game but it looks exactly as WoT with
    modern tanks…

    I mean spotting system, aiming circle, exact copy of UI, even tanks become
    transparent in bushes

  117. So this a like a modern World of tanks

  118. What country are the AW devs from?
    pls no russia pls

    • +Devon Ziegler lol so true Russian tanks in wot are so much more op then
      they would be in real life but tanks like the tiger are basically trash
      instead of a monster that it is

    • +Devon Ziegler But the Publisher is russian if that helps you…

  119. well I am totally used to 15-5 curbstomp battles on WOT 😛
    that action of scouts versus t-62 was epic almost like pair of pz1c killing
    a t-34 😛
    so, AW almost literally takes off from where WOT ends, with Patton on one
    tree and T-62 on other?

    • +vuk psodorov The younger sibling who’s outshining the older sibling that
      later in life became dull, boring, and washed up.

  120. 3:51 “whatever floats his goat”

    oh you foreigners :P

  121. When i hate one thing than it is that, that every famous youtuber gets
    automatically free access to those games(i don´t blame jingles or ritgamer
    for that) and the normal people like me get nothing.

  122. Damn this looks fun. If I had a Windows PC I don’t think I’d ever play
    World of Tanks again. 

  123. “one team get buttfucked by the other” hahahhahah well that´s just like
    world of defeats(world of tanks) then, endless defeat-streaks where you
    just gets biiib in your biiib so hard you can´t sit without crying for 2
    weeks. but well, you can´t have slaughter without laughter, so suck it down
    and keep grinding ;-D and remember the asians “some rice, motherfucker” (in
    the very honorableble voice hahahahahaha)

  124. defining “literally” again, eh? =)

  125. How’s everyone’s fps while playing and does it seem stable?

  126. “Whatever floats his goat.”

    Gonna have to use that one. :-)

  127. I’m in the UK, have bought the Early Access package and downloaded the
    client, but can’t get onto the server. Is anyone else having this problem

  128. Thanks to Rita I am now going to say “whatever floats his (your) goat”
    instead of boat. Lol

  129. Jonathan Bzovsky

    oh man thats awesome!

  130. Jonathan Bzovsky

    thats awesome! would be nice to see some gear fomr the home country in there

  131. Jingles would u reccomend getting a founders pack? I am already a alpha
    tester and am in the test right now. But I was just wondering if that pack
    is worth it? It will cost me 90 dollars Canadian.

  132. “Whatever floats your goat” – Ritagamer. I think that version is better
    than the original saying :D

  133. You and Rita should do porn

  134. Jingles is clearly too old for Legend of Zelda.

  135. Just love Rita going “Oh Scheiße” ^^ All hail the german swearing ^^

  136. Thibault Mertens

    Is that your wife Lord Jingles?

  137. Will the leopard 2 get added in this game?

    • You need to also take a better look at my comment. i said 9:41 . I mean IN
      the video you can see the Leo 2 in tech tree of jingles by 9:41 .

    • +StarTrek123456 9:41 take a good look at the tier 6 Tanks in the Tech tree.
      You see it?

  138. Where is the challenger 2 ;)

  139. Ravenous Pathogen

    It’s funny to hear you say “muthaf**ka, but that’s because you rarely say

  140. scott sheffield

    ‘Dole (T-62): Scorpions are ******* OP’


    You suck

  141. Frank Berkemeier

    Great vid Jingles. Ta.

  142. I got the Beta early access! too bad i cant PLAY THIS GAME!!! woo! i can
    get into the garage, but thats as far as it goes, i go to join matches, it
    tells me im in the match, but it just does the loading screen and goes back
    to the garage! wee! 32 bit operating system! 70$ well spent.

  143. even in testing this game is better than WOT. I even have fun when i’m
    losing game in this

  144. awesome games. For myself I love the scorpion, while yer it has issues
    with T:3 tanks it is soooo much fun to play

  145. I don’t know where Baroness is from, but I love her accent.

    • +Ted Collins Portugal. Google “Rita Status Report” for her blog. It’s great
      for learning about happenings in World of Tanks, Armored Warfare, and tank

  146. The powers at AW have promised to fix the optimization issues in the
    future. Right now, if you don’t have a top computer, the game play

  147. Sam Littlefield

    Cant say I much like this game looks like World of Tanks just a bit worse
    and with modern tanks

  148. Is armored warfare by wargaming too?? Cause theur setups look very similar

  149. Really enjoyed watching you and Rita gaming together again Jingles!

  150. Some fries muthafucka!

  151. “Whatever floats his goat.” Ritagamer, 2015

  152. when i looked at the map for the first match i honestly thought it was
    abbey from WoT for a second lol.

  153. Weasel gameplay Jingles. Make it happen. The Luch is dead. Long like the
    new king of adorable armored vehicles! Long live the Weasel. (Wiesel)

  154. that looks and plays exactly like world of tanks. just a bit faster.

  155. Jingles watches vines ?

  156. correct me if i am wrong, but this game looks to me that you are alerted if
    you are targeted by the enemy team no matter what type of tank, as long as
    they are in view range. seems like it takes the surprise out of the game to

  157. Has anyone else noticed that auto aim seems kind of broken on the move or
    at close quarters? It seem like the shots just fly out of the reticle and
    miss completely even when fully aimed.

  158. i hope they work on how the tanks get blown up cos i know its early access
    but it looks like shit lol

  159. Scorpion, T-18 of AW.

    If you don’t get it…you are lucky!

  160. SoulKiller7Eternal

    RitaGamer sounds Russian.

  161. Rita Gamer is cute, she should feature in more videos!

  162. Jingles, what u smokin’ & can I have some?

  163. Deathwalker games

    when does it come out for public

  164. I’ve never heard you say more that 2 cuss words in 1 video. I counted 5 so
    far… xD

  165. Michael Beachell

    love this style of content, more please! :D

  166. So now that the NDA’s lifted, anyone wanna comment on how this game looks
    like it’ll fare? Does it look like it’ll have more long term replay value
    and variability in mechanics and game modes than WoT??

  167. I thought you wern`t livestreaming

  168. Pretty looking game.

  169. Totally agree about one team getting roflstomped every game. Played quite a
    few games now and it’s always like that, although I love the game. So much
    fun, especially as they have not implemented ‘falling damage’ by the look
    of it. You and whizz off a cliff or ledge at full tilt and take zero
    damage! You take damage from lightly bumping fenders with a team mate, but
    fly off a 15 foot ledge at 60kph and not a scratch! I am enjoying if before
    they implement fall damage!

  170. Yeah Jingles said it, it reminds him of Yugoslavia!

  171. Alichino Alichino

    1. It’s been said hundreds of times before, but what the bloody f*ck!
    2. I knew there were mods in World of Tanks, but this newest mod, called
    Armored Warfare, is simply mind-blowing.
    3. This game will be officially released as World of Tanks: Armored Warfare
    4. “Hey guys, we’ve found a legal loop-hole, where you can copy another
    software company’s product and not get sued!”
    5. “Our biggest selling-point is slightly reworked artillery.”
    6. For additional variety, the tanks symbols on the minimap are totally
    different than in that other game.
    7. “For those who say we copied from World of Tanks, we say ‘You are sadly
    mistaken. Our inspiration was an Amiga game called Campaign'”.
    8. “Do you get WHEELED vehicles in that other game?! Do you, punk?!”
    That’ll do for now.

  172. Would like to see more live gameplay with you and rita jingles! Think i
    might have to go subscribe to her!

  173. Joshua Boehm (Warrior56)

    “close games arnt on Armored Warfare” challenge accepted

  174. 3:50 Whatever floats his goat?… Did I just hear that right?

  175. Calvin 420 (NighthawkX019)

    Thanks for sharing this early access test gameplay video, Jingles!

    “There’s no such thing as a close match in Armored Warfare.”

    The first battle in your Third Time’s the Charm Armored Warfare video where
    you were down five to one and you killed all the remaining tanks in your
    Scorpion seemed like a close game.

    Are those types of games extremely rare?

    Can’t wait until this game goes into open Beta.

  176. The link for this video is weird… “EuFetus”.. what the hell?

  177. *Jingles

  178. Surprise muthafucka.

  179. Um… beta key? Didnt get in, so ive been begging people. Thats how
    Americans do it.

  180. Been playing the American server – had a game on the first day with Jingles
    and Quickybaby (their names ingame) we got slaughtered. Loving the game so

  181. And they just fired up the NA testing server. Jinglesvid will have to wait!

  182. lite switch now

    Jingles! I have like the same exact rig you have except I have an i3 cpu at
    2.93 mhz/s, and the Intel (R) HD Graphics. I also only have Windows 7 Home
    Premium. Also it is a laptop not a pc. But I only run Armored Warfare at
    5-7 FPS! Why??

  183. I love the fact that you both are doing videos now . I wish you guys
    would do more of them . As i love rita and jingles ….its the best of both
    worlds lol.

  184. +American Tanker That is a bug, some people are not capable of changing it,
    they will be fixing.

  185. eye candy was awesome

  186. If they have a Sheridan you can count me in.

  187. Paul .B (BoltAxion)

    Looks good, i hope the spotting system is better in this game then in world
    of tanks

  188. YES! I see one! That’s it, I need this game.

  189. I like how Jingles said “You can never have a close game in Armoured
    Warfare, one team always buttfucks the other” (of course I am
    paraphrasing), then their last game came within a 1 tank difference :D

  190. Michael Glenister (xsvsolja)

    Whoa, these maps look amazing, can’t wait

  191. Is Ritagamer Russian 

  192. Jingles: “Thats armored warfare for you, theres no such thing as a close
    game in armored warfare. one team gets buttfucked by the other.”
    the very next game
    me:” ….. what was that you said about close games and armored warfare
    again jingles…. oh nevermind i’ll just see myself to the saltmines now”

  193. EEProductions EJW

    >women in tanks

    U fukn wot

  194. The sexual tension is real.

  195. no comments, really?

  196. Jingles, stop being such a bad influence on Rita. She has already taken
    over your driving style :p

  197. Great video Jingles, are you going to do a video on the Armor Warfare
    Founder’s Packs?

  198. Emperor Palpatine

    Wot clone,With a few tweaks

  199. is the Abrams in the game?

  200. Heart Eyes, motherfucker!

  201. Oh and the sweet dulcet tones of “Rita” BONUS !!

  202. Guys, I’ve figured it out. Jingles smokes the salt we mine for him 0.0

  203. Jingles and Rita is such a good combo! Both are a joy to listen to, both
    have about the same skill level – meaning that jingles isn’t always last to
    get a pice of the cake after Quickybaby or Circon almost ate it whole. So
    much less serious so much more relaxed.
    Tl;dr More Rita&Jingles! *MORE*! ;P

  204. Crashed pilotes of River map

    John Smite ( Pilote ): We don’t know his real name, nor we know too much
    what he has been up to.

    Ricky ( Co-pilote ): Born in 1885 in Washington DC, been raised with his
    brother by wonderful parents, he never left Washington DC, it’s there where
    he was raising 3 kids with his wonderful wife, Clara.

    A moment of silence for those two airmen.

  205. When are they gonna add my favorite tank!!?!?!?! 

  206. Better than wot or???

  207. Jingles you need to get back in live streams. I know the reasons you don`t
    anymore, but you need to take one for the community. Think about it.

  208. Great vid sir..seems like you are having alot of fun in the EA of AW,
    myself and somebuddies have been playing the crap outta much fun,
    hope to see ya out there. :)

  209. More please. Players seem better and nicer than WoT…. test server
    assholes and general scrubs.

  210. This video looks like SHIT in terms of quality.

  211. ‘Floats his goat’. Nice. Gotta use that one.

  212. TheHalomaster256

    It’s awesome to see our favourite Russian gamer kicking ass again with our
    Mighty Jingles :)

  213. I found a frog in my ass.

  214. Is it just me or does Rita sound a bit like GLaDOS when a little jitter
    changes her voice at 0:32? Rita is GLaDOS!

  215. Nice name you have there Mr. “Jingles” :D

  216. PixelKnife Niffy

    Its not over powered for its Tier, they’ve balanced it well. This isn’t
    World of Tanks! D: besides, the M113 an LAV can utterly decimate you if you
    miss, they can unload a full clip into you by the time you’ve reloaded.

    AMX-10P ftw however as the Tier 3! love that IFV.

    As for the issues your having with Tier 2 Jingles. I’ve not ran into that,
    I’ve been raging sure, but I didn’t find Tier 2 to be a grind. I could
    easily afford upgrades after each match I’ve had. The issue is, people are
    treating the playstyle of this game, as though its world of tanks, when it
    definitely isn’t!

    Now, Tier 3 is a grind – have fun with that, you’ll enjoy the slow slug
    fests of the T-62 and M60A1 (M60 Patton) – the AMX-10P however, I have
    found to be rather fun and enjoyable to play, just go around destroying
    peoples modules after marking them.

    Also Sidescraping in AW is pointless.

  217. Frank Berkemeier

    Jingles about the teamplay. Because it is early days and only a handfull
    can play one has players who are more mature imho. WOT is played by school
    kids with a bad attitude and bad behaviour. Same goes for W of Warships.
    Till now most players are friendly with the exceptions of course, that will
    also change dramaticly the moment all wot-kidscan get their hands on it.

  218. Thank You

  219. its a odd decision to add the swing fire into the game when pausing at 9:48
    considering its a vehicle that only fires ATGM’s anyone have thoughts on

  220. The YT address….

    Motherfucking 7 European Fetus 4?

    Coincidence on a Jingles video? o_0

  221. I was about to leave a cooment of just “Some fries Motha Fucka?!” and then
    you said it.

  222. i hope there will be yugoslav tanks!!!

  223. wow jingles what a potty mouth, never seen this side of you, LOL

  224. Tomatoes EVERYWHERE.


  226. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  227. Where have u been in Jugoslavia ? :)

  228. cameron trevena

    french fires mother fucker

  229. is this like world of tanks?

  230. Jingles died in the first five minutes of the game who are you and what did
    you do to the real jingles

  231. dominic quinlan

    hello the “mighty jingles” i thought you may be interested to know about my
    experience so far with my trying for early beta and then early access,sorry
    for my crap english aim actually english but am suffering from chronic
    fatigue syndrome/ ME and i am fairly sure that 2 weeks ago i signed up for
    “THE SOLDIER OF FORTUNE BUNDLE” and have received an email this weekend
    FROM ARMOURED WARFARFE TEAM thanking me for purchaseinfg “The soldier of
    fortune bundle” and that early access is on this weekend and after 2 hours
    of trying find a download link or try to upload to their support website
    “somekind of unknown page”which i cudnt do i was trying to upload my email
    from them / in a few diffo forms very unworkingly but after finqally going
    to problems with payment page they wanted me to provided all armoured
    warfore details which i have been able to set up my own username not just
    “uhuwhuwh” that they assign u and all my bank details
    if they are sending me confirmation of my early access soldier of fortune
    accouint then i expect that i get the download not that i have to ontop of
    af al the stress thqat my bank account details are used in an online scam
    BOHEMIAN EAGLE i know this is not your problem to sort out but im sure that
    u would want to be in anyway associated with this crap

  232. Could be a way to beat the grind, since tier 3 tanks are very desirable and
    iconic, not crappy WW1.5 tanks like wot

  233. aMONKEYwithTANKS

    you could say the same thing with grinding through tier 4 in wot

  234. *World of Tanks: Graphics Update.*

  235. Hassan Chehouri

    Rita gamer Sounds like Kat from the Halo Reach Campaign!

  236. I’m feeling like buying a founder pack just for early beta access!
    Game looks great, and I’m excited to use the famous Leopard 2, in specific
    the A4 variant and A6M variant, since the Canadian Armed Forces use them.

  237. Nice of both of you to turn off the ‘ignore friend requests’ function in
    the contact list.

    • The Mighty Jingles

      +Azmar Nox When you get 50 friend requests every day we’ll see how long it
      takes for you to turn it off too.

  238. Apokalypse und die lustigen Panzerfahrer


  239. spitfireandkylie

    Rita’s giggles, no wonder you go by the alias “The Mighty Jingles”.

  240. The fps is shit 

  241. Issenthevampire


  242. love the sound of her smile….Even despite of fact my pc died today for
    good……and new Beast is yet to be decided on.&payed for…..her smile
    makes hell lot of magic.Owning the Fat-cat premium pack keeps attracting
    bad luck towards Me, just as in WarTh…. Hope to join battles next week or
    so……if god of troublefree win8.1pro installations will permit. …any
    tips what sacrifice He/she preferrs?

  243. Jingles i think i killed you a few times, I was in a game with Circon and
    managed to get him too XD

  244. So now the II sight is a “day” sight????? I know we only opened up as part
    of the night routine and had to close it BEFORE first light so the Sun
    wouldn’t wreck it, but its a day sight here …

  245. I signed up for the beta but no inv yet :/

  246. on this game i found themightypringles :P

  247. when does this game realeas? :)

  248. jingels thats not true i saw many verry close games in aw

  249. Zachary Janisse

    is this modern tanks?

  250. Interesting looking game…I will only play it if I can play a Canadian
    tank 😛 a Lynx or C2

  251. Floats his goat?

  252. Some fries muthafucker. I can’t fucking breathe laughing so hard.

  253. i am suffering from the dreaded snipermode mouse issue. it doesnt help that
    im getting 13fps but when i try to aim and i touch the mouse and end up
    look behind me, it becomes unplayable.
    oh the woes of an unfinished product.

  254. Against higher tier opponents I guess the HESH would be more effective,
    since you aren’t able to do much damage anyway.

  255. And I thought that I’m the only one watching Dexter here xD
    Oh, look! Shermanator is here too 🙂
    You, Shermanator, Sidestrafe… is there a warfare type of youtober that
    I’m not subscribing to? XD

  256. crytek games are awesome. They give the best Eye-Candy in the world. Better
    than sex

  257. Вот это убожество, в самый раз для русский свиней!

  258. Patrick Ouellet

    Haaa I haven’t felt that way, I liked the scorpion and I didnt feel the
    pogression was that punishing… Also I have taken out multiple M60Patton
    and T-62 with my scorpion, just need to get their back!

  259. goldeneyekiller101

    Omg Rita’s accent is so sexy.

  260. Nice looking game…elegant mechanics…nice female commentary!…

  261. Xinwei “Vingles” Chen

    jingles, if u do spot an enemy, u will have a message popping up says $%&
    spoted. just a headsup

  262. AW looks alright!

  263. German Killer Smurfs Germany

    Is Rita german? She said ,,scheiße”….

  264. Jingles why are you spotting in a light tank? You should use an IFV for
    that, get that scorpion in for some close recon, not hiding in the bushes!

  265. was jingles yelling butt fuck at a kid?….lmfao

  266. Is this game EVER going to be released….EVER!!

  267. Thank you jingles, I have been waiting for one of these vids to come.. :)

  268. Jingles: One team gets buttfucked by the other. Haha!

    RitaGamer: Literally. Hahaha!

  269. Rita is from witch country?

  270. DerptekofGoochland


  271. …Why did this just end up in my ‘new videos’ box?

  272. Armored Warfare: Modern tanks , Modern Shells, Moders Armor – there is no
    point of playing WoT anymore )) That game will probably die , cause of RNG
    shoots, RNG dmg and RNG MM… Bye Bye WoT, and Hello AW )))

  273. Lucas M (planeman707)

    Jingles, please tell +RitaGaming thit it is called an oil DERRICK

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